XP SP36/19/2010 9:42:18 AM

Pros: I ordered this for my Mom who is 75 years old. The ole saying it's hard to teach a dog "new trick" applies in this scenario. She is used to years of XP use, so upgrading to Windows 7 wouldn't have been a good solution for someone of her tech ability and age. It just plain works, and she is very happy so that makes me very happy. Thanks Newegg for the great service and shipping. Everything went as usual, GREAT...

Cons: Absolutely NONE......

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Worked Great6/19/2010 9:39:23 AM

Pros: It's a dial up modem should I say anything else? I ordered this modem for my Mom who's computer modem keeps getting hit by the constant Florida lightning strikes we have here year round. Simple plug and play into a PCI slot with Windows XP SP3. The price was great and shipping took 4 days from NJ to Fl. I'm so glad I finally talked her into getting DSL, hopefully this will solve her issues with the lightning and the excruciating slow download speeds. The phone company is coming in 4 days for DSL install. I can't imagine using Dial up, but glad she is finally changing to DSL and getting rid of this slow dial up, it's so 18th century technology.

Cons: Absolutely NONE...

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Great Burner/ Player1/12/2009 4:06:44 PM

Pros: Very smooth door opening and a very quiet unit. I have been extremely satisfied with this unit.

Cons: No cons here.....................................

Overall Review: This is a great product at a great price. If you are desiring a DVD burner, don't pass this one up. I have never used the lightscribe, but don't really care to use it any way.

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Powerfull & Quiet1/12/2009 3:57:29 PM

Pros: I am very satisfied with this selection of the PSU unit that I chose for my new core i7 build. Due to my case not being able to house a long huge PSU unit, I needed a unit that had some good strong clean power in a relatively small compact size, and the quietness of the unit was also a major concern. The previous PSU I used in my last build was loud enough to drown out a girls gone wild movie.

Cons: I haven't found one con with this unit other than the steep price it cost but in my opinion It was worth the price to me, I felt I had to have 850 watts, and wanted silence and finally tried the modular design. What a breath of fresh air. I have cables galore left over for future expansion. They need to package this slightly different. My first box of my order came in a box full of peanuts and paper. here came this, the MB/CPU/GPU etc, and not one peanut or piece of paper used resulting in a couple of the molex connectors to be protruding outside the factory carton. Someone in shipping really didn't get this one right, but luckily for them it didn't hurt anything permanent, not this time at least.

Overall Review: This is one great PSU, sorry to hear of the one poster who had a problem, I didn't encounter any problems at all, so maybe this is just an isolated incident, let's hope so. I am really enjoying mine, it performs flawlessly, it is very quiet and has all the power I needed for my new system. I am very satisfied with this well built product. Thanks Newegg.

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FAST/LIGHTNING QUICK1/12/2009 3:32:03 PM

Pros: Fastest Hard Drive on the Planet, but something is terribly wrong with a VAST number of these velociraptors as they are failing at an alarming rate. The O/S loads very quickly as do all other programs. There is no longer a loud crunching noise, they are much quieter when they are working.

Cons: Having purchasing these drives for countless years, I have never had any problems what so ever with these drives. Look through the pages of these reviews, and you will see countless reviews where these drives are failing miserably on a vast number of folks.

Overall Review: Western Digital needs to be alerted by the Management of NEWEGG about the sheer number of people reporting problems with these drives. Buyer Beware, come on Newegg talk to WD about this issue. Please do it for your customers.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Acraponus True Image 20091/11/2009 4:23:23 AM

Pros: Pretty coloring on the box, nice idea, and a very needed product in a windows environment. Don't you love software companies that come out with a new and improved version every year just to generate more revenue. A back up is supposed to be a back up no matter what year it is. My version from last year didn't work either.

Cons: Does not state if it will work in a Raid application. Emailed Tech support over a month ago, and yet to have receive a reply from them. I used the version prior to this, and when i really needed it to work, it failed miserably.

Overall Review: Please do yourself a favor and backup your pictures and inport

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Thin silver bag1/11/2009 1:48:48 AM

Pros: This is a very thin bag that was included in my order. I guess it was some type of promotion or something, but I was charged a pretty hefty price for this bag that I was shipped or was included with my order. It is very thin, and has a small thin rope for a drawstring like closure at the top of the bag. It is branded with the manufacturers name of the new core i7 name on it.

Cons: I have no idea what this could be used for. A simple plastic baggie would do the same if not better, and would have been a heck of a lot less money. All in all in my opinion the article is useless to me, why it was even sent, and at the price I was charged for it seemed totally unwarranted to me. Maybe it was included for the company to take a write off somehow for promotional purposes or something, I just can't see where it has any usefulness to to.

Overall Review: My shredder really enjoyed eating this thing for breakfast. It ate it like you would eat 2 eggs and grits and a slab of bacon for breakfast. Go Figure???? I would have rather had the discount than this gimmick of a bag because it is totally useless. My post has been rejected already 2 times on this item. I am trying to be as polite as I can, it just isn't worth the time to even have this shipped to you for free, but hey, it was no where even close to free.

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Did Not Lock, No support1/11/2009 1:36:30 AM

Pros: absolutely none that I can see, if the shipping wouldn't be so expensive, they would have all been returned, but they quickly found themselves in the trash can.

Cons: i ordered numerous of these cables for my new Core i7 Build. I used these to connect my Raptor drives to my new X58 motherboard. I especially ordered these cables due to the fact that they were supposed to lock into place to ensure a good snug secure fit when attached. That has not happened as of yet. I didn't have one cable that locked into place.

Overall Review: I immediately looked at the manufacturers URL and fired them off a email asking them if I could be doing something wrong or if there was something that I was doing incorrectly, and received no response back from them at all. Don't waste your time ordering these products as they don't work, and not only that, the manufacturer won't even give you the time of day when you really need it. Avoid these like the PLAGUE, trust me, how much IQ does it take to connect a SATA cable???

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UPDATE ON MY REVIEW1/7/2009 8:51:41 AM

Pros: 10,000 RPM Lightning Fast Transfer speeds, it is way quieter than the previous generations and the unit stay's cool. I have used every capacity of this line of hard drives since they were created and all purchased right here from this company. I have never had any trouble until yesterday. The drive worked fine out of the package but please see below.

Cons: When deciding on my component for my new core i7 build I closely monitored the sales and reviews here online on this hard drive to determine the reliability of this product and the reviews that people were leaving. I kept noticing that people were having failure after failure with this new design, some were DOA, some only lasted a few days, some just a few weeks or even a few months. I have used these 10,000 RPM Drive for over 4 years, every series and never had the first problem with any of them, so this was very odd to me to see all of the failures because I have had nothing but positive results with this line of drive. After seeing page after page of poor reviews I had came to the conclusion that maybe it was a bad bad batch, but now Someone may need too look into this very closely. The failure rates on these drives by looking through the many pages of reviews are horribly terrible as the negatives are frequent and the saga continues.

Overall Review: The RAID that I created has failed in days, so my RAID 0 is destroyed, therefore loosing all of my hard work that I put into my new build. What is so terrible is that the manufacturer doesn't even have Data Lifeguard tools or diagnostic software for the 64 bit Operating System that the entire industry is shifting towards. I find this very odd to develop a new product, but not to create the proper software for the environment in which it will be used in. This is sad, and it will greatly influence my future purchase decisions. I have to watch what I say as all the reviews are being closely screened , all I can say about this drive in the future is BUYER BEWARE, and that is the BOTTOM LINE

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GREAT MOTHERBOARD1/6/2009 8:09:14 PM

Pros: The layout on this board was great for my specific build. I love the 8 USB 2.0 ports (wish they would have been USB 3.0 but it's coming soon). I am using 6 GB system memory for now and have not overclocked my CPU any as of yet because everything is just blistering FAST. I am running 2 300 GB Velicoraptors in Raid 0, this thing flies, so get a good grip on something, hold on as you are in for a very fast and fun ride. I updated the BIOS after I installed O/S to the latest release using an external floppy, and have had zero issues. Newegg delivered everything as usual.

Cons: Just a note, there are 3 controllers on this board, Intel, and two others (J Micron 362/363) as there are a total of 9 sata connections on this board. When you install Vista and you are going to do a RAID 0 connect your 2 drives to the 2 sata ports under the Red Sata ports (middle ones on the side of the board). These are controlled by the Intel controller and I created my Raid 0 using these ports. The board at start up stated "no drives detected", but it meant that none were connected to the other controllers. It was confusing at first so now you will know what to expect.

Overall Review: EVGA support is top notch and so is this product. The folks that support them, use em too, and visit their forums. They tell you their settings so you can configure your board or video card for optimum performance. I almost went for another brand, but I am glad that I stuck it out with EVGA, everything about them ROCK since my first 680i board. I used their video cards as well and have had zero issues. This board supports both NVidia and Crossfire so you have a choice. You have the option when registering your components to sign up for them to pay for return shipping fees if a problem were to exist within the lifetime warranty. EVGA offers their customers the ULTIMATE in customer satisfaction and support, so I will be with them for quite some time, you should be also....IMHO... THANKS EVGA & NEWEGG CORE i7 ROCKS...

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Pros: This is a very affordable and quiet drive that has performed flawlessly so far for me. There just simply isn't much that can be said other than get one if you need one. I really like mine, and I wouldn't hesitate getting another if I needed one again. It is very smooth, and quiet and worked right out of the box. Thanks Newegg for the great job.

Cons: None at all

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Pros: I have used every series of the Raptor line and have upgraded to the new velociraptors with my new core i7 build. These things are lightning fast, they have tamed the terrible loudness that the previous generation were plagued with. Get you a couple of these, set them up in a RAID 0, put on your seatbelt, and get a hold on something. Pro's, everything about these drives are a Pro.

Cons: Of course price per GB is high, but this is a specialty drive and it makes a huge difference. I briefly used another manufacturers hard drive in a system, and I simply couldn't stand the performance that I had lost by just changing out the hard drives. It was that noticeable in real world applications.

Overall Review: I know SSD will be the future, but until then, I am getting my Raptors here at Newegg everytime. They arrive lightning fast, they are packaged very well, and the company that makes them backs their product better than anyone else in the business in my opinion. They will even do advance returns if you need it. Great Warranty to boot with these drives.. Thanks Newegg and W.D.

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Eggcelent Memory1/5/2009 2:38:03 AM

Pros: Packaged very professionally, works as advertised in new triple channel system. I am trying my best to support this brand, but see the cons below.

Cons: I just had to return two modules that I purchased last year from this manufacturer. The product came with a limited lifetime warranty, but the product is already obsolete and therefore not available any longer through the manufacturer (although it is available here online). I was offered replacement memory that was 10 times cheaper than what I paid for the memory that failed on me, and it wasn't as good or even the same quality as what I had originally purchased. I sent in the defective or failed memory approximately 1 month ago, and to this date, I have not received any replacement memory so my main computer sits patiently awaiting a very slow and poor RMA process. Maybe this is a isolated incident but it has been painfully slow.

Overall Review: I will try a different vendor or company in the future, I am just not satisfied at all with the service after the sale.

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Great looking cable with locks12/29/2008 2:20:33 PM

Pros: Looks like decent quality to me, I haven't actually used the cable as of yet, but if it works correctly, it will be just what I needed and wanted for my new core i7 build.

Cons: If this is what you need, I sure don't see any cons to this cable.

Overall Review: As usual, Newegg shipped it and got it to me in their normal lightning fast mode of delivery. They are the industry standard in what they do, but they are facing great competition from other online vendors as far as shipping and even prices, so check around, you can and could even find a better deal elsewhere, especially on lots of different products that they offer for sale.

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Dominator will Dominate12/12/2008 3:58:42 PM

Pros: It worked for a while, but never to specks

Cons: Corsair doesn't have any more of it, so if you think you are getting a lifetime replacement of any of it, you are just plain out of luck like I am. They say that they have no more and wanted to replace it with ram that cost pennies on the dollar compared to this Ram.

Overall Review: Last dealings ever with corsair. RMA process has taken or seems like it has taken forever, just to find out that they don't even have any of it to replace it with. That is terrible, they could have let me known that right off the bat

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Buyer Beware12/3/2008 2:04:41 AM

Pros: fits real nice in your hand, or at least it does in my hand.

Cons: The scroll wheel is really odd. It sticks and perorms differently from time to time. I am not satisfied at all with this mouse and it will be the last one I ever purchase. I was really busy when I arrived and out of town trips prevented me from returning this hunk of Junk.

Overall Review: Stay away. avoid the plaque.

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IT Works For my MOM6/29/2008 7:26:59 PM


Cons: NONE

Overall Review: These are for those who do not have DSL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or too CHEAP to pay for DSL..

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Toner Replacement6/26/2008 8:46:08 PM

Pros: Genuine Replacement toner for my HP 1020 Laserjet printer.

Cons: Price, the toner cartridge costs just about as much as the whole printer did when new. I paid 99 dollars delivered for the cartridge and printer and the toner replacement can cost upwards to 69.99 delivered unless you catch it on sale.

Overall Review: Newegg delivered this safely and very quickly to my home in Florida. Thanks Newegg...

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
ITOUCH CASE6/26/2008 8:42:36 PM

Pros: A very nice rubber durable case that will securely protect your Itouch. It is a nice rubber case but the included plastic screen protector is lacking in quality and mine arrived somewhat dirty and scratched with paper tabs glued on them. When you remove the tabs, it left a terrible glue film.

Cons: Included with this case is a clear type piece of plastic designed to protect the fact of the Itouch. I found this plastic piece to be poorly designed, it arrived with some minor scratches on it with some tabs attached to it when removed it left a glue type film. I threw this away immediately and found this cover useless.

Overall Review: Due to the poor constructed plastic cover designed for the face of the unit, this is nothing more than an overpriced rubber case for your Itouch. It is surely nothing to write home about. As always Newegg delivered the goods on time.

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BAD TO THE BONE5/25/2008 2:18:49 PM

Pros: Best HDD on the market today at least until the Velociraptor comes on the scene. I have been using WD Raptor Drives ever since I have learned how to build computer back when only the 36 gb units were available. I have used all of the different flavors of these drives and none ONE have I had any trouble out of, and the speed is BLISTERING FAST, I haven't even considered anything less.

Cons: I know the price per GB is high, but if you want sheer performance you will have to pay for it. I personally wouldn't own anything but a WD RAPTOR....

Overall Review: NEWEGG as always is right on time usually with the best price and always the best service in the industry. I just with that they would get more competitive in the photography department with CANON & Nikon DSLR cameras.

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VISTA O/S4/22/2008 11:24:53 AM

Pros: I switched over to Vista 64bit Ultimate as soon as it was available last year. I have had absolutely 0 problems with the new GUI or hardly any compatibility issues for what I do with my computer. I have used 4 gigs or 2 gigs of memory and haven't seen any difference in performance as I already max out my performance score at 5.9 I believe it was. Is the O/S more bloated than XP, yes but it contains many more features and programs, I especially like the backup program, media center and a host of new programs that XP didn't offer.

Cons: None that I have encountered other than a few manufacturers haven't made drivers for 64 bit and only 32 bit. I am building a secondary computer as we need one anyway and that is why I am putting the 32 bit version on it

Overall Review: Despite all of the negative reviews of Vista, I take my hat off to Microsoft for all of the work that went into this O/S. I personally find the change refreshing and rewarding to own, use and operate.

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GREAT PRODUCT & PRICE3/15/2008 10:09:26 AM

Pros: Did not burn any $3.30 a gallon gas to go 60 miles to Wally World to pay double for this card plus tax. Product works perfect and shipping was standard 3 days from Newegg to Florida as usual. Save your self gas money and buy it for less than half price right here on NEWEGG.COM

Cons: There are no cons If you want to save by here !!!

Overall Review: Thanks Newegg, you folks do a great job and thanks for keeping the prices so low on most things.

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BOUGHT 2 of THESE DRIVES2/17/2008 12:45:08 AM

Pros: Placed 2 of them side by side for nearly 1TB (formatted) storage of movies, pictures, backups you name it. I think I have solved my storage problems for a long time.

Cons: They do turn on and off with computer, but with they would have a dedicated on/off switch when not using them.

Overall Review: Takes very little space for this much storage.

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Great Printer2/17/2008 12:35:28 AM

Pros: Very nice printer, I like this brand, they seem to last way longer than the competition. They are basically selling you a printer to get your ink business

Cons: Are you kidding, works like a champ. Shipping charges on cartridges ought to be heavily discounted or given a bulk rate if you order cartridges in bulk or in big lots.

Overall Review: Buy this printer, if this is what you are looking for I wouldn't look any further unless you need a large format printer for larger projects

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GREAT HUB2/17/2008 12:27:01 AM

Pros: Excellent product if you need more USB 2.0 ports, I have 10 on my tower and still ran out using other USB products so this done the job with room to spare. The rebate was nice as well, but it is way to lengthy of a process and a HASSLE. These companies would simpify matters if they just discounted there products from the start but they are banking you will loose track of it, won't mail it in or follow up on it. They have met there match with me so pay me in 10 lousy weeks, I guess they are sending the check back tied to the back of a snails rear end or something.....


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