Absolute great, but...5/16/2021 10:11:23 PM

Pros: -Insanely fast in every possible task -Powerful enough to game without caring about settings at all -Max TDP 3060 -Beautiful design -Nice build quality -Not as heavy as would expect -Excellent display wide size -Keyboard feels like a normal desktop keyboard because they are not that close like most laptops. -RGB everywhere lol -Quiet keyboard -Got functionality keys that Zephyrus doesn't have (thanks lol) -Really cold, max 64c GPU at gaming max settings for half an hour (wow) -Excellent overall thermal design/airflow, quiet and does it's job perfectly. -All the connectivity you will need -Charges through Type C and power brick as well. -Excellent battery file with Radeon graphics (and iGPU setting that switches automatically between Radeon and Nvidia) -Display is fast and smoother than others 144hz screens I have -Really nice speakers for a laptop -Excellent microphone that has AI Noise Cancelation that actually works and I love it

Cons: -Color accuracy is not terrible but definitely bad. -No numpad at all (this model doesn't have the one in the trackpad) -No camera -No SD Card reader

Overall Review: The only thing I'm disappointed on this monster is the display colors... I though it would have the same IPS panel colors as G513QR-ES96 but I went totally wrong... this made me sad. I wanted an IPS display that can be on pair with my S20U but... While it is not that bad as my PC display (over saturated), it's still bad. I was really disappointed at this price point and the fact that as a G513 the display really is different from most reviews you can see today. As much I love this laptop and the colors are still good, I can't stop thinking of this when I see the red color. It's more like orange than actual red without calibration and can't make it red enough. Performance wise, this surprised me. 8 cores 16 threads as fast as this, fast upgradable storage, RTX 3060 at maximum 130w, 11 hours of battery life normal use with RGB while display is on is absolutely insane! The viewing angles are perfect. Thermals are really outstanding. My desktop GPUs need 3 fans and 9 case fans to match that lol, CPU thermals are a bit higher but still cool for a monster laptop like this. TLR: If you don't care that much about maximum color accuracy or you will use an external display, this IS absolutely for you. Can't think in a device as good as this at this price (yes, there are better displays for the price, but as a complete device, they can't match this at all) This is an absolute beast of a laptop, not super thin but still perfectly portable. Absolutely recommended.

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Great but expensive for a 3060.5/5/2021 4:08:19 AM

Pros: It runs nicely, really cold and impressively quiet. It is really powerful. Honestly better than the whole 20 series but...

Cons: I paid the same here in Newegg for a 3070. So yeah, that's it.

Overall Review: It's really nice, it games like a beast. And I have to mention that this package feels really good, you can feel it's a premium 3060 but for the price... get a better card if you can. Only got this for my best friend, but I would try to get a better one for this price.

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Great!12/17/2020 1:14:33 PM

Pros: IT DOESN'T HAVE THE RED LIPS! Can run 2077 1440P really nice RTX ON!

Cons: I had to buy a stupid combo that made it cost a freaking lot but hey, I got it.

Overall Review: Yeah, really nice and looks great. Sad that I had to overpay for the combo a lot but I'm fine.

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So far so great.11/28/2020 9:54:39 AM

Pros: -Excellent airflow -Easy to use/operate -So many space for everything -Beautiful -Good manual -Excellent packaging, there's no way this gets damaged in the box.

Cons: Absolutely nothing so far.

Overall Review: I definitely recommend this. Never been so happy with a case.

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Great11/28/2020 9:54:08 AM

Pros: Everything looks great and nothing is bad.

Cons: The only two things about this that I feel that it should had have but it didn't was RGB and frontal USB Type C.

Overall Review: Pretty nice, but I feel that need of RGB that any other ROG board has at least.

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Nice11/28/2020 9:24:09 AM

Pros: It does what it is supposed to.

Cons: nothing

Overall Review: Okay I came 2 years later to this review to say it works so great lol I get 29c iddle on my 5600x in my 27c room

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Excellent11/28/2020 9:22:30 AM

Pros: Works perfectly as it should

Cons: Nothing

Overall Review: Works as intended, very fast, very bright led colors, all works pretty good and it's beautiful. Oh and works excellent with Ryzen 5000 aswell!

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Just what I was looking for.5/24/2019 5:16:29 PM

Pros: Way better than intel stock cooler RGB can be synchronized with their RGB Fans Looks cool

Cons: Nothing

Overall Review: I just bought this because I wanted a good looking rgb cooler, this was it. It is not like super cold or something, is easy, but looks nice.

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Great fans, but not AuraSync (in every board).4/2/2019 12:09:18 PM

Pros: -Cheap but really good -Lighting is so nice -Colors are very smooth -Easy to install -Easy and small RGB controller -Much modes, actually more than expected -Very varied colors, technically every color itself (but not exactly as hexadecimal or color scale would) -All colors have every type of combinations possible

Cons: -They are NOT Aura Sync... BUT maybe because my board (Z370 - A Pro) DOESN'T HAVE A 5 PIN FAN CONNECTOR, IT SAYS THAT IF YOU HAVE ONE IT WILL WORK WITH AURASYNC)... I can not find something bad it self, because the modes are pretty great so I don't even need the aura sync but it would be definitely better if it was, but as said maybe is just my board.

Overall Review: One of my fans doesn't always start to rotate but maybe is just a block or something because if some thing moves it (or I speed up the fans) it starts moving. I do recommend this fans.

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Great ram.12/22/2018 10:28:08 AM

Pros: Beautiful design. Can be OC'ed. The RGB bar is a little bit larger than a normal one. The light is very strong. Works fast.

Cons: Had an issue with aura-sync with this ram and Super Luce.

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Very nice!12/17/2018 5:56:58 PM

Pros: It locks, so it doesn't comes off. Nice image. Fast. Very solid.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I recommend it!

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Excellent processor12/17/2018 5:55:44 PM

Pros: Very fast. Good for the price. Usefull for 1080p gaming. Comes with cooler. 4 Real cores, 4 threads as well.

Cons: Sometimes, it bootlenecks with 1060 6Gb, but still very solid for 60Fps at 2018 games max settings.

Overall Review: Recommend if not Ryzen.

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Very nice board!12/17/2018 5:25:46 PM

Pros: Easy BIOS. Full compatibility. Aura Sync Works. Very high OC options. Beautiful model. Complete control of my rig.

Cons: None

Overall Review: For this price it was amazing.

4 out of 4 people found this review helpful. Did you? 
Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for sharing your experience with the MSI product! If you ever require technical assistance, please feel free to contact our technical support department directly at 626.271.1004 from M to F, 9am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time. Thanks for choosing MSI! Best Regards, MSI Review Team
Very nice and beautiful RAM12/17/2018 5:23:21 PM

Pros: It can be overclocked easily. Can be personalized. Can be synchronized with your whole PC with Aura Sync. Full compatibility Intel/AMD. Good for the price.

Cons: No single issue with it. All it's very nice

Overall Review: Completely recommended.

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