Review for 2 units I got8/6/2021 1:26:28 PM

Pros: I purchased 2 UPS from Isanek CyberPower CP1000PFCLCD UPS 1000 VA / 600 Watts PFC compatible Pure Sine Wave Pros : Works well , dose the job as advertised . I get power outage once a week so I was able to test in real time. While Running a game , drawing 300 watts , the power went out and came back on for a sec then died again like it always dose . The psu works flawlessly . I was able to shut down the game. Now at idle , drawing 100 watts . Computer , monitor, and modem ran for 20 min before I had to shut down . Nice !!! CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD - PFC Sinewave UPS Systems - Pure Sine Wave / 100% Active PFC Compatible with USB Charging Ports Pros : none

Cons: CyberPower CP1000PFCLCD UPS 1000 VA / 600 Watts PFC compatible Pure Sine Wave Cons: If you put it on a expensive surface like a wood table. it will scratch. the screws up front are flush with the sleeve , so it makes contact with the surface. Felt pads fixed the issue. CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD - PFC Sinewave UPS Systems - Pure Sine Wave / 100% Active PFC Compatible with USB Charging Ports Cons : Dose not work

Overall Review: The first unit I got arrived in good time (600 watt) . I hooked it up , did a test run, works as advertised . I am happy . Thanks Unfortunate for me the second unit I (1000 watt) I hooked it up and did a test run . I plug it in and turn it on . Beeps non stop showing replace battery icon. I turn it off and try again , this time the beep stops but is not showing any power draw info on the led screen. I go to test it with only a monitor plugged in. It just shuts down instantly , dose not switch to battery , nothing . So I contacted Isanek , I am currently going through the RMA process and I am supposed to wait for a refund/replacement email. I had asked a friend who works at a copy center what ups they use , he said apc and recommended that if I wanted a good one then they are the best . Then I come to new egg and see that cyberpower is a best seller , I see good reviews , do online research and they seem like a good buy. I know many people have no issues and I just got unlucky . I also made a deep scratch outa a nice table but that was my fault. Just used to electronics having padded feet , everything from my key board, joystick , monitor , speakers, pc case , all have rubber feet . these units have screws exposed bottom front. Be careful if you have a nice desk. I also left a more critical review of a more detailed experience with newegg for some reason they delete my review , isanek did not have my house number, so that causes extra money for me to drive and pick up both these units , and I live in a remote area . So I wont get into that but I am not happy with Newegg for that reason . My information is proper on my profile and I have no idea why Isanek only had my street name. If I had to do it all over again , I would have listen to my friend and got Apc

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Great case -light tinted6/29/2021 2:12:43 PM

Pros: Looks nice and clean inside Easy to install component's making the build easy Ample room for cable management Lot's of options for water cooling Panel snap-on mounts are tight and easy to remove Filters are very large and easy to remove and clean Airflow with 3x 140mm fans is more than enough Shipping took 3 days ***** 5 stars

Cons: A minor suggestion . The mounting screws for the ssd mounts in the front side panel are inside behind the plastic cover. So in order to mount a ssd to that location , you have to remove that plastic panel . Reworking the screws so you can access them on the other side would have made mounting the ssd's much easier .

Overall Review: I have owned one other fractal full tower case , the design arc . Loved the case , great value for the quality. I set up a EK 360mm AIO with vader fans in this new meshify 2xl , looks nice and I am really pleased with how easy it was to set up . They improved the space on the side panel for cable management , routing everything with the included straps was a breeze . Setting up a 360 Aio was easy , and I liked how the PSU mounts allows you easy access to the PSU. The looks and the space was the main reason for this project, the glass side panel mounts are the best on the market , the solid snap in design allows for clean edges on all sides . I like what they did with this case and I think it was worth every penny .

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Always been good6/27/2021 12:20:46 PM

Pros: Fast shipping , good product . Easy install , good software. 5 stars thanks

Cons: none

Overall Review: I have used these for a few years now , never had a problem. I appreciate the fast shipping ! 3 days . I will buy from here again soon . thanks !

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Legit Displayport v1.27/4/2018 6:06:19 PM

Pros: Display port on my ASUS ROG PG279Q works finally . Fast shipping and reasonable price .

Cons: -None

Overall Review: I was told all display port cables are the same . This is not true . I bought a DP 1.1 cable from store that was not vesa certified and it would not get a signal to the monitor. I tried another cable from a computer store 1.2 and it would not get signal . I though my GPU was broken and almost got another one until I read that my monitor only accepts a vesa certified 1.2 cable. It was hard to find a vesa certified 1.2 cable , not all cables are the same , Check your monitors manual to find out what version it requires . the gb transfer rate is important if you have high refresh rate monitor and g-sync . and always make sure it is vesa certified . I highly recommend doing your research when dealing with DP cables or you will waste your money . This cable is the 3rd one I bought.

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Premium overclocker packed with features4/10/2018 6:37:45 PM

Pros: Build quality is excellent Packed with BIOS features Overclocking is a breeze Setup is easy Looks Amazing

Cons: Not the best voltage regulator cooling.

Overall Review: A lot of good things to say about this motherboard . Most important is the build quality, bios features , and overclocking abilities. If your amateur or professional this board features overclocking abilities to cater to everyone . The bios is not to different from older x79 boards and the setup is easy. The motherboard build quality is hefty, it caters to 2x m.2 slots , one has thermal pad and nice RGB heat spreader near the cpu socket . The fan headers are abundant and well placed also giving you a header for a aio/clc pump. The LED can show CPU temp and things like the start button and mem ok are quite handy. The board looks really nice when lit up with its RGB and syncs well with the RGB Gskill ram I have. For a coffe lake platform built for gaming I think this is the sweet spot for anyone willing to pay for a premium motherboard. This board was not designed for extreme overclocking. Dose Not have the best voltage regulator cooling. For pushing a coffe lake CPU past the 5.2 mark , things get a little to hot even at the best voltage. When using water loops for both CPU and GPU If your case has good air flow then its not to much of a problem . I personally think the included fan mount that you can install as an option is a little janky but would help if your going for more extreme overclocking. If your getting this Motherboard, then the unlocked coffe lake cpu will not go to much farther than it's turbo clock speeds anyhow unless you have custom liquid cooling and in that case you will get 5.2 ghz with out borderline temps. Plus the difference in performance from 4.7 to 5.2 is not that big of a deal. You will have to look to the EVGA z370 dark for better vrm cooling unless you can find a water block for the asus vrm's .

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Very Nice3/2/2018 10:23:46 PM

Pros: Good build quality. Great Picture when calibrated properly. Massive fps and brilliant colors. Gaming on this Monitor is a real treat. Comes with everything you need, power cable, both HDMI and Video port cables . This monitor looks sexy even when turned off. The g-sync preforms wonderfully . The settings joystick and layout is very intuitive and easy to use. The picture is brilliant at all viewing angles.

Cons: Not really a con but I had to change my windows color profile and make some minor adjustments , it was easy thanks to the ICC profiles at TFT Central . They calibrated this model perfectly with there tools . From there I was able to install the ICC profile. Then from there followed there instructions for the settings adjustment through the monitors settings . After that, I was very happy with the picture. I guess the gamma was behind standards but that is an easy to fix . So if you want the perfect picture I recommend there ICC profile'a and instructions on how to calibrate this beast.

Overall Review: The TFT Central website was a big help. Out of the box settings are ok but not quite what I expected. I almost did not buy this monitor because of the BLB issues I was reading but, figured since those reports where over a year old maybe Asus improved quality control. The BLB on this is very minor and when playing games or watching movies you don't see it at all. Only when the monitor is showing a blank screen you see a bit of glow in the corners . The you tube videos on this subject exaggerate the glow probably due to the recording device's over exposure . I dont know but, I paid 1000 CAD for this and I have no regrets. I would recommend this monitor for all around usage. Almost went with the TN panel for better response time but , I do not notice any ghosting or motion blur at all. Running a 1070 Ti @ 2025 mhz , playing Battlefiled 1 at 1440p on high setting with an average of 80 fps , and it looks amazing folks .

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A good deal1/17/2018 11:52:19 AM

Pros: Great deal for hybrid at the time when it sold for 676 cad. It can overclock to match a 1080 . With included oc scan software I got 2025 gpu clock on a quick scan. With full stress test the temps stay below 40c in a room temp of 24c while Rad fan stays around 30% . Performance is closer to that if a 1080 than a 1070. There is no fan noise unless you crank it past 60% and the 120mm rad fan is well built . Came with a better looking backplate than advertised in picture as more solid rather than grill holes and has nice logo. White led is well lit up. The hoses are velvety in texture.

Cons: No driver cd is included although everything is free to download. Not really a con but they used to include a disk with all the software and drivers .

Overall Review: I am playing Battlefield 1 @1080p on ultra settings with highest fps around 130 and lowest fps around 110 . Thats with mild overclock if 2025mhz gpu running on a sabertooth x79 with a i73930k @3.8ghz. This card is best for a 1440p monitor . Dont think this card is stupid like youtube reviewers say. It comes close to the 1080 8gb version at less cost .It is lame that nvidia set a clock limit for manufactures of this card but the overclocking utility is well built and a good work around as it can really push this card while maintaining low thermals. If your going to get a 1080 make sure it would be for a 4k monitor other wise you spending to much and in that case if you want best fps on 4k monitor then skip the 1070 and 1080 8gb versions and go with the 1080 11gb version. If your playing at 1440p the 1070 and 1070Ti is best option. Amd vega cards are cheaper but they use to much power .get to hot and dont preform as well . I got this card for 676 cad and I think that since the price went through the roof I got lucky . As I write this review most cards have trippled in price and at the same time bitcoin had lost 40% of its value . The bubble will burst and people will be selling second hand 1070.1080s . Get ready for some affordable Sli configs if that happens .

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Ownership: more than 1 year
Best Left handed mouse you can Find11/22/2016 5:07:15 PM

Pros: Its a Razor Mouse. Best for gaming I think. Looks nice and feels awesome in the palm. Many good things to say about this product. Whats important is that it has full customization for your buttons and sensitivity levels on the fly. I got the Mouse In a week , not to bad for free shipping. Thanks Compa !

Cons: In the Past razor software did not require you to login to change your configuration. That could be a problem if you set this up without internet connection. Comes with the mouse button left and right function switched from standard mice. Software can re assign them to normal. I keep breaking my middle mouse button , it cant handle much beating if your a serious gamer. I have owned about 4 or 5 of these now and I really wish they could change to a more robust axle on the middle mouse wheel . its only about a 16th of an inch in diameter and thats really small compared to other mouse wheel axle's

Overall Review: Best left hand mouse you can buy. I have owned many of these and dont think I would bother with any other gaming mouse. After my first experience with a mouse ment for left handers. I never went back .

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12/4/2014 1:26:50 AM

Pros: Refurbished but it looks like new Silent pump Looks good on my rig Not bad for the discount price Fast shipping

Cons: The instructions mention nothing about how to install on a lga 1366, box says it supports lga 1366. I had to experiment with the different standoff's as it only mentions lga 1155/1150/2011. So I had to remove the paste from the pump to try it on both set's of standoff's , Turns out the 2011 standoff's work for the 1366. Once installed and running I notice that one of the fans it growling at me , even on low settings so I scrapped the fans and used some coolermaster fans I had. Finally it is quite. I deducted one egg for leaving me to guess on what standoff's to use(Lucky I had extra thermal paste) and also for the growling fan that came with the kit.

Overall Review: Overall I am happy with the product , Premium fans for that price is not expected, as most people swap them out anyhow. The link software is ok , if I restart my pc it leaves me with pink led on the pump ... .. someone trying to tell me something ? Installing was a hassle unless I had known the right standoff's to use. I had a push pull config at first and noticed a idle temp on a overclocked cpu at 19c in a 77f room. After I removing the bad fan's I was left with a push config and I saw 21c in a 77f room at idle. Not bad for an older i7920 oc@3.33ghz . It is a 5c to 8c less difference from my coolermaster v-8 who never saw the cpu go over 48c playing BF4 so I expect this to do a little better with only a push config. Will be getting new fans for push pull. I would recommend this cooler, aside from the bad fans the pump is dead quite and it cools well

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Works well12/1/2014 2:50:58 PM

Pros: Simple design 6 channel , works well, looks good and was cheap. Easy to install .

Cons: I knew it was plastic , plastic sucks

Overall Review: I wanted a cheap 6 channel fan controller to manage noise. This dose the job well. I hear people complain about the sliders not turning up the fans beyond half position on slider. That is because the fan voltage limit has exceeded and it has nothing to do with the controller. Pay attention to the rmp speed and max voltage . all fans are different. I am using 12 volt fans with 2100 rmp and I get full range to max with this fan controller. If you use a 7, or 5 volt fan then the slider will seem to stop turning up the fan at half way as the fan has peaked its rated voltage . PAY ATTENTION TO SPECS :)

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Impressive11/2/2014 1:36:27 PM

Pros: Silent operation at 100% speed. Great airflow and you can not beat that price.

Cons: I expected the LED to be brighter. Its not a big deal though. I think because it's a clear plastic fan maybe but the light dose not saturate as expected.

Overall Review: I am impressed the the dead silence this fan runs at 100% . I have used coolermaster fans and they are only quite when at low speeds. I would recommend these fans , a great buy

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What a tank !!!10/31/2014 1:49:08 PM

Pros: Right out of the box I noticed it was heavy. Upon further inspection I see that this thing is built like a tank, the metal is thicker than most cases I have seen. I read that some buyer's said that the front and top mesh was plastic .. um not on mine. The mesh is metal. I considered many cases when shopping around and this one really stands out. I have only had it for a few hours and I am really happy with the quality that went into this case. I have heard nothing but good things about Fractal Design. Now I am a true believer. About Newegg shipping, I tracked this from LAX to Nelson BC canada and I am thankfull that it only took 3 days when I chose ground domestic shipping. wow , considering I live out in the middle of nowhere 1300 miles away from L.A. That was really nice guys , thanks for the prompt delivery !!

Cons: None so far, I wished that the top and front air filters seperated from the mesh but its not a big deal

Overall Review: For the money this case is great, I am surprised that it was not a bit more than what I payed. The quality is just fantastic and I dont think you could get a better bang for your buck with any other case. I seen many reviews on many different cases and this one really stood apart from the rest. If you like lot's of room and a case made with solid materials I would recommend Fractal Design.

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Excelent Choice6/7/2014 10:40:36 PM

Pros: Good for the price . Silent , Saves power when idle , great fps on all games with high graphic settings . Stays cool, and quite under full load. Easy to install and looks nice in my rig with a back plate.

Cons: Wish it came with a back plate but that's not a big deal

Overall Review: I got this to replace a old 1gb Geforce 9600GT and I was blown away , it eats up my favorite games with great fps rates while staying quite and cool under load. I see no need to over clock and a SLI config should be able to thump like any of its bigger brothers if your thinking about being future proof . This was my first experience on the site and everything went smooth.Needless to say I am very happy so I give it 5 eggs, and then some I have always used EVGA components and never had any issue at all. Would recommend this to anyone who likes high end PC gaming.

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