TK209k5/30/2015 9:33:48 PM

Pros: This is a nice working KVM switch, I have had it for about a year and a half and I like the manual switches to switch computers rather than the keyboard hot key. It has decently long cables on it and works pretty good compared to other switches I have owned.

Cons: After a year and a 4 months the audo on 1 side failed checked the cables and found the problem to be the switch itself. To be fair, I call oem customer support and had a tech call me back in 15 minutes, we could not resolve the problem so he issued an rma, I sent the unit back to them they kept me in the loop with my claim and sent me a new one back to me, turnaround time was under 2 weeks so cudos to the support team.

Overall Review: If I had to replace this unit in the future I would buy another one, it works good and their support team are aces in my book.

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Great Moniter5/5/2015 12:58:28 AM

Pros: This has been a good moniter for me. I like its looks, connections and the way it performs overall. It has hdmi, dvi and d-sub connections, descent built in speakers and analogs connectors and an output for external speakers. The screen has great angle of vision and gives you a good picture, I use it as a moniter for 2 computers with a kvm switch and also watch tv on it with a tuner card in one of the computers, and get as good a picture as my tv. I am happy with this item and would recommend it to friends and have

Cons: none

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good fans5/5/2015 12:45:36 AM

Pros: I have tried a few different brands of fans, and I was impressed with the performance of these 12cm fans. They push a lot of air and are very, very quiet. The color of the leds good too. They have a good price and come in a 2 pack. I would recommend these fans to replace stock case fans because I see an upgrade in performance, both airflow and silence, to most stock fans and most fans that push the same amount of air are louder

Cons: none so far

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Refurbished Red Phantom Case5/1/2015 7:07:49 PM

Pros: I'll admit I bought this case with some reservations because it was refurbished, but I was not disappointed one bit, on arrival I took this case out of the box and gave it a good inspection and could not tell that this was a brand new case, not a flaw anywhere. As I began to put my build in it I looked in every nook and cranny and could not find one thing wrong, no scratches, dings, bent sheet metal or anything. I don't have to comment on the quality of this case because it is there and I think this is in the top 3 of mid tower cases and I would have a hard time to find a reason not to rate this one #1. It has lots of space, fully tool less bays, comes with 3 fans pre-installed and has mounting points for plenty more, has fan filters and removable hd cage and has a fan controller installed. I have had 2 builds in this case and the had no issues, the cable management is about the best I have seen in a mid tower case and it has a sleek look to it The thermals are good and get better with a few more fans and I a huge area in the top for water cooling if you are so inclined. The case even came with the protective plastic on the door window and has a good hardware kit with it so what is not to like

Cons: For the price and the quality I can not think of any cons to mention

Overall Review: The paint on this case is great quality and it is painted inside and out, the hdd cage is 90 offset and has an extra fan mount on the mobo side to help cool the hard drives and blow air directly at the cpu cooler. or you can remove that mount to make room for the big video cards, has plenty of space to grow.

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AMD Theme Case5/1/2015 5:52:23 PM

Pros: I have owned this case for a year and a half or a little longer, have had 2 builds in it, It is a well built and roomy case for a Mid tower. It has tooless locks, one each on 5.25, 3.5, and 3.5 hd bays, if you want more they are about $5 each at the oem Mfg site. I have had a FM2 build in this case with a Hyper 212 EV0 cooler in it with a fan on the door, had to use a slim fan but it fit fine. also had 2 full size fans on top, 1 bottom and ! lower front with no issues. Rear top fan I had to offset in the mesh to make room for cpu cooler, fan and mobo power plug but it went in there, have a full size graphics card, tv tuner 700 watt power supply and 4 hard drives, a card reader and 3 optical drives, and still had room. I have not seen to many mid-tower cases at that price that I was able to do that with and still have room to put more into it. Now I have a fx 8 core system in it with the same setup in it and I am happy with it, I moved my other system into another case. I have not seen too many mid tower cases at that price range that has the features this one does, I had thumbscrews laying around and used them in place of the hex screws on the doors, For the price I paid for the case I did not expect to have every amenity available. I added some fans, thumbscrews, and tool less locks and now have a good sturdy case for my builds, Who knows may add a fan controller too! This is a great strarter case for anyone and I think It is a great case for the experienced builder too.

Cons: none I can think of

Overall Review: I think you get a lot of case for the money you pay for this case, I have seen a lot of other cases on the market that do not compete with this case in its price class, I have had no issues with this case, and would recommend it, if I had it to do all over again, I would still have bought this case. One thing that impressed me was the paint, the case is nearly all metal, the case is painted inside and out with a good thick coat of black paint, add the graphics and the red accents and it is an awsome looking case which really struck me when I took it out of the box, That paint yet today does not have a scratch in it. The thermal in this case are good, my 8 core runs low to mid 30s at idle and 75 to 78 at FULL load on all cores and only bad thiing I can think of is that it won't bring me a cup of coffee.

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Thermaltake power supply TR-24/28/2015 10:00:02 PM

Pros: I will buy Thermaltake products because they are good quality and they have not let me down. I own 2 of these power supplies and use them in high power rigs and they never give me any problems. They are built very sturdy and install easily in just about any case. I have 3 different brand cases and have had one of these installed in them at one time or another with no problems, I have had lightning strikes near the house which cut the power to the house and when the power comes back on my computers come back on, that impresses me. I have had other power supplies that failed under those circumstances even though I have surge protection so I am impressed with the toughness of these units.

Cons: none

Overall Review: I like the old style cabling on these because if I ever do have to do any troubleshooting all the wiring is exposed, when was the last time you tried to troubleshoot a modular unit?

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Asus Router4/28/2015 9:38:59 PM

Pros: I bought this router to replace another brand router which would not connect with all the devices in the house no matter where I moved it and then went up in smoke after 3 weeks with no apparent reason. I buy alot of asus products because they are well built. work good, and have longer warranties then most manufacturers. This router was easy to set up has outstanding range and I did not have to move it around to get all my devices around the house to connect. I can connect to my network on my cell phone a block away from the house. It has good security and has a good price, and a 2 year warranty which most items have a lot less.

Cons: none

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Rosewill 40 in 1 card reader4/28/2015 9:23:27 PM

Pros: I have had good luck with this card reader, I have bought 3 of these and not had any trouble with any of them. I suspect it is because it is a solid product at a great price, they even give you an extra face plate to match your taste. I have used all the slots and the usb ports and not had any trouble with any of them. It is easy to install and easy to make the connections, it is solidly built and works great and I think it is a good buy

Cons: none so far and I have had one of these for nearly 4 years

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artic a11 cpu cooler4/26/2015 4:38:50 AM

Pros: Item arrived on time as always with newegg, was packaged well and was not hard to install on asrock extreme 4 board. the unit when installed was very quiet even at full rpm.

Cons: After installing it, I check the temps and at idle it was running high 50 to low 60 degrees. It was installed with the supplied thermal paste and on a fx 8320 processor. I removed it and tried artic silver paste and made sure the installation was correct the second time, the temp dropped to high 40 degree mark, so ran stability test from amd overdrive, in 10 minutes the temps were at the thermal limit and throttling back the processor, to make the story short after several times removing and re-installing it with the same results I finally decided to rma it for something else.

Overall Review: This cooler had a high review rating, the unit mounts to metal bars supplied with it meaning the stock amd clamp is removed, my conclusion was that the heatsink, (3 copper pipes with no heatsink around them, but on top of the pipes were not properly contacting the cpu as was seen in the imprint it the thermal paste. So this particular unit may have been warped or uneven across the flat face of the pipes without good contact, the cpu was running hot.

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Sentey Optimus Case11/12/2013 12:26:47 PM

Pros: This is a very sharp looking and functional case. has a very good cooling system and has a full tooless locking system. Plenty of room inside case and good cable management, Well built, not flimsy at all. would have to say it was worth every penny. Highly recommend this case.

Cons: none

Overall Review: large cpu coolers and the fan may not coexist to well, but you can move the top fan to the bottom of the case like I did. not prob, has filter down there for it as well as in the door. My 6 core stays cooler than my 4 core in my other build in another case. Am impressed. Good Product!

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Asus GT630 video card11/2/2013 10:10:01 PM

Pros: card is powerful and easy to install, I like the asus tweak software that comes with it, I can moniter temps and make adjustments to performance, What is really great is that I never have had too.

Cons: no cons whatsoever

Overall Review: This is a powerful graphics card, run a few different games from disk and steam and it has handled it all without flinching. It is also fanless so no noise and low maint. I have run this card with an older asus board and a Phenom 2 processor and with a new asus board and new fm2 processor and have never even found a game that I have to turn the display setting down at all. I would reccomend this card to anyone.

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