Changing the fans makes a BIG difference1/11/2018 2:52:31 PM

Pros: - Very good cooling when paired with Corsair's ML140 RGB fans. I was ready to send this back as the stock fans they send get VERY loud. I put in the ML140 and they are nearly silent at 100% load. WQow, what a difference. Stress testing of my OC'd I7-6700K peaks at 68C. This is much better than the Artic Freezer 240 I tried which pushed my temps to the 90s. However, it is not as good as the Noctua NH-D15 I had which never allowed the CPU to go over 55C. I moved my components to a new case and the Noctua would no longer fit. - Install was straight forward.

Cons: - the cpu bracket seems a little flimsy. I hope it holds up over time. - As stated above, the fans that come with this are loud except quiet mode when using Corsair's Commander Pro. Forget about setting it to 100%, it sounds like a helicopter taking off. Thankfully, I had a pair of their ML140s and they work great with this. They cool better, look great and are nearly silent at 100% load.

Overall Review: - I recommend this product if you can swing the RGB fans to go with it. It would be nice if Corsair gave those fans as an option.

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Noctua fan for life!2/1/2016 10:54:40 AM

Pros: I had another Noctua on my Phenom x4 965 for 7 years and never had an issue. I researched other coolers for a new build that was to be used for my Intel 6700K. I looked at water options and other air coolers. I had a water cooler in another PC and didn't like the noise from the fans and pump. I settled on this guy and am glad I did. This monster keeps my 6700K overclocked to 4.8GHz idling at 22C and maxes out 68C with fans in Smart Mode on the mobo which during stress testing were at ~1100RPM. During the worst stress testing, you can hear the fans a tiny bit. During normal PC use, the PC is almost silent. This is a wonderful CPU cooler!

Cons: - none

Overall Review: - This is a big cooler so make sure you have room. - install was easy on my MSI Z170 Gaming M5 mobo. - no issue with running into RAM, - connecting the fans to the mobo CPU connectors enable smart fan when keeps this thing nearly silent.

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Great product with a load of features if you need them2/1/2016 10:23:52 AM

Pros: - Very quick install - real nice user interface. - overclocking is as simple as selecting gameboost OR changing ratio in UEFI.

Cons: - I wish there were more sata connectors, I'm already maxed out

Overall Review: - My first board was DOA; it wouldn't post. I had the dreaded "00" on the installed LEDs. Talked to Newegg and they did an easy switch. Next board came in and viola, it worked like a charm. I have it team with a I7-6700K and have zero issues. It seems to be lightning fast.

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a little better than stock3/18/2014 9:03:10 PM

Pros: - simple install - comes with a fan controller - using it in a HTPC on a6-5400K. I can run the fan down to 25% which is quiet enough for a HTPC.

Cons: - At full throttle, it's loud.

Overall Review: For the price, it's better than stock plus you get a fan controller to boot.

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no media center???3/18/2014 8:53:50 PM

Pros: - fast boot - simple install - I'm using classic shell so I have no issue with the tiles

Cons: - I'm severely disappointed that Windows 8.1 regular edition does not include the media center. Windows 7 Home edition included media center. Now, if you want to use media center, you have to upgrade to Pro. I specifically bought this for a HTPC only find it didn't have media center. Thanks a lot MS,

Overall Review: If you want to use this for a HTPC, you need to buy the pro version. Classic shell work really well. Takes it back to a windows 7 like desktop.

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thank you sir may I have another3/15/2014 10:25:23 AM

Pros: - low power - perfect APU for HTPC setup - more than enough umph for video, internet, DVD, or whatever you need for a HTPC

Cons: - stock fan is meh. I always upgrade to a better one to keep the CPU cooler as a cool CPU lasts longer.

Overall Review: So pleased with this APU that I built for son's HTPC I ordered another for my own HTPC build

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simple yet effective3/15/2014 10:19:19 AM

Pros: - simple install - perfect little device for quieting an over zealous liquid cooling fan

Cons: - cable is a little long but I'm sure if you have a giant case it would come in handy

Overall Review: I have a AIO liquid cooler where the fan was a bit loud. Adding this to the fan allowed me to tweak it down a bit and make the cooling fan almost silent yet still effective.

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nice HTPC case12/19/2013 7:09:56 PM

Pros: - pretty easy install for a small case. - I got a cooler master 120M siedon water cooler to use in this and it installed just fine except I needed to add an extension to the fan cable to reach the motherboard. - case is well thought out and will handle quite a bit of equipment for such a small space.

Cons: - directions are convoluted. I found a couple reviews on the case with pictures that helped show proper placement of the disk drives. - There isn't much room for an air cooler. You can get away with a stock cooler or low profile. Water coolers will work fine. - The feet are plastic and the case slides pretty easy. It would be nice if they switched to rubber feet instead.

Overall Review: - If installing you need to remove the front fan to install a water cooler, I used a screw driver to push the pins on the back of the fan which then come out very easy. - If you plan to use a water cooler, keep in mind that it will take up about 1.5" of space where a video card will go. - If you can afford it, get a modular power supply otherwise you'll be cramming a lot of extra power supply cables in the unit that do nothing. - Overall, I'm pleased. Matching this case with a water cooler gives you a nice silent setup with a small footprint.

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I did not expect silence12/19/2013 6:47:26 PM

Pros: - I'm using this with an AMD A6-5400K for an HTPC. The stock cooler was too loud and allowed the CPU to get up to 85C during use. I decided to try this as it was on sale. This lowered the CPU temp to a max of 65C during a day of prime 95 torture testing. Idle temps dropped 15C over stock. - The added benefit is that this is very near to silent. I had to check several times to see if the fan was actually running. This is perfect for HTPC use. - Install for AMD is pretty easy. Make sure your cpu back plate is a solid piece of metal. If not use the enclosed back plate. You need quite a bit of force to connect the water block to the back plate. Other than that, pretty simple install. Intel install is a little more involved. Look up you tube video for straightforward help.

Cons: - I'm using this in a Cooler Master Elite 130 ITX case so you would thin everything would be OK. The fan cable is about 3 inches too short in reaching the ITX (MSI) motherboard. Thankfully, I had an extension on hand. Both fan and pump are 4 pin so keep that in mind if you use a similar setup. - directions are almost worthless. look up install on you tube for help.

Overall Review: Really pleased with the performance and especially how quiet this thing is. Highly recommended.

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great value12/3/2013 6:51:38 AM

Pros: - surprised by the quality. braided cord, nice weight to it. - plug and play - adjustable sensitivity

Cons: - lights are on all the time. It would be nice if there was an off button; but not a big deal

Overall Review: - it took a couple days to get used to. As you can tell by the pic, the mouse has two triangular wings at the base. My pinky felt uncomfortable resting there at first. After a couple days, it is now comfortable. - as stated the color scheme changes with selected sensitivity and the light pulses when not in use. - Overall this mouse is a great value and highly recommended.

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nice little printer11/15/2013 7:46:40 AM

Pros: - easy setup - documents print great; no smearing of ink - refill cartridges are reasonable

Cons: - shuts off when not used for a while. You have to physically press the on button to turn it back on

Overall Review: - I needed a little printer to print day to day documents from Word, Excel and PDFs. This printer works just great. Make sure you get the XL refill cartridges as they last a lot longer.

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breathed life into an old PC4/27/2013 12:45:56 PM

Pros: - Got it on sale - Here's what I get using it in a SATA II motherboard: Crystal Disk Mark 3.0.1 x64 Seq - 351 / 259 MB/s 512k - 327 / 246 MB/s 4k - 27 / 61 MB/s QD32 - 135 / 127 MB/s - boots up to Win 7 in ~30sec - great upgrade over a hard disk drive - PC feels new - excellent migration s/w. Created an image of the boot drive using their s/w and it came up without a problem.

Cons: - none - works great!

Overall Review: - I have a 120GB SSD in another PC. The 250GB model is identical in read speed but twice as fast in writes in Crystal Disk Mark for Seq and 512K tests. - If you get it on sale, it's a fantastic buy

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Nice elegant case3/31/2013 9:54:32 PM

Pros: - got it on sale - easy installation - great airflow as is. Not sure what folks are complaining about and I suppose it really depends if you have high heat components. I'm using this in a budget build and I'm impressed with the airflow using the two installed fans. - I love the satin finish of the case. no high gloss, it's just right and very elegant. - the LEDs on the front are not very bright which I LIKE A LOT. - Very easy build. I've built a half dozen PCs and this was a nice build probably the easiest to date.

Cons: - the only thing I would do better would be the SSD bracket install. I'm using a Samsung SSD that came with a bracket and getting the holes to line up in the 3.5" bay took some time.

Overall Review: Really pleased with this case. It has great airflow with low noise fans. Very easy build. I'm using a micro ATX mobo but the fact that it can take a regular ATX is a great upgrade option down the road. My PC: LIAN LI PC-A05FNB Black Aluminum ATX Mid Tower Case ASRock FM2A75 Pro4-M FM2 AMD A10-5800K Trinity 3.8GHz Noctua NH-L12 Team Xtreem Dark Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) SAMSUNG 840 Series SSD 120GB SAMSUNG Spinpoint 2 TB Hard Drive LG 24X DVD Burner CORSAIR CX430 430W PSU Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-2250 Dual TV Tuner

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Wow, I'm impressed!3/31/2013 9:36:51 PM

Pros: - I needed to build a budget PC for my son, and after a lot of research, I selected this APU. I'm glad I did. - I'm running it on a an ASRock FM2A75 Pro4 motherboard. I had a Notua NH-L12 cooler to use and it keeps this APU running at 27C idle and 42C under stress and OC. - I overclocked to 4.6GHz very easily. - Win7 WEI scores of 7.4, 7.4, 6.7, 6.7, 7.9 - wPrime scores 32M=15.3sec, 1024M=485sec - seems to run any game just fine. For game benchmarks I used the following: - Just Cause 2 = 28fps - Shogun 2 DX11 720 = 31fps - those are pretty gpu stressful games and you can get higher fps by reducing video options to medium. Anyway, all other games I've tried run great. I don't see any need to crossfire or use a higher end card. He didn't have the money anyway.

Cons: - the CPU cooler is kind of a joke. Almost anything would be better. If you don;t have a nice CPU cooler on hand, get decent cooler like a Cooler Master 212 or something similar. My Noctua is overkill but I had one already and it keeps the APU VERY cool.

Overall Review: If you're looking for a great budget APU, get this one. My son is using this as a general PC along with a TV tuner so he can you it for Office programs, Internet, DVR recording though Media Center, and lite gaming.

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Nice3/31/2013 9:18:22 PM

Pros: - got it on sale - loaded Win7 without a hitch using a ASRock FM2A75 Pro4 motherboard - Came with a bracket. - Win7 WEI score of 7.9 - Crystal Disk Mark 3.0.2 scores: seq read 484 write 138 512k read 392 write 138 4k read 25 write 84 QD32 read 253 write 134

Cons: none

Overall Review: - my first experience with SSD. Quite a bit faster than the mechanical drives. Windows loads very fast. Games open faster. Everything is just faster.

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wonderful quiet cooler3/31/2013 9:05:29 PM

Pros: - installed on an ASROCK FM2A75 Pro4-M FM2 motherboard to cool a A10-5800K that I have overclocked to 4.6GHz. - Keeps my overclocked A10 at only 4C over room ambient (27C) and never gets over 42C during stress testing. - easy install - VERY quiet. Case fans are louder than these fans - Fairly low profile. Lots of room to spare in my Lian Li case - Will cool your RAM as this will hang over it.

Cons: - If I had all four of my RAM slots filled, the bottom fan would have run into the Team Xtreem Dark Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) RAM. Since I only had two sticks, I moved the RAM to "B" slots and everything is good.

Overall Review: - Make sure you don't get duper tall RAM as that could cause an issue. Also, if you use all RAM slots, make sure this won't run into any of the slots if you intend on using all of the slots. - Highly recommended.

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love these3/31/2013 8:54:42 PM

Pros: easiest way to move drives between between PCs. I've installed them in all my PCs and they work great and have been for years.

Cons: none

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nice cable11/16/2012 6:05:44 PM

Pros: D'oh. I accidentally bought a DVD drive with an IDE input. Got this one which is really nice as it isn't a wide cable. Allows for good air flow. Other than that - it works. it's a cable.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Why are you still reading - just buy it if you're in the market for an IDE cable.

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Great choice for HTPC11/16/2012 6:01:44 PM

Pros: I've been using this since July. What a wonderful keyboard. I was using the a small hand held which had poor connectivity and I couldn't see the micro keyboard. This device is full size. Easy to find in the living room. I use it from 6-8 t away and it works fine. Very ergonomic with mouse ball on one side and mouse buttons on the other.

Cons: Wish it had an option for backlighting the keyboard.

Overall Review: Don't hesitate to use this for HTPC. It's a very nice device.

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a little disappointed10/16/2012 8:24:48 AM

Pros: - Small; fits in your pocket - easy setup

Cons: - weak signal strength; I get 5 bars in the room it is in, but in the next room, I get one and connectivity drops in and out. - low bandwidth; wanted an inexpensive wireless router to watch netflix. This doesn't have the bandwidth to stream netflix. it's OK for mild web surfing and email.

Overall Review: - this is probably OK for a hotel room or light internet use. Maybe I got a dud; don't know. I was hoping for better signal strength and bandwidth.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer, The TL-WR700N is designed for one room solution such as a hotel room. But it also can be used as a repeater to enhance the signal. The best location for the repeater is in the middle range of your existing Wi-Fi network. If it's too far away from your existing router, the result will be poor. I hope this information helps you. Thank you for supporting TP-LINK. Best Regards! TP-LINK Support Team (866)225-8139
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incredibly engaging9/8/2012 10:23:11 PM

Pros: This game seems to disappoint quite a few people. I get a kick out of people who say they have played for a 100+ hrs or easily beat inferno (seriously doubt it) and then give it one star. A one star game is something you can't play after a couple hours. This game is a lot of fun. I got the free starter download from blizzard and played all the classes for several hours each. It was so much fun I found that newegg has the best price on this game. Loads of things to farm. Very good skill tree that allows you to switch back and forth if certain skills don't work well for you. I don't use the auction house and haven't seen need for it yet. I do use the crafting to make weapons and armor. Bosses are a good challenge. Dialog is great, lots of witty banter between your character and followers; especially the scoundrel. Story is well done. Excellent graphics. Good variety of character classes. This has to be a contender for game of the year.

Cons: Really would like the option to play without connected to the internet. Starcraft 2 allows that, they should have provided the option with this game too.

Overall Review: This has to be a contender for game of the year. This is a really fun game. If you aren't sure about buying it, get the free pass first, try it out, then come to newegg to purchase it.

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A Masterpiece7/5/2012 8:11:58 AM

Pros: The Mass Effect trilogy has been a great experience. ME3 with the extended cut scene endings is a fitting conclusion to a EPIC series. I don't understand some of the user reviews complaining about the ending as you are given multiple choices on how to end the series based on selection at the end and war assets gathered during the game. Whether Shepard lives or dies, earth is saved or vaporized, your squad lives or dies, is all up to YOU. Gameplay - Improved over ME1 & ME2. Nice selection of weapons and a wide variety of mods available for all the weapons. I imported my character from ME2 which worked out for me as most of my squad survived the suicide mission at the end of ME2. That allowed me to rekindle friendships from before. I choose Infiltrator this time around over soldier, and was pleased. I highly recommend all the side missions, excellent battles and besides, the side missions builds up war assets needed for the Reaper showdown. I got 32 hrs in doing all missions.

Cons: Didn't get much out of multi-player

Overall Review: More pros: Sound - music and sound effects were spot on. A little War of Worlds, Star Wars, and good music mixed to heighten the game play experience. Controls - Straight forward, much like ME1& ME2. No problems playing from PC with keyboard and mouse. Camera angle is just right through out. I also like the "v" key to show you where you need to go. Replayability - With the option to play as a biotic, engineer, soldier, and others along with Paragon and Renegade options, the entire series is a must replay starting from ME1 all the way through. Graphics - Eye candy through out. Colorful scenes, excellent graphics, lip syncing was great, cut scenes are a joy to watch. Bioware & EA did a nice job. The Mass Effect story was epic.

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Excellent Guide6/29/2012 7:31:46 PM

Pros: - detailed information on tech trees, powers, build options; very informative. - Good detail on the various weapons available. - Shows you were all the goodies are to pick up in each mission. - lots of pictures and detail. - provides some background history from ME1 and ME2. - Spoiler Alerts throughout that tells you the outcome of some conversation choices. - gives multiple approaches on defeating tough enemies - guide really helps in selecting the best armor and weapons

Cons: - could provide more detail on the consequences or benefits of going Paragon or Renegade when the options come up.

Overall Review: When I play RPGs and it's a good RPG, I like doing every side mission. This guide provides a wealth of information to review and get you immersed in the ME world. Great value for a great game.

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Works great ....for 1 yr6/3/2012 3:26:48 PM

Pros: - Good cooling and heating ability - kept a 350sf room cool - timer and thermostat to help moderate temp

Cons: - doesn't last long. I got one good cooling season and one heating season out of it. An incredibly loud noise from the motor came about just after warranty expired. VERY DISAPPOINTED. $400 for 13 months is TOO EXPENSIVE. I now need another AC unit and I won't be buying this brand again - ever.

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Must have for RTS fans11/3/2011 6:40:23 PM

Pros: - new comers to the franchise are brought up to speed slowly through a very well designed campaign. - campaign has a very interesting and entertaining story line. - 26 missions in the campaign ranging from 15 min to almost an hour depending on your speed to complete objectives and achievements. Makes for a long and satisfying gaming experience. - Campaign provides four levels of difficulty:casual, normal, hard, and brutal. levels are named appropriately. - You can go back and replay any mission already completed which allows you to hone your skills. - cut scenes are absolutely beautifully done. Why isn't there a movie on this story? - incredible depth in weapon deployment. Each mission brings a new weapon to the mix allowing for a good understanding before moving on. - great leveling options to improve weapons - you can play offline - this is really great. Achievements are disabled but you have full access to the game. I've played on flights and it is a really nice option

Cons: A few more PROs: - Once you purchase the game, you can download it to other PCs and log in to your account with all your achievements available to you. Very similar to purchasing a game on Steam. - the game can be played on a laptop to a high end rig. This allows me to take the game on business trips. Tweak the graphics down a bit and you're good to go. - game graphics are good. Not as good as Dawn of War 2, but more than sufficient for a great gaming experience. - the game is primarily the Terran campaign but you get a taste of the Protoss abilities as well in several missions. OK, a couple CONs: - Only one viewing angle of the game. I like Dawn of War 2's ability to swing the viewing angle of their game to see it from different perspectives. - Some mission load times are lengthy but well worth the wait. - I'm still intimidated by online play but I'll get there eventually

Overall Review: Prior to this game, I considered myself more of a tactical strategy fan with games like Company of Heroes, Dawn of War series, etc. I thought gathering minerals and gas and then building your base along with offensive and defensive forces was tedious. THEN, this game came a long! WOW, I'm impressed. Blizzard has won me over on this series. It is so incredibly diverse and I really like how the game brings you up to speed on it's complexity. Company of Heroes has been my favorite for years, until now. Well done, Blizzard! I'm looking forward to the next installment.

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