Good product at a good price point2/23/2021 10:28:48 AM

Pros: -Good weighting, easy to use while standing(holding with one hand while using with the other). -Illumination is dimmable, so the keys are not blinding in a very dark room. -Has appropriate flex to keep it from being easily broken. -Battery life is solidly appropriate for the device.

Cons: -backlighting is NOT RGB...I was wanting to set it to red, but yeah First World problems. -device is not "jiving" with the Logitech software for managing devices(just a nuisance issue).

Overall Review: Holds to the unofficial Logitech slogan "It is a really great product for what it is and what it cost." Shipping was normal for New-egg vendors, base shipping was estimated at over a week, and was delivered in three days. I do not normally award five stars if I have had no experience with customer service. Not a knock against the product or vendor.

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Good video converter12/6/2020 9:05:41 AM

Pros: Converts dated video port to more dated video port or HDMI.

Cons: You can only use one output at a time, it will not split to both ports.

Overall Review: Decent converter. I cannot speak to longterm quality since I have only used it for two days.

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Samsung 850 pro ssd12/9/2014 6:20:42 AM

Pros: It is Samsung hardware. Installation was as expected, plug in and format. Performance is as expected for a SSD. Ordered on Mon morning, and arrived Fri afternoon with basic shipping.

Cons: Samsung software.

Overall Review: I did not try to use any of the Samsung software, because I have never seen Samsung software that actually works properly, and is not "beta". Very useful for shortening load times on load-heavy games like Total War(cut in half). I put my Total War games, and my music library on this drive to maintain my rig's ridiculous performance levels(I always have a media player running music in background).

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