Better than expected3/14/2012 5:56:04 PM

Pros: Aesthetically awesome, not too afraid to bang it around with the metal construction (though the underside of the machine is plastic) - comfortable keyboard - Some of the best speakers that i have heard in a laptop - Bloatware peels away easily Great hardware for the price when compared to other machines in this price range. Runs games- Steam games such as L4d2 or Portal2 on max. settings at desirable frame rates. SWTOR on high everything (except for shadows on low) is always ~30 fps. With everything on high including shadows, framerates can drop below 30. Tribes aerial assault -> max settings Photoshop CS5 & sony vegas pro run great

Cons: Runs very -> very hot at max. load. we are talking 189*f ~ mid - upper 80s *C BSOD (blue screen of death) after resume from hibernation. I believe that this is caused by some kind of driver conflict, but haven't gotten too into it yet. - this is not consistent and not a substantial enough issue that would cause me to drop an egg.

Overall Review: Battery runtime is extremely variable; dependent upon load. at maximum load you can expect the battery to last an hour or less from a full charge, at an average load, you can expect about a 4 hour runtime

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One of the better netbooks out there1/8/2011 12:41:52 PM

Pros: As far as net books go today, they all have essentially the same hardware. The main points that make one of these machines better than another are the features that they include. The island style keyboard is awesome and is the best to have for any laptop (in my personal opinion). The machine feels solid all the way around and has a very nice display. Very good battery life, total time may very depending on what computing you are doing. One final thing that gives this machine 5 eggs is the Hp support. They offer 24 hour instant message support for any issue, which can come in handy when you are out of options and have an issue.

Cons: This machine can not run windows 7 ultimate. As soon as i pulled this thing out of the box i whiped the hard disk of all partitions (including the recovery) and installed windwos 7 ultimate. Everything worked perfectly except for the graphics drivers. No matter what i did i kept getting the same error after installing the display driver, which stated the computer does not meet the minimum system requirements to install the driver. I tried safe mode, different sources for the driver (intel and hp provide drivers for the integrated graphics on this machine). After going to hp support a few times, i eventually accepted that windows 7 ultimate would not work. After this, i installed windows 7 home premium which did work absolutely perfectly.

Overall Review: If you are going to upgrade the operating system, do not upgrade anything beyond windows 7 home premium.

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does what a sata cable should do6/3/2009 4:01:04 AM

Pros: cable is a good size for what i want to do with it. My hard drive bays are right next to my sata ports, so i dont really need the length- but i just wedge the extra between my Gpu(2)

Cons: none so far

Overall Review: solved a strange problem that i was having with my previous sata cable that would cause my computer to crash, and require me to detach and reattach the cable before it would boot up again.

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great ram6/3/2009 3:51:35 AM

Pros: this ram is not expansive, fast, and with another dual channel kit gives a nice frame rate boost to some of my more memory demanding games (most of which are currently in closed beta)

Cons: none so far

Overall Review: shipping was particularly fast, took only 2 business days with 5-7 day shipping

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
awesome pen5/16/2009 7:52:54 PM

Pros: this pen is cool and does what it is supposed to.

Cons: the shipping for this pen took longer than anything i have ever bought online. seriously! Newegg is usually the fastest on the web but this seriously just changed my mind

Overall Review: im glad that i finally got it, especially because of the fact newegg had absolutely no intention on helping me out in the matter of finding the cause of delayed shipping. (even when i asked politely)

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Ownership: less than 1 day
comfortable5/14/2009 8:08:37 PM

Pros: does not hurt your hands or wrists after long periods of typing, a very nice transition from a regular keyboard. good price for a wireless keyboard and mouse package. shipping was quick.

Cons: the included software must be installed for all features to work correctly- but in the long run this may also be considered a positive due to the fact that the software has some nice customization options.

Overall Review: kind of on the large side for a keyboard, but it all helps toward the support of your hands. media buttons on the keyboard are nice, especially because they all work and are customizable through the provided software.

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amazing little laptop3/18/2008 4:00:38 PM

Pros: great little laptop. if you aren't overly concerned with storage space and want to have an amazingly portable unit- this is the's ram and processor work well with the standard linux distro, but i just ended up installing xp with a 1 gig flash drive and a virtual mounting program :)

Cons: none really- but this wont be able to replace your rig back home so dont get too excited

Overall Review: extremely quiet, can not hear fan in silent classroom

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