It'll Do1/28/2020 4:23:48 PM

Pros: The large capacity in a small package is helpful. It's SanDisk, so if my previous experience with their products is indicative, then this should last a good long while.

Cons: The housing is just a plastic shell with a button to push the drive out one side or the other. It doesn't feel particularly sturdy, but as it's not leaving my desk should be alright. The write speeds are horrible, and the read speeds aren't half of what they post. Granted, I re-formatted to NTFS to enable use for large files, but my other smaller drives, put the speeds of this one to shame (all are Sandisk) I would have suspected this was just a knock off except it came thru Newegg. The micro port sounded like a nice idea and is why I bought it, but in practice the drive was bought to xfer large files which requires NTFS and the phone needs Fat32. This isn't a fault of the drive, but I fell for the gimmick without realizing how impractical it is. I didn't return it, but won't consider buying another.

Overall Review: Three stars because the mini port is a gimmick and not practical. For the cost, a small capacity external drive (hard drive) would be a better value. The case & speeds as mentioned above are disappointing. The slide button doesn't have a positive feel and I can foresee having to hold it in place while inserting. Not one of Sandisks better offerings IMO.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi, I am Jose from SanDisk® Global Support Team. We regret to hear about your experience. We would like to know more about your issue in order to isolate the possibilities. Please feel free to contact SanDisk® support at 1-866-SANDISK or submit a support request at We will certainly assist you towards an appropriate resolution. Thank you, Jose, SanDisk® Support.
Plastic… Way Too Much Noise... Just OK at best5/18/2018 8:56:07 PM

Pros: After setting the unit to JOBD (dial selector on rear), it simply plugs into any of my PC's and is seen as an external USB drive(s). All partitions on the five drives appear with drive letters. It's a five bay docking station.

Cons: The shell is aluminum, but front, back & drive racks are all plastic. A thin metal frame, as you’d find in a computer case, and certainly not what I expected given the price. In addition, it appears that the ‘Terramaster’ logo has either been air brushed out of the listing photo or they took a picture of a prototype. I say this because there’s a large logo on each side and there wasn’t on the image Newegg displayed at the time of my purchase. The logo is painted on, and not a decal which might be removed. The racks need a flat head screw to anchor the hard drives, and can’t use the standard hexhead. They do provide screws, but don’t include any extra. So if you strip or loose a screw… Noisy! All five of my drives had been in an open computer case for several years, and their noise level was never an issue. This little case acts like an echo chamber and it’s nothing short of obnoxious. Given this effect, it would have made sense to provide power buttons so that unused drives could be powered down… but again, they took the cheap route.

Overall Review: In all, it works but falls far short of expectations. Mine was purchased at a very good sale price, and I still feel like it was over priced. Several hundred dollars for a five bay docking station…. That’s all it is, and with the logo’s & noise, I wouldn’t buy another, but also didn’t return this one. Not good, not bad, just ok and there might be a better buy, particularly if your just docking drives and don’t need raid. Update May 2018: Came home to hear a soft, nasty, plastic grinding whir. The house was quiet, but for this sound and it was alarming.... Yep, it was the terramaster. It had been left on, and though the drives were all powered down, the fan continued to run and was the source of the awful sound. The noise when the drives are active precludes it being left on while watching a video. What is to be viewed is copied to the local drive, and the Terramaster shut down. After months of use, and the recent exposure to just how much noise comes from the fans alone... I would definitely not buy another one of these.

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Nothing Special2/19/2017 10:02:25 AM

Pros: proper fit, reasonably quiet, cheap

Cons: Don't hold up under moderate to light use. Over a year, but a good drive should last longer IMO. This is the second to die, and I won't be buying another. Cheap is great, and a bit more noise might be expected... but the dvd laser fails and that's not acceptable.

Overall Review: The player is often used for watching movies, and perhaps an average of half dozen disks burned a month. Most shows are streamed, so there is moderate dvd usage (4-6 a week). These aren't player to last the life of your build.

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more than a year1/9/2016 5:07:22 AM

Pros: optical pass thru.. toslink, the digital output to a receiver that lets us feed the big speakers and sub woofer. A reasonably priced card which installed easily. The software went in smooth as silk, and it's been in use for more than a year without a hickup. Bought another dg and a dgx for my other systems... have been quite satisfied

Cons: The headphone amps are fine for entry level sets. If you're a serious gamer with premo head gear... this card is a bit weak.... or so my boy tells me. When the optical cable is installed, be sure to open the software and change the settings... it doesn't sense the connection and change settings... you need to do it. Easy enough, but confusing without a heads up.

Overall Review: the low profile bracket & scews could be package better.... and a mounting screw should be included. Many cases have twist out shields over the expansion slots. Granted these are cheap cases, but not including a screw with a card that will need one... it just stinks of cheap. They should spend an extra penny and put the bracket & screws into a small plastic bag with a mounting screw.____edited to add: bought yet another, and once again the tiny screws are loose in the box. I know to open the box over a sheet so as to catch the little buggers... One still got a way *sigh* absolutely ridiculous that these screws & bracket aren't in a bag that seals or is even folded over & taped. They don't put the screws into the bracket, and once again... I need a mounting screw that isn't included. They're isn't a card with optical capability in this price range, so they have us.... Beware when you open the box, and if you don't put the extra bracket & screws into another bag, at least insert the screws. You might not have need for them now, but should you want to sell the card after a future upgrade....

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No Problems11/2/2015 9:51:00 AM

Pros: Price, CD contained manual & necessary drivers, simply to setup. It's been several years in regular use by my boy, and it's performed reliably. I'm not quick to give reviews, but after years of use... I'd buy another or the current iteration if building another gen-purpose PC.

Cons: none really. It's a thin low end board, with limited memory slots & such, but it is what it is and wishing for the features of a high end workstation or serious gaming board is pointless.

Overall Review: Ideal board for a home theater PC or gen purpose unit for the kids to use.

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off to a good start12/21/2014 6:45:39 AM

Pros: These xxxAS drives have given me long life in the past, and I have more faith in a refurb enterprise drive than a new consumer grade. Newegg has always been great about returns, so even if there's a problem during the 90 day warranty... we're covered (be sure you're buying through newegg).

Cons: Way to expensive for a used drive. Yes, they call it refurbished but there's only a 90 day warranty. We don't know if it's a good working system pull, with it's s.m.a.r.t. data reset or a repaired warranty return. It could have 2k or 28k hours on it. Mind you, this is the 2nd one I've purchased but any used/refurb drive is a gamble. Sure, you can buy an extended warranty but then the total cost rivals that of a xxxDM0001 drive.

Overall Review: Check the drive thoroughly with Seatools. Run the long test, look at the smart data. A third party smart-data program can show a bit more than Seatools does. Do a long format and look at the chkdsk data afterwards. For my use, the drive gets worked daily for the 90 days of the warranty. If the smart data stays good, and another long test passes, then the drive gets trusted, and becomes part of the archive (gets limited use). All data on any drive, new or refurb, is backed up to another drive.

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off to a good start10/10/2014 4:28:47 PM

Pros: great price, good manufacturer, fast shipping

Cons: none so far

Overall Review: Bought two: Formatted fine, no bad sectors, quiet and working as they should. They've both been filled with data (>80%) and have been running 10-12 hours a day for several weeks with no objectionable noise or high heat. They run as quiet & cool as the drives they replaced. I'll update this review if things change, but as of now... I'd like two more if they go on sale again.

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hot stuff...really hot3/3/2014 5:47:04 PM

Pros: Price was good on sale, and there haven't been many read or write errors. It's not particularly quiet, but for the's not unreasonable. Easy as any other sata drive to install, so there's not much else to say.

Cons: The concern is how hot the thing runs... I kept making excuses, but today both my pc's were started and the drives in each put to work at the same time... The comparably priced other drive in my 2nd pc doesn't even begin to get the disk warm while this Samsung is making toast.

Overall Review: It hasn't hurt any disks, and is reading/writing as it should. It's just unsettling to see the temp rise so high compared to the others in the house or the one it replaced.

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