Dead after 3 months3/14/2021 6:22:26 PM

Pros: -Super fast card when it works -Play games at 4k and high FPS

Cons: -Doesn't work after 3 months of use at factory settings. Never tweaked or overclocked it.

Overall Review: Was playing a very non graphically intense game and my screen went black, still heard sound, all fans to 100% and was forced to do a hard shutdown. When I tried to turn the PC back on it would not turn on. Absolutely nothing happened when I pressed the power button. The only way I could get the PC to turn back on was by removing the 3090. PC runs completely fine with my old 2080ti and 1080. Also tried the 3090 in my second PC that I built in 2016 and that also won't boot but runs fine with either of the other cards. This is insanely unacceptable for such an expensive card.

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