Not so great.3/21/2017 2:23:47 AM

Pros: Easy to set up and sync cameras. Only took about 15 minutes for the 3 camera system. Magnetic mounts make it easy to position, as long as it's on a wall, and not on an underhang of the roof. No wires. Only 1 firmware update after initial install.

Cons: The range seems really terrible. Most of the time it takes a few minutes to get it to live broadcast when logged in with a PC (Win 10) or the android app (Android 7.0) . The furthest camera is about 40ft away from the base and it's constantly erroring out. (Request timed out) or (Busy). After resetting the base, this fixes the issue, until you live stream or view recorded footage, then it's back to request time outs. Motion detection is either all the time or not at all. Picture quality is pretty bad, but I'm pretty sure that because of the wifi connection and not the camera itself. I have the 3 camera system and the closest is about 10 ft from the base with only a sliding glass door in between them. That camera is pristine picture and nearly always responds quickly to live viewing requests / motion detection. The other 2 have problems triggering the motion detection live viewing. 1 of the cameras is around a corner from the closest camera, about 20 ft further ( 35ft from base) and it's the worst for picture quality (and most important location wise). The third camera is about 40 ft away with 4 walls in between. This camera responds better than the second camera, but worse than the first. The recording often have a solid green bar in them that covers 60-70% of the video, or they are so pixelated and laggy that you can't make anything out, again, I think that is because of the Wifi connection and not the camera itself.

Overall Review: HW Version H11 Firmware 1.2.10342 I don't think I would recommend this to any friends or family. It's just too unstable. I have friends whom have had a great experience with this system, but I'm not and it make me sad. I had really high hopes for this.

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Awesome Monitor5/13/2016 12:00:10 AM

Pros: Bright, clear, crisp picture.

Cons: The buttons are on the bottom lip of the monitor. Normally, this would be fine, but they are touch sensitive instead of click buttons. That means, whenever you want to turn off the monitor, you might accidentally hit a different button and change the setting. Annoying, but not terrible. You get used to it after a while.

Overall Review: It's a good monitor. The 5ms response is fast enough that I don't see any blur when playing games (powered by GTX 980) or watching movies etc.

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Clean and Crisp!12/6/2013 2:49:19 PM

Pros: The highs are crisp, the mids clean, and the lows are spot on! They're well crafted and feel well built.

Cons: They kinda get uncomfortable after and hour or so and there is no In-line volume control.

Overall Review: Not having the in-line volume control is probably for the best. That is usually where the problems happen at. Overall, I think you will enjoy these immensely.

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Tank12/1/2013 2:47:23 AM

Pros: Super durable! ( dropped it twice from about 3 feet off the ground with no damage to it or the components inside) PLENTY of room to route wiring in the back and for every component on the inside, including larger sized video cards. Stays cool with all the fans, whisper quiet. Ability to change the color scheme of the LED lighting. Ejection bays ( HDD slides into place and clicks in) for up to 5 of your HDD's, Just hit the button the drive ejects out and those bays lock using the provided key. Foot pads that will rotate outward past the width of the case for a sturdier placement that reduces the possibility of tipping. Video card lock.

Cons: There is a handle on the top of the case the runs the length of it. I use it to move the tower around. It works, but it feels like it might break at any moment, though it never has and I've moved it around a lot.

Overall Review: It's heavy. It's VERY large full tower. Best case I've ever used.

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