Solid RAM5/31/2018 10:01:39 PM

Pros: - Works as advertised. - Low profile. - No problems with the fit in the slots. - If you know how to set the XMP speeds on your motherboard it's a set it and forget it kind of thing.

Cons: - Stickers on the RAM seem a bit tacky. May as well have left it naked. - Little/No overclock headroom. If you're an ultimate tweaker kind of person I wouldn't recommend this set.

Overall Review: I've had no issues with this RAM set since I purchased it 3 months ago. I'm running a Core i5-8400 in a Z370 chipet MoBo. Which could probably account for my more positive experience than some others that have been struggling with Ryzen chips. So, if you're going to run an Intel setup you should be fine with this RAM. I did try to push the RAM little bit, just pushed it up one notch on the MHz to 3200 and loosened timings a bit and it refused to work. Didn't think it was worth tinkering further if it wasn't going to take a small step up. No skin off my teeth seeing as how all reviews I've looked at with the Z370 chipset show that over DDR4 3000 you see very diminished returns, if any at all. As far as heat spreaders are concerned, I've done a bit of reading online and it seems that RAM really doesn't need a heat spreader at all, even overclocked. The heat created by RAM is minuscule. It's really just for pretties than anything. Don't just take my word for it, though. I recommend either doing some measurements of your own or go do some research.

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est I've had in many ways.4/9/2016 8:15:22 PM

Pros: For the price I got it for at $42 this is an excellent keyboard. If I'd had the money probably worth the $75 range too IMO. -Key action is very comfortable (for me). -Definitely a step up from a membrane keyboard (My old one was said to be one of the better membrane keyboards out there). -Don't need a heavy hand to actuate keys. I.E. you can use a light touch to get it to type. (I like it, some may not. I haven't had any problems accidentally double tapping anything) -Actually comfortable for everyday typing situations* Except ... (see con's) -Lighting has 3 colors (I like all 3, light blue almost turquoise, dark blue, and green) Also has 3 light levels and can be turned off. -Full size keyboard (has a number pad)

Cons: Reasons for taking off an egg and otherwise great product: -The biggest problem I have with this keyboard is the placement of the "\" key, if you'll notice it's to the left of the enter key instead of being above it like on most standard keyboards. It's an annoyance because I tend to hit it when I'm going after the Enter key. Since I'm used the enter key sitting in that spot (and the \ sitting above the enter key) this is the biggest annoyance that I have. You have to reach further than you would normally on most other keyboards. Although it may come in handy for some of you Windows nerds that still use command line. -The font on the keys: If you haven't basically memorized, some of the Shift characters on your 1-0 numbered keys might be difficult to decipher. Font makes them look rather goofy and not quite what I think of the symbol being. (Home button is just "HM") -The "Function" key that is used to change the colors and other functions of the keyboard takes the place of what would be the Windows key on the right side on many windows based keyboards. My annoyance with this is that I like to use that windows key to lock my computer. (Windows key + L for the uninitiated of you.) -Minor annoyance: the 8 keys that have the special dimpled surface on them (the orange keys) can be a bit rough on your fingers on your left hand if you're doing regular typing. Although it doesn't seem to bother me when gaming. -Could be a con if it bothers you (Doesn't hurt my feelings any): The 8 keys (qwerasdf) that are Orange are ALWAYS illuminated with the dark blue setting for the color. You can not change this as far as I'm aware.

Overall Review: In the time that I've used this keyboard (almost 2 weeks so far) I feel that I'll be able to get past the annoyances. They still bother me when they rear their heads (especially the \ key) but for the most part I really enjoy using this keyboard. Even for typing, in fact I actually prefer it to any keyboard I've owned. Caveat: This is probably the most expensive (MSRP) keyboard I've owned, and the only one with mechanical switches. I thoroughly enjoyed using that keyboard until I got this one. Previous one was a Saitek Cyborg V.5 $50 special that is no longer manufactured. Games I've played this with: Fallout 4 (My poison of choice lately) League of Legends (Although I map most of the actions to my mouse rather than using my keyboard for the actions. I'm weird in that I like to move the screen with my left hand on the directional keys instead.) -Terraria -CS:GO -Original Halo -Done some Facebook and Skype chatting with it.

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Faster than advertised.4/15/2015 6:53:18 PM

Pros: Faster than I anticipated. USB 3.0 and you actually can take advantage of the extra speed of 3.0 solid feel.

Cons: None currently.

Overall Review: From my limited testing I've typically gotten 80-90 MB/s writes with occasional bursts over 100. This was done with files 150 MB up to 7 GB. I'm using this mainly to keep video files on hand so I haven't tried it with a large number of smaller files. Able to fill the drive in under 15 minutes if I so desire. Since reads are always faster I haven't paid too much attention to them but they can go over 120 MB/s for sure. Super happy with this drive.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for choosing Mushkin. We appreciate your feedback and support!
Great reliable drive.10/2/2014 3:49:42 PM

Pros: I've had this drive for over 3 years now. Fast for a spindle drive, have been able to clock this thing at 120-130 MB/s throughput on reads and a tad slower on writes. Never tried the random read/writes though. Don't usually see it drop lower than 90ish MB/s with transfers of lots of pictures (5-10 MB each, usually in 5-16 GB sets). This is still consistent after 3 years of use. Doesn't care if it's more than half full (I can poke fun at many SSD's right? (-: ) It is tough! I've really put this drive through the ringer. I didn't have it in a case for about a year and transported it around with my laptop with an external connector (didn't even have it inside an enclosure). Even dropped it while it was running a few times (scared the ever living bajezes out of me) and it's still chugging. I don't recommend doing this, I was just low on funds at the time.

Cons: I haven't had any bad experiences with this drive in any way.

Overall Review: I did have a few bad sectors (had some CRC errors) on the occasional file for about 6 months after I finally stuffed it into my tower. For the number of times that I dropped it while it was running that seems par for the course really. They were all recoverable though, so no data loss. All in all a very tough and reliable drive, if you put it in a tower I doubt that you'd have problems with this drive ever. I haven't had a CRC error in over a year now.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Plenty of space, not super fast3/19/2013 9:37:09 AM

Pros: Spacious for moving lot of files or large files.

Cons: Not as fast as I was hoping for a USB 3 drive. Only saturates USB 2 connection on some reads.

Overall Review: I probably shouldn't expect this to be super fast for the price I got it for (was $20). Impression about write speeds: So far I typically average about 20-25 MB/s writes on USB 3 on my desktop. once in a while it bursts to 30 or 35, not much higher than that. I have had it dip to 10-15 on copying several hundred 5-10 MB pictures. Take that with a grain of salt because I ran that on my netbook ASUS 1201N. Read imperssions: Read is definitely faster than writes. I have been able to do a move off of the drive at an average of 50 MB/s on my USB 3 connection on my desktop. Same picture files as mentioned above. Did burst for a bit over 60 MB/s (if Terracopy is to be believed) I have had it go lower on some video files to 25-30 MB/s so it's not completely consistent with the files that I've handed it. I do like having the additional space that 32 GB affords (Windows will see it as 29.4 GB, at lest that's my sample). I have noticed that with writing a lot of data to the drive it does get pretty warm to the touch, not that you'll burn yourself but I do wonder if that'll have an effect on the longevity of the drive. First USB drive I've owned that does that. IMO: Decent amount of space, decent typical read speeds, write speeds leave something to be desired. For the price (under $30), it's a good drive.

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Still cranking along.1/24/2013 6:10:21 PM

Pros: Quiet, mostly modular. Cables long enough to wind them around prettymuch everywhere in my case. Puts the power through. Almost 2 years running perfect.

Cons: Space on one line for SATA power sometimes a touch short for what I want to do. But then not everyone wants to put their CD/DVD on the same rail as a HDD. Maybe I shouldn't be so stupid as to put my DVD on the top bay.... Probably not a big deal to most. Just a nit pick that doesn't even bother me. hey, it said "cons" didn't it?

Overall Review: Don't have the equipment to really find out how the rails are doing individually. I can say that it's been very stable for me through thick and thin. Can't say off hand if it improved my power bill. Stuffed this into a new box and just wanted to get something that's high quality. Most of my other psu's that I've gotten have lasted about this long and then died (poor magic blue smoke escaped, sometimes with a pop). This one is still happily running. Things in my box that this PSU has to push along: i5-2400 prettymuch left at highest multiplier all the time. Only have 1x 120mm fan hooked onto my CPU cooler. 24 GB DDR3 1600 (2x 8 GB gskill and 2x 4 GB also gskill @ 9-9-9-21 timings, not overclocked) ASRock P67 EXTREME4 (B3) GTX 560ti default clock 850 (evga card) Occasionally pushed up over 900 Mhz (hope to upgrade to GTX 670, may update if this happens. Power draw seems to be the same if reviews are to be believed.) 3 HDD (WD black 2 TB, 750 and older 500) and 1 SSD (OCZ vertex 3 120 GB) Standard DVD/CD burn 24x combo drive. Logitec G500 mouse (I mention this because the power has to be pulled through the mobo.) And a keyboard that I forgot the make and model that has red backlight. (Forgive me, writing this while I'm not at home to look) Antec 300 case w/ 4 120mm fans (came with 3, bought 4th) and the 140mm. Mostly kept at medium speeds since my ears have apparently gotten sensitive about that in my old age.

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Dad loves it.9/23/2011 9:34:34 AM

Pros: Very fast, enough space for OS and programs with some left over for fun.

Cons: Doesn't fit in the 3.5" bays, doesn't come with a bracket. I knew this so ordered one when I got this.

Overall Review: This drive was purchased for my Dad's box that he's using to do video processing (have to put the old vids onto digital!) that has an Athlon X4 430, 4 GB RAM 9600 GT vid Win XP, don't remember the mobo offhand though but every SATA port is version 3 (6 Gb/s). I copied the old OS drive right onto this one and it booted up perfectly. So far he has been very happy with how much faster programs load, he was blown away at what a difference it made.

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Works well.9/23/2011 9:26:15 AM

Pros: Has all the inputs I need. USB 3.0. has a connection light.

Cons: None at the moment.

Overall Review: Don't have a card that pushes it to the edge to see if it can do the full throughput of USB 3.0 yet. Got this as a "When I get faster cards." deal. So far it's worked flawlessly with my compact flash (130x) and sdhc and micro-sdhc cards.

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Pretty good1/14/2010 5:04:08 AM

Pros: Stock fans move quite a bit of air, on High settings this case is quieter than the last case that this system was in and it had that only had 3 fans and one was 80mm. So if you just set them at the noise level you're comfortable with and just leave it there they do their job well. installation was a breze compared to most cases i've delt with. There were enough thumb screws to be able to put something in every 3.5" drive bay with them, I really like that in case I need them (didn't this time) All the drives fit quite well, the space between the hard drives is more than in some cases (about an inch) so they get good airflow between them even when their stacked. if you have long cables there's nooks you can tuck the cables away in after installing everything

Cons: Might be just a qirk with the case I got, but the screw holes for the power supply were slightly off, not enough to make it impossible but enough to make it difficult and to wonder if I was going to get it in (this was with 2 PSU's). This previous statement is the reason it didn't get 5 eggs, the other things are rathor minor for me. couple of sharp edges that I cut myself on but that can be a hazerd with any case. adjusting the fans can be a pain if you want to adjust them often since the little speed adjusters (L M H) are about 6" long on a cable, so you have to open the case every time time you want to do that (minor con since the case is very easy to open, nice big thumb screws)

Overall Review: Overall good experiance, Make sure you get a PSU that has longer cables, ones with shorter cables are not fun to install in this case. The ATX full sized board filled up quite a bit of the space in the case, you won't be able to install a video card that's longer than the motherboard (probably no Radion 4870 or 4970 for this case) If you have a longer card you will probably need to install the drives lower down and leave the upper ones empty for it. just a thought.

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