Smooth like butter10/28/2007 8:04:33 PM

Pros: This is the last hurrah for the K8 cores before AMD moves to the new K10 Phenom cores and baby is it a big hurrah. I use this with a 4GB DDR2 RAM, ASUS Crosshair mobo, 8800GTS KO ACS2 640MB, and it makes the new Crysis demo flow like melted butter. The 6400 is powerful enough to manage Crysis's needs.

Cons: Hot like habenero sauce. I recommend using a Artic Cooler 64 Freezer heatsink and fan combo.

Overall Review: No lie when I tell ya this baby can handle one of the most CPU demanding games to date with relative ease. I love AMD and will continue to support them.

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yay!1/27/2007 12:07:05 PM

Pros: This was easy to install and it puts all my other graphic cards to shame. Ran 3Dmark06 like butter and I don't even have a dual core cpu.

Cons: This thing is fat and you could probably throw at a person like a brick and cause damage to the person. This will be hard to fit for people with out full size towers, especially SLI

Overall Review: New driver updates on Jan 27 fixed the nTunes problem. nTunes is the prog now used to monitor GPU temp as well as cpu and system temp. Also provided overclocking features, but why would you overclock this already super super overclocked card?

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