Small Cooler with Big Heart12/3/2020 8:40:51 PM

Pros: - weighs 50 - 70% of Hyper 212 - performs fine for Ryzen 3000 6-core or 8-core

Cons: - blue fan... why does it have to be a blue fan?

Overall Review: Swapped from standard run-of-the-mill, weak-sauce, all-aluminum Wraith Spire (3600X). Upgrading from a ~92mm to this 120mm makes big difference but the tower alone is already an upgrade. Here's how it shakes down --- this thing spinning at 1100RPM (barely audible) cools as well as the rattly spire cooler at 2000RPM. This makes a world of difference for noise levels. Used pre-applied paste which is fine. This thing maxes out at less than 1800RPM which means peak cooling performance is about the same as the Wraith Spire screaming like a jet engine at 2900RPM full tilt. Mind you, that works out respectably with peak temps in the low 70s (deg. Celsius) at a reasonable 1600RPM... with comfortable peak temperatures in the world at large being about 80* C for Ryzen 3000. IN THIS CASE MY AMBIENT BEING 25* C : that's right I said it... actually stated my ambient temperature... chew on that, 95% of reviewers that state a CPU/GPU temperature without any context of whether they're running at 15* C or 35* C ambient. Temperature delta is the only meaningful way to evaluate cooling performance. It's probably because Farrenheit heads don't respect lord Celsius. Note, my case has very good air flow and will have very close internal temperatures compared to ambient of the larger establishment (disgusting, greasy gaming dungeon).

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Expensive Bright Lights12/3/2020 8:15:34 PM

Pros: - bright lights - v perty

Cons: - north of ten bucks for a chunk of old-fashioned 12V RGB - only one color at a time, unlike 5V addressable style RGB - barely connects to mobo header .... I know it's not supposed to

Overall Review: I shaved down the connector insulation at the tip and it barely hangs on to a 12V RGB mobo header (ASRock B450 Steel Legend). Also had to re-wire to get the colors correct, which took a couple of tries.

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Weak Right Clicker Out of the Box12/3/2020 8:07:50 PM

Pros: - good tracking - all the other buttons are pretty nice - light weight is ok - extended thumb buttons very pressable

Cons: - RGB is blinding at night, literally stings these tired old eyes - have seen testing showing iCue slows down FPS several percentage points (Gamer's Nexus) - faulty button out of the box

Overall Review: The right button feels kind of saggy and has very weak action. By contrast, all the other buttons have very strong actions (above average) with a solid resistance and slam home with precision. The saggy right button has false clicks with a finger resting on it, it also doesn't register sometimes when barely clicked (click barely audible).

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi, You should be able to adjust the lighting's brightness via iCUE's lighting effects for the HARPOON. We have integrated several performance optimizations since GN's video, please make sure you're on the latest iCUE version. If any of your buttons feel faulty, please feel free to get in touch with us and we'll happily assist you: -Albert
Overclockable with Agreeable Mobo12/3/2020 7:43:18 PM

Pros: - running 3733Mhz at CAS 18 ... primary timings : 18-19-19-20-41-61 - benches great with this setup, top 5% of 3600X rigs on UserBenchmark and Passmark

Cons: - don't touch the voltage, doesn't post at 1.40V, keep at 1.35V - can't run 3600MHz at CAS 16 - also didn't work at 3400MHz CAS 15

Overall Review: - must have a motherboard at least rated for desired frequency (ASRock Steel Legend B450) - running Ryzen 3600X - nice

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