12/26/2014 6:54:04 PM

Pros: Runs very cool. Overclocks like a champ. 79.6% ASIC score on mine. 1500+ @ 1.187v...amazing. Much quieter under load that the Gigabyte G1.

Cons: The Backplate (see other).

Overall Review: The "backplate" does nothing but add support. It makes no contact with memory or vrm/core backside. Luckily 1.5mm heatsinks fit underneath it. Knocked an egg off for that as it clearly states its also for added cooling.

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Very nice6/17/2014 7:20:45 PM

Pros: Works great with XMP profile right out of the box. Runs very cool. Pretty low profile Heatspreaders.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I've had this ram since 11/11/13 and just used the XMP and called it a day. On a whim decided to overclock it. Running at. 10-11-11-26-1T DDR-2175(1088.6mhz) @1.65v rock stable 2500K Asus P8Z68-V PRO

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
WOW3/28/2014 7:27:29 PM

Pros: The tracking on this pad is amazing. It feels very durable. The Green glows slighty with my Death Adder :).

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: I noticed my accuracy increase immediately. I used 3 OCZ Behemoth Regulators in rotation before this as one got dirty I would swap out and wash. This IS LIGHTYEARS better on tracking and overall quality. After 17 years of PC gaming I have found my soulmate of a mousepad.

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WoW1/27/2014 6:14:53 PM

Pros: Amazing build quality. Amazing cable management options. Huge...which make any upgrades/mods easier. Looks pretty epic.

Cons: Nothing.

Overall Review: 15 years building PC's and this case has changed my life. Went from a Gen1 Antec 1200(which I thought was pretty nice) to this and WOOOOW. The quality is amazing and i used the top micro-ATX case to mount my new Corsair H-100i so it is completely separate from my build and went with every 120/140mm slot filled with Scythe Gentle Typhoon AP-15. The airflow is amazing and given the amount of fans it is a dull hum with no headphones on and with headphones I can't even tell its on. Single Best upgrade I have ever done to make my life easier and improve my airflow ever.

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Ownership: less than 1 day
Very Nice10/2/2013 4:35:09 PM

Pros: Everything.

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: Just upgraded to this from a Logitech mx-518 and its a pretty amazing increase in quality. Got it to go with my Black Widow Ultimate and they look pretty sweet together.

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WOW10/2/2013 4:33:05 PM

Pros: Uh everything. No dead pixels :D

Cons: Darn 3d vision sticker left behind thick residue.

Overall Review: I just upgraded froma asus VH236h to this and WOW. It is breathtaking how much better the picture quality is and in BF3 and BF4 jeesh its like a whole new games. This monitor is lifechanging.

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9/10/2013 7:52:10 PM

Pros: Fast out the box. Quiet. Runs cool. Overclocks like a beast.

Cons: Woulda liked some ramsink's but hey...im not that picky. Oldschool ideal where we needed ramsinks :D.

Overall Review: Liked it so much I just bought a second this is my review for it :D. My first is overclocked to 1280core/3726mem. Just a beast of a card for the money. 2 of these outperform a titan for half the price.

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8/11/2013 3:09:51 PM

Pros: Everything

Cons: Pricey

Overall Review: Upgraded from a nearly decade old 750w PC power and Cooling to this and WOW this thing is a beast...buy it. Its worth every penny and then some. rock stable rails and its cool and silent.

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Firmware1/13/2012 3:01:44 PM

Pros: Blazing fast in all the areas it needs to be.

Cons: BSOD after 5200 hours powered on. A Know issue.

Overall Review: The new firmware to fix the BSOD poster below commented on is out and it is a 2 minite fix. http://www.crucial.com/support/firmware.aspx?AID=10273954&PID=4003003&SID=11h8yj9kv3mo7

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Best Pad EVA5/27/2011 2:50:52 PM

Pros: Huge. Nice high res surface. Rubber grip sticks solid. Easy to clean. CHEAP with HIGH end performance.

Cons: It went up in price :(. By a dollar I think :D.

Overall Review: I had a medium sized box with a massive stack of pads ive tryed over the years. This thing is the best pad I have ever owned in 15 years of testing Mouse/Pad combos Logitech MX-518+OCZ behemoth for life!

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Amazing8/25/2009 11:14:05 AM

Pros: Amazing sound clarity. Cheap for its performance. Greater Drivers. Great support.

Cons: Crackles during playback of youtube videos at high volume.

Overall Review: Got this to replace my failed X-FI Xtrememusic. Sound quality is LIGHTYEARS beyond it. It may not give you the extra 1-2 fps in games a X-FI does but who cares at this sound quality?

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HOT!6/9/2009 10:44:53 PM

Pros: FAST. Overclocks like a beast(if cooled). Looks nice when powered on.

Cons: Runs hot and I mean HOT. Stock cooler is about 1inch thick and about 80mm fan size dont let the shroud fool you.

Overall Review: Idled at around 60c and load around 90-100c in a Antec 1200 with 7x 120mm fans for airflow. Reapplyed thermal paste and it did nothing to help.

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Lemon?6/4/2009 8:28:01 PM

Pros: Great card. Great Price. FAST.

Cons: Lemon i guess everytime I open a 3d game it overheats and crashs in 3 minutes or less.

Overall Review: I have owned 3 different XFX cards all good cards. But this one just is a bad apple. In 3 minutes it hits 80C and crashes. Have went through 5 days of support and ruled out 15+ possible errors and they still think im doing something wrong. And newegg wont give me a refund cause it under manufacturer warranty. I feel burned.

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Manufacturer Response:
We are sorry to hear that you are having a problem. Please email neweggsupport@xfxforce.com with your ticket ID and details so that I can review your case. Thank you.
External Link(s):
XFX Support
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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
AM3 CROSSFIRE5/10/2009 10:47:32 AM

Pros: Rock Solid overclocking DDR3 Runs cool Lots of BIOS updates Onboard power and reset button for testbenching

Cons: none

Overall Review: For those looking to buy this. THIS IS A AM3 CROSSFIRE MOTHERBOARD. Do not give it a bad review for your mistake. The SB750 DOES NOT SUPPORT SLI. This motherboard is 938 PINS IT IS NOT am2/am2+.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
RE: Bull3/15/2009 4:56:02 PM

Pros: Great cooling capacity for the price. Looks really nice in a case. Quiet.

Cons: The glue from the base cover sticker stayed on hs when removed. The fan rubber pads are a PAIN to install.

Overall Review: RE to Bull. Im using this on a M4A79-T Deluxe right now. Did you read the instructions? Its super easy to install.(cept the fan to the heatsink ugggg)

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Nice3/10/2009 5:15:46 PM

Pros: Worked right out of the box. currently running 760mhz 6-5-6-15 1t memtest stable. 100mhz overclock on tighter than rated timings.

Cons: none

Overall Review: doesnt like high mhz at all. anything over 800 is a no go at any timings. But it loves low latency(for a 2x2 kit).

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FAST!3/10/2009 5:09:02 PM

Pros: Super fast, runs cool, Cheap, Overclocks like a beast. 2-3 hours of tweaking 3.64ghz. Prime and orthos stable. Massive power for the price.

Cons: Small stock hs. IHS was higher on all sides than the center. no go on 4th core :/(not really a con)

Overall Review: Get a aftermarket heatsink.

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1/20/2006 3:19:34 PM

Pros: Very Nice motherboard packed with features. Heatpipes on motherboards look cool.

Cons: Not stable at any settings with my ocz pc-4800 Lt. Ed. can boot all the way to 3.0ghz but not even stable at factory clocks.

Overall Review: Ran same memory and cpu on 3 different DFI Ultra-d and got 3.0ghz ddr-600 easily.

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11/1/2005 5:13:04 AM

Comments: I got this to replace my factory x850xtPE Silencer5 style cooler all I have to say is AWESOME. 49-75 degrees factory to 29-49 degrees celcius. I would highly recommend this to anyone with a hot running vid card. Also increased max core overclock from 600-630Mhz. Quality product awesome shipping time out neweggs door but Ups made my next day air 3 days late cause it went to canada.

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