Incredibly disappointed9/25/2014 12:09:41 PM

Pros: The card themselves look pretty awesome. They currently make fantastic looking paperweights.

Cons: I absolutely could not get these cards to run stably. I couldn't be in windows for more than 10 minutes without it crashing, not BSOD, simply locking the entire system up forcing a restart. The screen would usually go black, though on occasion it fill the entire monitor with one color and the other monitor with another color; never the same color interestingly enough. The only error I ever received was Kernel Power 41 (63), which likely occurred when I pressed the reset button. I've tried everything to resolve the crashing issues that have plagued me on these cards. New drivers old drivers installing drivers in safe mode new windows install (win 7, 8, and 8.1) underclocking/overclocking (very minor tweaks to see if it made a difference) disabling BIOS features for automatic overclocking checking to make sure I met the power requirements (850w, 12v rails run at 70a, plenty for the cards) It didn't really seem to matter what I was doing, it would crash the system. Everything from WoW to Star Citizen, watching netflix to running 3d mark (I was running this to see if it was crashing from something like overheating or voltage spikes in MSI afterburner/GPU Tweak/HWMonitor), even just sitting idly in Windows would cause a crash. I put my old 460 back in there to see if it was the motherboard (I bought it at the same time as the graphics cards) that was causing issues and the motherboard appears to be rock solid. I have gone so far as to purchase a new PSU on the off chance there is something wrong with my PSU, though I'm convinced that at this point it's the cards and not my parts. If the new PSU doesn't resolve my issue, I will be RMAing this card immediately. Unfortunately, newegg will send me replacement cards that likely will not work as this appears to be a common issue with these cards, at least according to the forums. If, and this is a big if, I get the issue resolved and the cards are working great, I'll update my review accordingly as well as post detailed instructions of what I did to fix it.

Overall Review: I have never been more disappointed in an ASUS product. I own numerous products from them and this is the first time I've been severely disappointed with the quality of their products. It would appear that ASUS and/or newegg have merged this product with the 2GB version. I purchased GTX770-DC2OC-4GD5.

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Insane drive!9/1/2011 11:58:01 AM

Pros: Windows 7 saw it right away and installed pretty quickly. The drive is lightning quick. Takes less than 20 seconds on average to get into windows on a cold start. I managed to get WoW, Windows, Office 2010 and CS 5.5 Master Collection all on the drive no problems and it runs it all like a champion!

Cons: While attaching the drive to the 3.5 adapter was easy enough, attaching it to my screwless drive tray wasn't. I had to do a little bit of trial and error to get it to secure properly (I have an NZXT Phantom, so your mileage may vary).

Overall Review: I would highly recommend googling solid state windows 7 tweaks/optimizations so that you can maximize your performance and minimize the space windows takes up. Neither are at all necessary, but I would highly recommend it. I would highly recommend a secondary drive if you play a lot of games/have huge files.

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Awesome heatsink!4/4/2011 3:25:45 PM

Pros: Easy install, took no time at all. Instructions were very easy to follow. It supports the Sandy Bridge processors and motherboards! Runs very cool. OC'd 2600k idles at around 32deg C and 47deg C under huge load.

Cons: Huge! It's roughly 6.50 inches tall so be sure you have a wide enough case. My NZXT Phantom was barely wide enough. I was not able to use the extra fan that came with it as it covers the first RAM slot on the MSI P67A-GD55.

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Great Mobo4/4/2011 9:57:35 AM

Pros: Overall great motherboard, paired with a 2600k. Bios is awesome, has mouse support Great overclocking abilities OCGenie is great if you don't want to figure out how to overclock on your own. Push a button and you're done! Passed all checks in bios, pre-windows, and windows environments. Recognized all 16GB of Corsair Vengeance RAM on XMP profiles and runs like a champ.

Cons: This is my 3rd motherboard! The first motherboard was DOA (which Newegg was very responsive and quick with the RMA), the second board was fine except for the sandy bridge recall issue (props again to Newegg for the Advanced RMA), the third motherboard works great. Third motherboard came with a USB3.0 PCI-slot connector, the other two did not, very weird. BIOS descriptions of features are useless. For example, it will say Command Rate as a RAM overclocking feature to adjust and say "Command Rate" in the description, which tells me NOTHING about what that does. Power/LED/speaker pin connectors are in a bad place if you have two big gfx cards (eg GTX460). The USB3.0 drivers do NOT work as far as I can tell. I've installed the drivers through windows update, manually installing the drivers, installing the drivers in safe mode, installing different drivers that came with my USB3.0 hardware, none of them seem to work. Currently using the USB2.0 until I find a resolution.

Overall Review: With the exception of having to change out the motherboard 2 times, this has been a pleasant experience. The overclocking is easy if you know what's what. The motherboard supported all of my current hardware as well as up and coming hardware (SATA III/USB 3.0), which is nice to have some future proofing. Didn't have much problem with any installs.

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Red Hulk!1/6/2011 12:14:18 PM

Pros: It is enormous! There is plenty of room for anything you want to stuff in there. Taller and Wider than I expected. The pre-routed fan and usb cabling is pretty awesome and really easy to figure out what cables go where. I installed fans in all the available slots (if you're looking to do this, get 2 200mm fans and a 140mm fan, NZXT brand only) and it's really quiet. The hard drive cage/drawer things are great, just snap it to the hdd and slide it right into whereever you want it, couldn't be easier. The red color with the styled angles looks absolutely amazing. The red is a sort of cherry red, not the fire engine red in the pictures. I personally think the cherry red looks better. Comes with an awesome kit of screws to hook up everything (even the 140mm fan that you purchase seperately)

Cons: Some of the older PCI platings are not tall enough to be properly connected to the motherboard and be secured into the rear of the case. I had to bend the plating on my X-Fi card and Network card in order to get them to set in properly, not a fault of the case though. They wiggle a little, but not enough to disconnect from the motherboard. Once I stop moving the case around, I don't think they'll move at all. My 8-pin motherboard cable had very little wiggle room to connect to the top of the motherboard from the bottom of the case. I may buy an extender. The 5.25" snaps are a little concerning. There only on one side and only the back of the hardware. I'm concerned that the drive will vibrate while reading a disc, but I haven't tested it yet

Overall Review: There's a little bit of set up time to get all the power and data cables routed from the front of the case to the back of the case, through those weird rubber seperator things, back to the front of the case and into the hardware. Once it's set up though, it looks amazing. The power connector is a MOLEX connector, which caused me to have to add a molex cable to my PSU. Modular PSU is a near requirement for this case as it makes the inside look so much cleaner without all those extra cables laying about. This is the first full tower I've ever bought and will probably be the last as I don't think anything will be capable of topping this thing in terms of design, layout and overall ease of installation.

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Amazing quality value RAM12/10/2007 3:43:23 PM

Pros: Runs fantastic! Great racing color. I ran every test I could and it passed them with flying colors. First buy from G.Skill and I have bought my second set of this RAM!

Cons: None!

Overall Review: If you're in the market for upgrading your computer and looking for great performing RAM that's very reasonably priced, grab these sweet pieces of technology.

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Great Widescreen12/3/2006 9:43:42 PM

Pros: Fantastic bright colors, no dead pixels. Awesome monitor for graphic designers, colors are vivid and accurate.

Cons: Box opens in a very odd way, making it hard to transport in the box, but that's the boxes fault not the monitors.

Overall Review: First widescreen monitor from a great trusted brand name, will be buying another one.

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