Simply a great case6/10/2008 1:01:28 PM

Pros: Thousands of positive reviews on this case and I am going to add another one. It's big, sturdy, and has great airflow. I like it so much, I just ordered a second one for my new build. As others have noted, the 20cm fan at the top of the case is simply fantastic at exhausting heat with minimal noise.

Cons: Those LED fans at the front of the case are BRIGHT! I've replaced mine with their non-illuminated cousins.

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Does what it is intended to do...6/10/2008 8:28:55 AM

Pros: Works. What more do you expect from a hub?

Cons: As others have noted, the cable is quite short. Not really a problem depending on your needs, but keep it in mind depending on your needs.

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8/4/2005 11:45:42 AM

Comments: Originally, I thought this would be quite the useful kit allowing myself and my wife to both charge our phones either in the car or on the road. As it turns out, there are a couple problems with this set-up. 1) The wall unit will not charge a Motorola V551. It has the adapters necessary, but it doesn't supply enough juice to kick the phone into "Charging". Works fine on my Nokia though. 2) The car charger doesn't come with any way to connect to your phone. By this I mean that the lighter adapter has a male USB connection. The phone adapter has a male USB connection. The supplied extension cable has one end which is female and one end which is male. The lighter adapter is unusable with the rest of the kit without buying *another* adapter. As I can see in the description of the set, I have a complete set and am missing nothing, so I'm not sure what the purpose of the car adapter is since there is *ZERO* way to connect it to any other piece in the set (besides the extension cable which does have one end which is female). I plan on RMA'ing the entire thing for a refund. Sigh.

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2/11/2004 6:51:21 AM

Comments: This is my second attempt to review this product. Hope it works this time... 1. Speed is good. I am pleased with the power of this system. Though it is only a celly, it handles office tasks just fine. It works well at what it is meant to do. I added a 256Mb stick and it handles most games well, to the limit of it's vid card of course. 2. Screen is bright with no dead pixels and a wide view angle. 3. Case seems "flimsy" with lots of flex in the upper half. This is only in comparison to my previous Dell and Compaq laptops. I have had no problems with the case however. 4. The system runs quite warm, especially for a celly. When plugged in the exhaust from the port on the left side can get quite toasty. 5. I normally use my laptops with a KVM on my office desk. The lack of a PS2 port for a keyboard really set me back when I discovered this fact. The problem was easily fixed by getting a new KVM that allows USB keyboard and mouse, but be warned going in... no PS2 ports! All in all, a solid laptop.

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Another successful softmod...7/8/2003 7:31:42 PM

Comments: Nothing to say other than the Wiz softmod worked like a charm. I used 3dMark03, so my total scores are a little different but the multi-fill rate jumped from 1091.4 to 2014.3 after the mod. Still the red PCB with the "L" memory modules. Grab one while you can!

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