Great Performance6/30/2009 8:07:44 PM

Pros: - Sleek - Runs Cooler than my old HP with a 8600m gs - Turbo Mode Works nice - Manual buttons for wifi/bt/cam help in conserving energy - Included bag is great - I've tested Bioshock, TF2, Overlord, Demigod, The Last Remnant with the HIGHEST settings and the max resolution supported and I notice no lag at all. - Even with turbo mode on, the laptop doesn't get too hot. - I don't know if MSI fixed it but I don't notice the keyboard flex others have mentioned. The keyboard does flex about .1 mm when I push down hard but it feels and looks solid.

Cons: - Speakers feel a little shallow - The fan being on the right side does get warm and noticeable if you keep your hard near, but being in Canada where our winters are cold is a welcome! - Dedicated volume/mute/touchpad buttons would have been nice instead of using the function (fn) key. - At least 3 or 4 USB ports would be more convenient. - The power cord plugging into the laptop doesn't sit tight, if you move it a bit the plug will come out a little (about half a centimeter) but the plug still makes a good electrical connection with the laptop socket. Probably designed this way but when I'm not running with a battery I worry sometimes if I have the laptop on my lap whether or not I will accidentally unplug the power plug even with the slightest trip of my legs/feet.

Overall Review: For $1200 this laptop is well worth it if you're into gaming, all you need is an external HD connected with eSata and you have a powerful mobile production station as well. I wouldn't worry so much about the 218US or the asus x5 if you want something cheap price-wise but loaded feature-wise.

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12/23/2008 5:25:06 PM

Pros: - Easy PCI install - Drivers right from CD worked right away - Good signal, from 2nd floor to basement, I get 75% signal (I have a lot of stuff between the adapter and the router) - Worked with 32-bit Vista

Cons: - I have to connect through Vista's "connec to network" option, even if I try to type in WPA key in the adapter's own wlan manager it would not connect. - Windows doesn't have default drivers included so you must use the cd!

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