Good units1/20/2014 10:30:00 AM

Pros: These have been good UPSes. I've bought 20 of them over the past year.

Cons: One of them did come DOA (the battery side didn't work without shutting off, but the surge only side did). CyberPower was quick to replace it for me and paid for shipping after having me do some quick tests for them on the unit.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
2010 was better11/4/2013 11:43:29 AM

Pros: It auto updates?

Cons: * Even with the OPK for Microsoft Partners (or whatever they call it now) it still seems to download/stream quite a bit on installation. * It requires you to link the product key that you get in this package to a Windows Live account. It can then never be transferred to another Windows Live account. Think about that very hard if you are a building a system for others. * They completely rewrote the IMAP support in Outlook 2013. While this allows it to refresh the mailboxes or move mail between folders without it completely locking up the UI, it has a lot of bugs. Missing emails. Emails that look like they've moved in Outlook, but on the server (if you have a webmail view) has not actually moved. You can do a quick search if you want for Gmail and Outlook 2013, or Outlook 2013 and Dovecot, or any major IMAP server. * Since they are pushing their cloud thing, now to open a file takes more clicks. It's not just a File > Open anymore. It's a File > Open > On My Computer. They've done a lot of little things like that which just add complexity to what you used to do very simply.

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Capacitors whining12/5/2012 6:10:25 PM

Pros: Cost seems reasonable, none were DOA.

Cons: I purchased 3 of these for computers I was putting together. One of them worked just fine. The other two were extremely noisy -- not fan noise (the large fan is quiet) but the capacitors whine. Putting it under more or less load changes the noises it makes. I am not anywhere near the limits either. I replaced one of them through Newegg (thus trying a fourth unit) and the replacement also makes noise -- but it is quiet enough that I don't hear it over the video card fan so I will probably just keep it. I just worry if it will only be a matter of time before it goes super loud on me like the others.

Overall Review: Even the noisy ones seem to power the system properly, but where it plugs directly into to all the critical (i.e., expensive) components of my systems I don't think I would risk it.

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No adapters anymore?6/2/2012 10:30:52 PM

Pros: Video card works just fine.

Cons: The photos which Newegg provides and even another reviewer talks about the adapters which come with this card (Mini DP to HDMI and DVI to HDMI). However, these did not come in my sealed box, so perhaps they are not providing them any longer?

Overall Review: The sticker on my box says version A.0 next to the part number.

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Functional3/22/2011 7:31:45 AM

Pros: Lots of options. Allows for two different SSIDs to be broadcast. Can be a bridge or a router or even just a wireless relay. The two wireless SSIDs can be segregated or combined.

Cons: Horrible documentation. The wireless set up has lots of options (which is good) but not a very good way to explain what each option does.

Overall Review: I haven't tested the signal range -- it seems okay. Also never tried setting it up in relay mode since I didn't have the need. Currently set up as a WPA2-Enterprise to my RADIUS server (IAS in Windows).

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Bent metal1/28/2011 11:58:39 AM

Pros: Works as advertised. Comes with a SFF bracket in case you need it.

Cons: As another reviewer posted, I had to bend the (regular) bracket slightly to get it to screw in to the case or else it would try and pull the card out of the PCIe slot. It looks to me like the board needed to be about 1/4" longer toward the bracket edge in order to fit normally.

Overall Review: Drivers not natively available on Windows XP x64, but can find them automatically and download them if you have another Internet connection available to the computer. I believe other reviewers have posted download links for those that need them.

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Computer constantly rebooting?3/25/2010 1:44:58 PM

Pros: Motherboard works as detailed.

Cons: Motherboard is picky about which slots your memory is installed in.

Overall Review: Just wanted to make a note here: If your computer turns on for 15 seconds and then shuts itself off, and then 5 seconds later turns itself back on -- you haven't properly followed the instruction manual which states that it wants dual-channel DDR3 memory in the WHITE slots if you only have 2 sticks. The constant self-rebooting happens if your memory is in the BLUE slots. I got hung up on this for a while just because I'm not used to a motherboard being quite that picky. Hope this little note can save someone else some time or a possible RMA.

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Good switches3/9/2010 1:26:41 PM

Pros: I've owned 5 of these switches for nearly 3 years now. They have all been running 24x7 marvelously. I'm using some mini-GBIC fiber modules in 3 of them which have worked well.

Cons: Once I was having a strange problem with broadcast packets that upgrading to firmware version 2.2 fixed.

Overall Review: Looks like firmware is out now as well. SMC is still supporting these even after all these years of use. My switches sit in a networking closet, so I can't really comment on whether they are noisy or not. Would buy these again if I had any need for more switches. (Factory reset of these switches can be performed by putting a cable between ports 1 and 2 with all the other ports unplugged and then powering on the switch and waiting for a minute or two.)

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4/23/2008 6:03:31 PM

Pros: Power supply is quiet.

Cons: Tacky knockout for possible front Firewire connection. Only one SATA power connection.

Overall Review: I don't really like the look of the front and how the optical drives look sunken versus the bevel of the case.

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Nothing wrong12/19/2007 3:55:27 PM

Pros: Works as expected. I have bought many of these with good results.

Cons: With one of them I purchased, the sensor must've gone wack, because the mouse started slowly moving all over the screen on its own -- regardless of the mouse pad or surface.

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11/20/2007 9:48:10 AM

Pros: I have purchased about 20 of these. None have been DOA. I have put some of them through memtest86 and they seemed to work fine.

Cons: They put little decals/stickers in the box, which I don't really care about.

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Has x64 Drivers!6/25/2007 9:42:56 AM

Pros: Has Windows XP x64 drivers. HP has been really slacking with those. The HP LaserJet 1012, 1018, 1020, and 1022 do not have x64 drivers available, so this was the next option up the price list.

Cons: Doesn't do 11x17? Not that it said that it did.

Overall Review: HP needs to get off their lazy bums and write some x64 drivers. I am not sure about Vista drivers (x64 or otherwise) for this model.

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Rebuttal6/25/2007 9:34:59 AM

Pros: It's just Windows XP x64 Professional with SP2. All my 32-bit programs seem to work just fine.

Cons: There is not a large driver support for Windows x64, so that can be the issue you run into. HP Printers can be especially troublesome to find drivers for. Make sure all your hardware has x64 driver support first.

Overall Review: It does come with a software firewall.

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Good motherboard5/30/2007 2:44:40 PM

Pros: Have purchased 10 of these motherboards thus far and none have been DOA.

Cons: The chipset heat sinks seem to be rather loose.

Overall Review: Comes with a SATA cable and a SATA power converter cable. If you are going to run Windows XP x64, you'll need to download the SMBus, Ethernet, and Audio drivers onto a USB stick beforehand.

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Good video card5/30/2007 2:40:19 PM

Pros: Purchased about 9 of these thus far and none have been DOA.

Cons: Passive heatsink gets rather hot, even when just in the regular Windows XP desktop.

Overall Review: Bought these for an office, and so far so good.

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Good memory5/30/2007 2:38:37 PM

Pros: I have purchased about 12 of these thus far and haven't had one DOA stick, and I've run a few of them through Memtest86 and they passed.

Cons: G.Skill sends you all these little stickers and decals which I don't want.

Overall Review: I just leave things at whatever default timings my motherboards detect and they work fine, so I haven't tried pushing them at all.

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Great monitors5/30/2007 2:34:30 PM

Pros: I have purchased 15 of these monitors thus far and have used them for several months so far. None of them have had stuck or dead pixels.

Cons: Some backlight bleeding. I had one monitor where the backlight wouldn't stay on for more than a few minutes, but I had the monitor replaced and the new one worked fine (just like the others I bought).

Overall Review: Hope this review is helpful to someone.

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Good monitors5/30/2007 2:31:11 PM

Pros: I have bought 15 of these monitors so far. None have been DOA and I have had no dead nor stuck pixels.

Cons: Some backlight bleeding around the edges.

Overall Review: I am not sure how they are for ghosting, since we use them in our office and not for gaming.

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Updated Review5/30/2007 2:11:30 PM

Pros: See previous review by Willie.

Cons: See previous review by Willie and updated thoughts below.

Overall Review: Updating my previous review where I had complained that there were only 7 standoffs instead of the 9 which my motherboards wanted: I bought another and it did come with 9. So, I'm not sure what why the first 8 cases I bought were missing two of the standoffs, but I'm hoping they keep coming with 9 from now on.

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5/3/2007 11:42:11 AM

Pros: Lightweight, professional looking (none of these LED fans flashing all over the place). Built-in power supplies have worked for me thus far (4 months or so).

Cons: Flimsy metal. My biggest problem is that it doesn't come with enough standoffs. My ATX motherboards take 9 standoffs/screws, but the case only comes with 7 standoffs. I have bought 6 cases and they have all been the same. Easy to dent.

Overall Review: The cord to power a SATA hard drive and a SATA DVD drive isn't long enough without an additional extender... but that could be because I have my drives far apart from one another.

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Hanns-G JC-199DPB2/26/2007 3:38:52 PM

Pros: Has worked fine for almost two months. No dead or stuck pixels.

Cons: Has some backlight leakage when supposed to be completely black -- it looked pretty uniform though.

Overall Review: Used in an office, so response times were unimportant.

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2/12/2007 10:55:02 AM

Pros: Small USB plugin -- no cables at all. Single battery lasts a long time (claims a year, but if you use it as much as we do, it lasted about 6 months).

Cons: Tilt wheel (left and right tilt) only seems to work if you install their full drivers -- otherwise you just get the scroll action with plug and play.

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Bonus2/2/2007 4:20:56 PM

Pros: No fan makes this card very quiet. It came with Quake 4 in the box, which I wasn't necessarily expecting (haven't used it though).

Cons: It is quick heavy and bulky, but fits nicely. It takes an extra little adapter for the S-Video and HD connections (it's included though).

Overall Review: Had this installed and working for about a month and a half. We use it for Archicad modeling, mostly. I haven't heard any complaints thus far.

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2/2/2007 4:18:26 PM

Pros: No problems so far.

Cons: No heatsink, but it doesn't claim to come with such.

Overall Review: I have had these installed and running for about a month and a half so far. I tested the memory I received with Memtest86 and no problems showed up.

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So far, so good (addition)1/18/2007 5:35:26 PM

Pros: See nearby/previous review with same title.

Cons: See nearby/previous review with same title.

Overall Review: Just an additional note: we have had these UPSes in operation for about 4 months... so they at least last that long.

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