Great budget case4/4/2017 6:21:25 PM

Pros: -Inexpensive -Mostly tool-less -Good airflow -Top-mount PSU

Cons: -Cheap feeling in some respects -USB 2.0 front panel

Overall Review: Overall this is a fantastic choice for a compact, budget build. The footprint is slight but there are plenty of drive bays and space to accommodate mainstream components. If you're trying to build with a huge after-market CPU cooler or the latest 3-fan graphics card you'll probably run into some size constraints. Cables can be kept out of the way by routing them through empty drive bay slots before diverting them towards their final destination. Included 120 mm fans move air well and are pretty quiet. There's also vents on the side panel to which I re-purposed 2 additional 80 mm exhaust fans for additional ventilation. The screw holes are random and the 2 fans had to be mounted slightly askew, being careful not to warp the side panel when tightening the screws. Big fan of the top-mounted PSU style, and the tool-less drive mechanism is easy to use and secure. Only gripe is that some of the screw holes seem slightly inaccurately drilled and the front panel, along with the front bezel feel flimsy. I pored over the case for 20 minutes trying to figure out how to remove the front bezel before simply ripping it off the case quite easily. As mentioned often, the 4 front panel USB ports are of the 2.0 variety, but what do you expect with such a cost-effective case?

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Ownership: more than 1 year
Reliable KVM4/4/2017 5:32:31 PM

Pros: -Continues to work going on 18 months -Easy to setup -Physical desktop switch button is convenient.

Cons: -Cords are long enough but still require both towers to be right next to each other -USB hub function doesn't work.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for choosing IOGEAR. The USB hub feature works as long as you turn off the mouse emulation. Turn off mouse emulation through the KVM HSM settings mode. This can be done with a basic wired 102 key keyboard. Press scroll lock scroll lock fast. If you changed the default from scroll lock to control use the control key. This is a timing sequence that must be done very fast. If this mode is entered correctly the LEDS on your keyboard should start to flash. When the LEDS are flashing press m and enter to turn off the mouse emulation. The LEDS should stop flashing and you should see the mouse drivers start to load. Your mouse should now work in the console port for the mouse. Once again, thank you for choosing IOGEAR.
Great short-distance capability4/3/2015 10:00:55 PM

Pros: Bought this for a desktop PC, installed about 8 feet away from the gateway because I didn't want to run a cord. At such a short distance, I'm getting almost identical results and when I had my PC wired to the router. 30/6, ~20 ms ping on a Comcast Performance (25 Mbps) connection.

Cons: Had to go to the website to download drivers? Maybe?

Overall Review: Lacking an antenna, it may suffer at further distance or with obstructions. But for almost the same cost as a long Cat6 cable, I have no complaints with the performance.

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Excellent buy11/21/2011 7:36:28 PM

Pros: Easy setup, effective area is much wider than I expected. Sound quality is decent enough for headphones.

Cons: Headphones emit a snowy hiss at any setting more than 25% of the volume dial.

Overall Review: The hiss hasn't been a problem yet because with the source volume near max, the hiss-free range of volume is more than sufficient. Could be a problem with a weak or distorted source at elevated source volumes.

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Fantastic8/30/2011 2:39:55 AM

Pros: Great for sore feet and necks. My ex took quite a shining to it as well for other reasons.

Cons: Not as useful on deep muscles. High setting can be a bit... "overstimulating."

Overall Review: Cover the head with an unlubricated rubber for sexy time, as the foam rubber is definitely porous.

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Worked great for 5 years8/30/2011 2:07:44 AM

Pros: Solidly constructed, dual fans, sheathed cables, adequate connections for the wattage.

Cons: Finally croaked after 5+ years, although one of the cooling fans has been on its way out for about a year or so. Only deducting 1 egg because it was the first component in my build to go.

Overall Review: Beware a shrieking sound that you can't isolate to any of the other fans in your system. Mine began exhibiting such behavior about a year ago, frequent unexplainable bluescreens shortly followed and finally it progressed to not being able to boot at all. It's not invincible but I still can't fault it too much for the longevity I got for such a reasonable price.

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Excellent choice and a great deal8/30/2011 1:58:35 AM

Pros: Closing in on two years with this monitor and it still is great. No dead pixels, vibrant colors, crisp sharpness and excellent black/white contrast.

Cons: Ever so slight blacklight bleeding against an all-black screen at the top and bottom-most edges. But by far the best I've seen in comparison to other displays. And certainly better than anything I've seen for the price. Ribbed, record-like base certainly loves to pick up dust, but at this point I'm nit-picking.

Overall Review: It'd be nice if Asus either stopped making similar monitors with the same model # aside from the trailing letter all printed on the front. I do get tired of double checking that I have the VW224"U" on the back sticker anytime I want to reference it. But oh well...

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Works but worrisome8/30/2011 1:44:58 AM

Pros: Securely locks whatever SATA HDD you wish to use into the enclosure (seriously, like 6 screws worth) and performs as expected once connected. Transfer rates using USB 2.0 were as good as I've experienced with past external drives. Despite my worries given the product description/reviews, was able to access files from a previously internally installed SATA drive on my Win7 system (NFTS formatted) without needing to freshly reformat the external setup first. Even after heavy usage the enclosure seems adequately able to dissipate heat despite lack of ventilation - caveats to follow...

Cons: I am slightly worried that when powered on the enclosure keeps the drive spinning continuously. After leaving it powered on for several hours without being connected to anything the enclosure was nevertheless warm to the touch. Lack of fans makes this fact troubling in regards to long-term health of the HDD.

Overall Review: Wouldn't be overly concerned about the lack of fans given the aluminum composition since it seems to shunt heat away adequately. But if you're like me and probably won't remember to flip the power switch when you don't need to use it, the constant spinning of the platters could come back to bite you in the form of shortened drive life.

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Capable budget performer8/27/2011 5:29:21 AM

Pros: Worked out of the box, sufficient cable length for a large-ish midtower, and sufficient connections for a build requiring this wattage range. Dual fans are practically inaudible and keep the PSU cool to the touch.

Cons: Cables are "economy," with each pin's wire bound together by a zip-tie at mid-length. Connectors don't seem as well-built as the more premium PSU I'm replacing.

Overall Review: Can't complain at all for the price, but be aware you will sacrifice such features as braided/wrapped cables. Unit seems well-built and is comparable in heft to the more upscale PSU this was purchased to replace (and lasted 6 years before finally croaking). For reference's sake this PSU was purchased to keep an aging Athlon X2 3800+/4 GB DDR2 800/Radeon 4670 1 GB/2x SATA HDD/1x SATA DVD-RW/3 Case fan midtower alive. In this respect it appears more than adequate.

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It works4/23/2011 8:30:03 PM

Pros: It's an SATA cable, it's of sufficient length. Upon using it to connect a new hard drive my computer was indeed able to utilize said hard drive. HUZZAH. Locking latches and right angle connectors are nice to have too.

Cons: I don't have a UV light in my case to take advantage of the UV blue?

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Big and fast4/23/2011 8:19:08 PM

Pros: Large capacity, throughput rates > 160 MB/s.

Cons: No molex power connection, only SATA. Potentially a problem if you're looking to increase storage space on an older machine (My PSU only had 2 SATA power connections). Luckily my older SATA drives still had molex ports so I just swapped power connections. But something to check for before purchase certainly.

Overall Review: Since installing the drive it gives off a seemingly continuous barely audible "hard drive hum" I guess you would call it. Not as loud or clicky as I've come to expect from hard drives but I'm also not sure if it's normal.

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Well designed and an excellent value12/3/2010 11:39:45 PM

Pros: Solidly constructed with several thoughtful design features. Decent pan & tilt angles to get best viewing angle once installed. The built-in bubble level ensures the TV is level once up on the wall. The cord loop at the bottom helps keep everything neat coming from behind the TV. The clip at the top of the wall bracket snaps the TV/mount combo on and prevents unintentionally lifting the TV off the wall. The package includes a wide range of screw sizes to ensure the mount can be fit securely onto the back of any TV size/width.

Cons: The lead anchors included in the package were MAMMOTH, as were the 2.5" wood screws meant to be used with them. My first attempt to get it on the wall utilized this combo and wasn't secure at all in cementboard. I then tried 1.5" cement screws directly into the wall and that did the trick. Can't fault the product though for my lack of foresight to try the less-destructive method first. The 2 big 1/2 inch holes in the wall are hidden just fine by the TV anyway. Once mounted on the wall adjusting the pan/tilt can be a little awkward, but nothing a little extra caution or a friend to help hold the TV can't remedy. Once it's set to your liking you'll probably not be fiddling with it later on anyway.

Overall Review: Very satisfied with the sturdiness and the value, minor installation headaches aside. For reference I used the product to mount a 26" Vizio VA26LHDTV10T.

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Excellent USB hub12/3/2010 11:13:02 PM

Pros: Attractive finish, AC powered. And the weighted base is great for holding it in place on my desk. Completely plug-and-play, no hassles whatsoever.

Cons: Nothing, unless you really hate the color red (I don't).

Overall Review: Another solid offering from Rosewill. Keep up the good work.

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Oh boy a cable review!12/3/2010 11:07:40 PM

Pros: Really long. Like a lot longer than I realized I needed but now I can rest assured if my Dualshock3 is low on juice I can still be wired all the way to the bathroom. Unlike another review I saw, this cord had no problem charging a few different USB devices I tried it on.

Cons: It isn't nylon-braided jacketed like some other long USB cords I've owned, but I knew that when purchasing so no eggs off for that.

Overall Review: Thanks Newegg for selling cables at an honest price!

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Oh boy a cable review!12/3/2010 11:01:54 PM

Pros: Thick, sturdy cable. Successfully transmits audio/video from my PS3 to my TV. And it's HDMI rev. 1.4 so if I ever step up to super fancy 3D setups, etc. it should work there too.

Cons: The cardboard flap staple closing the bag caught my finger and it hurt a little?

Overall Review: Thanks Newegg for selling cables at an honest price!

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A bargain2/2/2009 4:14:02 PM

Pros: Extremely cheap, especially after the rebates (which may or may not be honored from what I can tell). Booted without problems to SPD settings upon install. Even plays nicely with a 2nd 2x512MB dual channel G.Skill kit at OC settings. Speaking of OC, most reports seem to indicate that Super Talent uses Micron ICs for its modules. I won't ruin my memory prying off the heatsinks to confirm but the OC results suggest this is the case. Can be tweaked with tighter timings or higher throughput but not much of a combination with both. At stock CAS latencies RAM booted and ran stable @ DDR2 960+. My benchmarks show better performance with tighter timings though so currently have it running 4-4-4-12 2T @ DDR2 830. Timings remained stable to 4-4-4-11 1T (although underclocked to DDR 2 760). Heat sinks keep modules reasonably cool (warm to the touch but still rock solid stable). Also Super Talent makes their modules in the USA so there's always that...

Cons: Rebate processing/acceptance is shady, 1st kit I bought ST declined to acknowledge they ever received.

Overall Review: System configured as follows: Athlon 64 X2 3800+ 2.0GHz OC @ 2.5GHz (250 MHz x 10.0) Biostar TForce 550 rev 1.2 with BIOS dated 5/2007 3GB DDR2 (2x1GB Super Talent + 2x512MB G.Skill) OCed to settings mentioned previously. Recently just bought another kit to max my aging system out @ 4 GB, fingers are crossed I continue to experience the great performance I've gotten from the 1st pair.

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