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Great for what it is9/27/2017 6:17:54 PM

Pros: - Needs no power connector, just the power from the PCI lane - Technically a Nvidia 10-series with Pascal and DirectX 12 - Perfect replacement for any on-board graphics chip - Super cheap compared to the spike in graphic cards pricing - Looks pretty nice and well build for a card in this price bracket

Cons: - 2GB is limiting (but you get what you pay for)

Overall Review: I had my on-board GPU short out and I didn't have the time to purchase a new PC, set it up and move everything over, so I went searching for a cheaper, low powered GPU since the HP I had had a very low quality and very low powered PSU (and I think it was to blame for the initial short). This GT 1030 was exactly what I needed. It was cheap in case my PSU went on killing components and it was a new updated card with support for DirectX 12 and as a bonus looked fairly nice. Once I had the time to build a new PC before my HP melted down, I decided to keep this card for my new build. I was going to build a PC with the Ryzen 5 which requires a GPU and this would at least get me going. Coming from the 10+ year old pre-built HP, I don't have a lot of demanding games that this card can't handle, so at the moment I really just need GPU to display Windows and this card does that. I did download Overwatch, just to see how this card does and Overwatch is definitely playable, but it does hiccup when there are lots of players or explosions happening. It does handle all non-gaming/rendering tasks very well otherwise. There's been no problems with streaming or any other media files and web browsing.

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