Whatever happened to customer support?4/4/2021 1:23:08 PM

Pros: -The cooling is the best I've seen-Runs silently for low load tasks-Ryzen 5000 series + Nvidia 3000 series = powerful and power savings-Improved battery capacity over last year's model

Cons: -The fans are noisy when they do kick in-The speakers are tuned to be base heavy, tweeters are a "feature" of the SCAR upgrade-No Mux switch/Advanced Optimus (iGPU limits framerate)-No 1440p screen option-No webcam (seriously, have you learned anything from 2020)-All plastic design (only lid is metal)-Short power cable-The plastic smudges easily

Overall Review: Considering it's 2021 I should feel privileged to own anything this nice/new but getting the item was an ordeal. I thought it had issues with USB-C DP cables, but it turned out to be a Steam VR issue with my headset. The expansion SSD I installed had issues as well, but not relevant to this review. Installation of expanded RAM and SSD was easy once I realize the long and short ribbon cables on the light bar mean the bottom cover can be rotated 90 degrees. I like the availability of the ports as it's ideal for my use case and the bulge behind the back of the monitor makes a good handle for using the laptop while standing. The RGB interface is also the best I've seen but I have not found a way to disable the light bar which can be blinding in your face at night while you still need the backlit keys. The stock cooling is REALLY good. Laptpop has never been warm to the touch, neither on the bottom nor top. All the heat goes out the 4 corner vents so just don't block those or the bottom intake.The short power cord has meant the brick spends a lot of time in the air when in bed or on a table. This has lead to the power cord coming loose from the brick and discharging the battery unexpectedly. Guess I'm looking for after-market parts already.However, my real gripe is over a simple thing. One of the teeth on the backside of my arrow key broke and went unnoticed during QC. It pops up when you press on the right side but you can click it back down. Contacted ASUS customer support and they would only fix the issue via 2 week RMA for a complete keyboard replacement because I might break something if they send the key, which they won't. This idiotic stance on right to repair is both infuriating and insulting. I guess I'll just have to wait for the right keyboard parts to come in stock elsewhere.Given how they hide their customer support links on the app behind a wall of FAQs on how to turn your WiFi on I think the company no longer focuses on enthusiasts, even with their ROG gaming brand. Adding Ryzen must have been a decision by the Marketing department. Very disappointing ASUS.

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So far so good...2/22/2021 11:31:03 AM

Pros: 4TB NVMe SSD at 10c/GB

Cons: Speed will drop off during large writes

Overall Review: I was wary given some of the horror stories posted here but using an external enclosure over USB-c I was able to dump 50GB of data at good speeds without crashing anything. Now if the new Asus laptops will ever come into stock I might really kick the tires by transferring my Steam library over.

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