DOA again!1/30/2012 6:31:00 PM

Pros: ? Board wont power

Cons: This is the 2nd board in a week that came DOA. I'm refunding instead of replacing now. I was beginning to think it was something I'm doing. I went to Gigabyte tech support... Their conclusion after various tests..Bad Mobo. Newegg is making good on this. So even after all this down time and hassle I'm still a happy Newegg customer!

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DOA + shipping cost to buyer is just wrong1/27/2012 12:52:31 AM

Pros: Nice looking paperweight.

Cons: No power, no lights, no joy. I RMA'd this board for replacement. I'm reconsidering that for refund and getting an Asus. Look at all the dead MoBos in the last few weeks! Bad batch from Gigabyte for sure!

Overall Review: Newegg should rethink the RMA process. While I appreciate the fast method which they operate. Having to pay to ship it back to Newegg leaves a bad taste in the mouth. That cost should be between Newegg and the manufacturer.

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Asus RMA sucks -2 Months downtime2/7/2008 8:40:34 PM

Pros: good while it lasted

Cons: 6 months having this board it failed. After a month of ruling every other component out, it was decided the MoBo was bad. Unfortunatley, I had to go through Asus RMA (not Newegg). That is when hell on earth began. Asus support RMA and shipping Dept sucks!!! I was lied to 2 times as far when it would ship. They say it will ship in 10 days, @11 days told it will ship in 2 days. After them having my MoBo for 3 weeks they finaly sent a "replacement" board (not new...don't be fooled) It took a week to get via ground. The Mobo was stuffed into a undersized box with virtually no padding, every capicitor was bent over. And worse yet the pins in the socket were bent. On the 2nd cpu socket there was notable excess thermal grease from previous install, and dust prevelant. At this point I have to ship this hunk of s^!t back and wait for a "new" one. They say they will over night..yeah right!

Overall Review: Make sure it's your MobO thats bad Because you WILL get a nutted on board back in return. It cost me $20 to send it to them, and I have about $25 in long distance charges ( yeah they dont have a toll free #) and endless hours of aggravation. I have a asus products in my box o'plenty....I from now on will never buy Asus again!!!!!

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AMD CANCELS QUAD FX12/23/2007 7:50:46 AM

Pros: I built my system 6 months ago with upgrading in future weighing heavy on my purchases. I liked the dual processors and the upcoming quad core, well I am abandoned now that AMD has canceled development of quad core. I can still upgrade to a 2nd dual core processor, if you are buying this mobo because of quad core capabilities, don't hold your breath.


Overall Review: A little tight for dual 8800's I have one in right now and it appears if I put a 2nd in it would be a heattrap from hell

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Fell short on clean wiring5/28/2007 4:57:39 PM

Pros: front drive bays are exceptionally accomodating. I doubt I will ever fill this up with as many HD's will fit, but who knows

Cons: Only beef i have is the top usb, firewire and ear/head jacks all fell short of their destination on bottom of my mobo (asus LIN64-SLI WS) Meaning to connect I have to run diagonally across mobo and the window for that matter.

Overall Review: If they are going to put a window in it give me the opportunity to run clean wiring 3-4" would have made the difference between 4 and 5 eggs.

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won't work5/6/2007 4:33:06 PM

Pros: I wish I had the opportunity to find one

Cons: I installed this in my system and not only does my cpu not recognize it but it stops recognizing my CDRW. I have uninstalled and reinstalled twice- same outcome. I have since reinstalled my old dvd player and both CDRW and DVD show up.

Overall Review: I now know the difference between "retail" and "OEM". This came with nothing but the burner itself. If your building a new box your screwless. Spend a couple extra bucks and get the box, the screws and something to read

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