Great memory!4/14/2016 11:15:53 AM

Pros: Slightly higher price than 2 16GB modules, much better overall memory expansion capacity when using these 32GB modules! Worked well in the SuperMicro X10DRi-T. Update: I have now owned this memory for almost 18 months, working great!

Cons: None at this time.

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Great drive at an okay price5/21/2015 8:19:45 AM

Pros: 4TB capacity, working well.

Cons: None at this time.

Overall Review: I bought 4 of these 4TB drives to use in RAID 5 config for home ESXi server. All is well currently with these drives.

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Not terrible5/21/2015 8:13:30 AM

Pros: Single or Dual Xeon E5-2600 v3 series, good amount of DDR4 memory slots, dual integrated 10Gb Ethernet ports, integrated IPMI.

Cons: Very unstable, kept losing connectivity with the second CPU, memory tied to second CPU, and PCI-E slots tied to the second CPU. ESXi would crash every few hours. After 2 BIOS updates, seems better now, we'll see. I hope it stays this way!

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Very cool running case7/11/2012 8:18:42 AM

Pros: Huge cooling fan on the side, 2 120mm fans up front, space for a R100 radiator or just 2 120mm fans on the top, bulge on the right side of the case to contain all of the internal wires (including cables from a PCIe SAS/SATA RAID card. All of this contributes to a cool running and cool looking computer system.

Cons: None yet.

Overall Review: Currently using a 8 port PCIe SAS/SATA RAID card with 6 SATA drives, and this case keeps everything running cool. This case expansive, and the 6 SATA drives are in an internal drive cage that leaves all of the front accessible drive bays empty for other stuff.

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Great speed with a huge capacity7/11/2012 8:13:12 AM

Pros: Great speed, high capacity 32GB (4 DDR3 slots filled), I bought 2 of these kits to get 32GB.

Cons: None yet..

Overall Review: Awesome addition to my VMware ESXI server, allows me to run 19 VMs with no issues.

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Bought 20 months ago5/25/2012 2:04:46 PM

Pros: Small, keeps the microSD card very secure.

Cons: Not the fastest, but fast enough for most purposes.

Overall Review: I even used to boot an ESXi server off of, worked well, but a little slow. Great for taking information between smartphones (microSD card) and computers for backup purposes, as well as a very compact flash drive.

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