Does what it needs to12/1/2015 10:17:03 AM

Pros: Easy to work with, had all the bells and whistles I needed, and fit inside the case. Packaging was nice, manual was clear. Price was solid for what's provided.

Cons: Unless it spontaneous combusts in a month, nothing to report.

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Decent enough6/29/2014 2:56:04 PM

Pros: -Good size, not so small as to lose them, but not so large to be annoyed by it. -Works as intended with a tablet -Stylus body is of a good build

Cons: -Somewhat cheap tips. After only about 2 weeks of light craiglist browsing, but mom had worn through the first stylus. I figured she was being too hard on them but using one for myself on my phone I can understand how'd she worn through them quickly.

Overall Review: Bought these from Neweggflash for a pretty decent price considering it was a bulk pack. My mother prefers to use a stylus on her tablet, and her old stylus/pen had worn the tip off. If you're looking for something you can genuinely rely on that you won't be buying a new pack of or replacing after a few weeks/months, you might consider just spending the money upfront for a really high quality stylus.

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Solidly built back up PSU6/29/2014 2:48:39 PM

Pros: -Solid build quality, just what I expect from a name brand PSU. Even on the budget end. -Worked good enough to keep my computer running while my main PSU was out on warranty.

Cons: -The PSU was lacking the 8+2pin PCI-E cable. This didn't hit me too hard as this PSU was only temporary. But it was frustrating. All I had on hand was a Molex to 6pin adapter I had to run off a different PSU cable, and loading my GPU caused the whole system to brown out so I had to take a (much needed) break from playing games.

Overall Review: Luckily, I only had to use this PSU for 1 week waiting on my CX500 to return from warranty shipping. Corsair customer service was extremely fast on processing my CX500 and getting it back to me. It was just disappointing to be missing a nearly essential plug from my PSU packaging. Speaking to my brother, who uses this same model for his PCs, he didn't get an 8+2 either. I had bought this PSU when I built my PC a while ago to keep on hand just in case, so I had no idea the plug was missing until I had owned the PSU for a couple months. As such, I haven't worried about contacting newegg or corsair about the plug.

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Signal is strong, install was not5/8/2014 9:04:33 PM

Pros: -Currently works flawlessly on our windows computer, picks up a full signal as far from the router as the computer could possibly be. In the same range my PS Vita will only pick up a single bar while the computer rocks a full 100%

Cons: -Initially bought for our linux computer that was listed as compatible with the software. Refused to install the software, even manually running everything. It just refused to recognize. We no longer use that old lug however and this adapter found a new home on my sisters workstation.

Overall Review: We have 3 adapters we've used in this house on our very few wi-fi impaired devices, an old Netgear stick, a Belkin Dual-Band Stick, and this Rosewill adapter. Of the 3 this one picks up the best signal at any given distance from the router.

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Does what HDMI Does5/8/2014 8:59:26 PM

Pros: -Provides video and audio from my computer to my monitor

Cons: -OEM plastic baggy wasn't as high grade as my other cable's OEM plastic baggy

Overall Review: Cheap and meets HDMi standards. Trusted buying from newegg over a bulk retailer, and is definitely cheaper than buying one from a big box store. Those thieves would want $20 for a cable like this.

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Perfect fix for cheap DS4 rubber5/8/2014 8:55:46 PM

Pros: -Install was incredibly easy, just turn them inside out on your thumb, place them on the joystick, and pop them out. They perfectly hugged my Dualshock 4 joysticks first try with no adjustment needed. I know some people probably just try to stretch them on or look at the things and think they'll never fit. But those people didn't read the instructions and deserve their frustration. -They feel much better than the default rubber. The Dualshock 4 for all it's comfortably strides compared to it's ancestors have the absolute worst joysticks ever conceived. They're misleadingly designed to be concave but are actually covex, and they slip like no other, worse than the Dualshock 3 ever did. These grips remedy that issue instantly.

Cons: -For what is basically little rubber circles, it was pretty disheartening to pay almost $7 after shipping. But it's cheaper than $60 to replace the controller or around $20 for stick extenders that mess with my thumb positioning, and you do get 2 sets of them.

Overall Review: Bought because my Dualshock 4 joysticks tore. The left stick looked like it had a massive gash and the right had worn down and was beginning to tear. They were still usable but it was irritating as all heck though. These covers popped right on and you'd never know the sticks were anything other than brand new underneath. When I finally break down and buy a secondary controller the blue set of grips is going on it day 1.

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Working as intended5/8/2014 8:46:26 PM

Pros: -Fan was easy enough to install -Is moving plenty of air and dropped my ambient temps by about 4*C and lowered load temps on my GPU by about 5*C

Cons: -Tooless mounting screws were useless. But I didn't really intend to use them anyway -If you're looking for aesthetics, unless you're rocking an orange theme, the is a pretty ugly color. But for my purposes, it's on the side panel facing away from me and I never see it through the mesh.

Overall Review: Bought this fan as a 4th case fan, because hey, I had the extra mounting point and I felt my airflow was pretty poor with my non-modular PSU rats nest in the drive cages. Fan was on sale for $7 when I purchased and is moving plenty of air. It primarily meant to supplement airflow for my GPU. It's the quietest fan in my case (the other 3 are stock Rosewill fans that came preinstalled) and it felt incredibly solid build wise.

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Solid 1080p on a budget5/8/2014 8:38:00 PM

Pros: -Monitor has a solid picture (sans one con below) -Was cheap for solid quality (around $90 at the time) -Came with a DVI cable, which wasn't listed and a pleasant surprise

Cons: -Base is pretty cheap, but it isn't going to fall over or break. -Monitor has some really bad greens by default and took significant fiddling to adjust to acceptable levels and still isn't 100%. But this monitor is mainly just used for general browsing and not any heavy image editing or gaming, so it doesn't impact performance.

Overall Review: For the price, the monitor was a great purchase to replace an old 768p monitor and is performing admirably. Doubly pleased it came with a DVI cable despite only listing a VGA.

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Does what I needed it to3/25/2014 8:26:40 AM

Pros: -Installed windows -Is solid

Cons: -None

Overall Review: I bought it specifically to install windows on my computer. For $10 after sale and coupon, it's perfect. Since I don't ever use my optical drive getting a perfectly functional r/w drive to install windows was enough for me.

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HDMI Cable3/25/2014 8:22:54 AM

Pros: -Solid cable, works as an HDMI cable should. -Actually comes in a nice bag, my Kaybles brand cable just came in some cellophane and tape. -Often on sale and with shoprunner free shipping it can be a $2 cable on most days. For a single cable, that's about what you'd pay for a single brandless cable on a bulk website.

Cons: None

Overall Review: HDMI cables all have to meet specs laid out by the HDMI committee. So you're just as safe with a $2 cable as a $40 cable unless you get into industrial lengths of cord.

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Good enough3/25/2014 8:17:13 AM

Pros: -Does specifically what we need it to, Netflix and Hulu -Way better than the Wii, actually HD -Extremely small, didn't have to clear things off our shelf for it -Set itself right up with no hassle

Cons: -Remote feels dollar store level cheap -U.I. could be a bit smoother

Overall Review: With the Wii being horrible at maintaining our wi-fi, Nintendo beginning to abandon online in some countries, and having a 1080p only to watch netflix in 480i, I made the executive decision to get a new netflix box for the living room. Got this on a great sale price, so I went for it over splurging on a Roku. Device instantly starts Netflix/Hulu in HD, and thats what matters. It's not the absolute greatest in terms of other channels, but we're not the kind of family that would ever use one of these to replace cable.

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Great keyboard on a budget3/25/2014 8:13:07 AM

Pros: -Sturdy build and beefy keys for a non-mechanical -Ambidextrous mouse design is comfortable (I'm left handed) -Laser etched lettering means it won't fade -Lighting is nice -DPI settings don't require annoying software

Cons: -Almost impossible to see lettering without lighting on - No dedicated LED button, so hopefully you aren't the one person who's clicking the Scroll Lock repeatedly -On-Mouse back and forward buttons are a bit awkward, even for a righty. As a lefty I simply can't use them without readjusting my hand. -Mouse simply doesn't work without a mouse pad (or piece of paper) underneath it.

Overall Review: If you're looking for a solid mouse/kb combo, this is a great deal. The keyboard itself is better than anything else within $60 of this combo, especially Microsoft offerings. I will recommend this combo to anyone, and would buy it again for both parts.

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Great Price on RAM2/26/2014 11:26:50 AM

Pros: -Got the RAM on sale for $65 -worked perfectly out the box

Cons: -None that I can see

Overall Review: For $65 I don't mind that it's only 1600 Mhz. My build wouldn't benefit from higher frequencies anyway.

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Couldn't beat the value2/26/2014 11:24:50 AM

Pros: -3 case fans, none of which are loud and are keeping my system exceptionally cool for being full stock AMD. -plenty of space -All the vents and filters just look straight cool

Cons: -Rear expansion slots are bit eh. But nothing unexpected for a $40 case -Cable management was a tight squeeze with my CX500's thick cable.

Overall Review: If it had just a bit more space in the back for cables this would be the perfect case.

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Everything I needed2/26/2014 11:20:21 AM

Pros: -Mobo had all the key features I needed for my PC -More than all the ports I need -Got it on the cheap

Cons: -No on board USB 3.0 header, my own fault for overlooking that, but I do I have a useless 3.0 port on top of my case now -only 2 fan headers, but what can one expect? -has a distinct lack of "clicking" or snapping when inserting cables. I had to double-triple check everything because of that.

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Does what it needs to2/26/2014 11:16:53 AM

Pros: -1TB is plenty for regular storage right now -nice and quiet

Cons: -None, unless it craps out in a couple months in which I'll update the review

Overall Review: For $60, it's the best budget HDD on the market.

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Good budget CPU2/26/2014 11:15:07 AM

Pros: -CPU Runs great, handling everything I throw at it with ease. Huge step up from my 5 year old dying laptop's old Vision series processor. -Staying cooler than I was led to believe the AMD stock cooler could keep it.

Cons: -Temp monitoring is off until it goes over 30C, typical for AMD chips and isn't really an issue since temp isn't a worry til it's actually under load -Even though it's working perfectly, it's still an AMD stock heatsink!

Overall Review: Price to performance wise, this is probably going to be the best chip on the market for a while.

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Good budget card2/26/2014 11:11:31 AM

Pros: -Card is handling everything I need it to and temps are staying low in my case -Surprised me with how well it can run Borderlands 2 -Got it on the cheap, so was very happy

Cons: -Had some AMD typical driver issues, but they only took about 20 minutes to resolve.

Overall Review: Card is great, I thought it was gonna be a temporary thing while I saved money for a better card since I had to build my PC in a hurry, but this card is performing great

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Great First Impressions2/26/2014 11:08:49 AM

Pros: -PSU is fantastically quiet. Actually had to make sure it was working properly during my test boot. -Plenty of power for my build -All the cords I could ever need

Cons: -I know it's standard, but the cord covers are very thick and were a bit difficult to squeeze behind my rear panel for cable management

Overall Review: If anything happens to this PSU I'll update the review. As of now, it's exactly what I expected when I was recommended the brand.

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Functional, 7 users can stay 72/26/2014 11:05:39 AM

Pros: -Actually runs a little less resource intensive than Win7, but not enough to warrant anyone to more or less relearn windows. -Installed incredibly fast, took less than 15 minutes then about an hour to do all the updates. -Boots in less than 15 second on a standard 7200RPM HDD. Huge step up from my old Laptop running 7.

Cons: Only real con is that you have to spend a minute or two to relearn how to access things like control panel it's actually not any extra clicks to get where you're going. Windows is still overpriced, maybe Linux will surge one day and microsoft will have to get competitive.

Overall Review: If you're buying a Retail version of windows instead of OEM, 8.1 is the better deal and you contrary to popular belief aren't losing anything. If you're buying OEM, odds are you were buying 7 anyway.

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PS3 Controller12/13/2012 1:08:49 PM

Pros: Controller is charging and working as expected. I was skeptical of other reviews saying its more grippy compared to other standard controllers. Well, I do have to say its true. Instead of the smooth gloss finish like other controllers, this one has the non-gloss "cloudy" finish to it. So it does feel more grippy. Other then that, the controller is your standard PS3 Controller.

Cons: Shipping was 3 days late, but I can't blame that on the product or Newegg, only on me for being too cheap to use paid shipping.

Overall Review: Definitely won't be using free shipping anymore, the suspense of a package being late is too much for me.

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