Outstanding11/8/2015 6:18:30 AM

Pros: They work, they don't break when pushed.... so the word is reliability., but there is much more to it. I build my own rig, I've Corsair Dominator, but last three rigs were GSkill. The latest had issues ultimately diagnosed as 3 of my 4 8GB RAM sticks failing. Not what I want to see in my rig. I took a leap with alleviate, knowing they are an affiliate of SK Hynix... and not disappointed.

Cons: Pricey, but the bling is nice and understated. It is like driving a Jaguar; it's great and people give you lots of compliments. Are people going to buy more because of it? Will more common use cause you to lose any luster? No

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Excellent, Innovative Mouse10/6/2014 1:08:27 PM

Pros: Comfortable with buttons easily accessible with either palm or claw grip unless you have extraordinary, massive hands (my hands are above average-sized, but as a surgeon, I'm fairly dextrous). The buttons throughout the Tyon are uniformly satisfying when clicked, giving both a notable tactile and audible feedback. If you are familiar with Roccat, which is essentially the best Europe has to offer (and far-ahead of any of our brands like Logitech or Razer), the driver software works well, is well-integrated if you have other Roccat products, and efficient (this is not Razer Synapse). Lighting control is nice, as this is a RGB mouse. The analog paddle works well and is useful in any game where you might need to do pitch/yaw adjustment OR even for throttling a vehicle.

Cons: There are no weight adjustments... on the other hand, as one who has owned and used mice like Razer Naga, RAT MMO, Logitech G600 (and discarded them all in favor of Roccat Kone XTD, then XTD Optical), I must say that a weight system is nice, but not necessary. If pushing around an extra 20 unces (little more than a pound) is going to consititute a workout for you or improve your body control, you have more issues than what a gaming peripheral maker can do for you. The mouse is given a non-stick/coated but seemingly good plastic on top and coated rubber to the sides. Time will tell if there is an issue of whether the mouse breaks down or not. It is a value proposition as to whether it would benefit or is really necessary to have aluminum parts (which makes it... lighter?). The dorsal fin works fine, but I concur that if it were a bit taller, it might be easier for those with tinier fingers or less-nimble abilities if such a T-shaped swithc as the previous reviewer recommended, On the other ahnd, it might make for a more cluttered mouse surface, and as it stands, as a daily user of the Tyon's dorsal fin, its not an issue.

Overall Review: Roccat should be praised for such innovation. $100 is a little steep, then again, neither Logitech or Razer slather their comparable mice with metal... but you get what you pay for (in my opinion) and if you have other Roccat products, its Roocat Talk and Talk FX compatible.. can't beat that. I actually had a Tyon a few weeks ago, and bricked the mouse with the firmware upgrade. I got a second Tyon from Best Buy as I RMA'd the original back to NewEgg and await it's replacement. The second Tyon had no issues with the firmware upgrade.

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Fast but...9/6/2013 7:43:10 PM

Pros: It is faster than most SSDs. It can be a nice cache for a regular hard drive, but that is a waste. It does perform to its advertised read and write speeds.

Cons: Expensive by any comparison. Is it really worth the difference compared to a Samsung 256GB PRO drive, which I also have in my machine? Faster read and writes for ASUS, but does it matter? It is quite a subjective answer that I'll leave in the eyes of the beholder. BUT, I also have a ! TB Samsung EVO drive in my machine, In rapid Mode it will use the equivalent of a 12 GB cache... and perform at read/write speeds in the 800-900 MB/S That is smoking fast, in fact, best short of configuring a RAM disk.

Overall Review: It is hard to speculate on what the wave of the future is, but I applaud ASUS' innovation here. Compared to the cost of a 1 TB Samsung EVO drive, the ASUS RAIDR is almost a value pick. Almost. Nevertheless, a 5 star product based on its individual merits of design and performance.

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Outstanding AIO9/6/2013 7:31:22 PM

Pros: Beautiful construction; improved cooling efficiency with thicker radiator and design/pattern of fins.

Cons: Tubing seems a bit smaller diameter and that probably leads to a little suboptimal cooling... it certainly is not long enough for most large cases that are almost a requirement to house this 240mm radiator.

Overall Review: Use in rATX configuration in an Azza Genesis case in a push/pull setup using four Gentle Typhoon fans (1450rpm max) to replace the two stock Silverstone 120mm fans. I get 42 degrees C at idle and 66 degrees C at load (after 20 minutes at 100% on AIDA64 with fan sound barely audible. Incredible. I heartily endorse the previous reviewer's recommendation of replacing the stock fans with some quality fans that can generate credible static flow pressures. BTW, most fan manufactures are outright liars when it comes to their listed stats.

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aluminum ok8/22/2013 6:33:05 PM

Pros: Aluminum is ok. It will take more than your fingernails to d ratchet the coating. Using the previous reviewer's analogy, while putting gasoline nearby is dangerous, so is playing with matches near that gas tank. What do you do, have an open air case and stab randomly at the TuF armor with an Xacto knife? Armor aside, the board is a but superior to the Hero, which remains good value. Listen, if one chooses to buy a Formula, you won't be disappointed. If you have good ventilation, you are not going to trap more dust in these channels as you get a convection-driven wind tunnel effect through them thanks to the temperature gradients. It's freaking science.

Cons: The premium for the board is excessive. Quite frankly, I don't d en know if the board needed to exist, they should have tacked the armor for the Extreme version. I still can't figure out if the inboard armor supports Dolby Digital Live. Some of the software conflicts with third party controllers like Corsair Link.

Overall Review: Never disappointed by ASUS, though I seriously considered MSI and eVGA.

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Excellent11/29/2008 9:38:24 AM

Pros: Easy install. The display screen is nice, but not necessarily useful for most people. This is the best simultaneous dual band routers out there (no mixing), noticeably superior to Linksys 610 (heats up and drops connections).. and I happily used a Linksys WRT54 series for years.

Cons: Haven't discovered any yet... perhaps the bland white color of the unit, doesn't go well with my black motiff (HP Blackbird 002 and Dell 24 inch monitor)

Overall Review: Happy to be in the N-era at last. I have 3 laptops, two desktops, 2 color laser printers, PS3 and XBox360 linked in.

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