Definitely strong board!3/4/2009 6:04:02 PM

Pros: Board installed easily and accepted my Phenom II x3 710 with no problems at all. The bios shows that it's very easy to overclock, with good automatic overclocking features that I haven't tested yet. The 2 nVidia graphics cards that I tested in it don't seem to run at full potential and the biostar technician that I talked to said that it's either a defective card (8800 GTX and 6800GT) or that the PCIE slot was defective. I'm going to vote that the cards are bad, and switch to a Radeon 4850 here soon. The tech support was very quick with responses. The onboard LED indicators show exactly what's wrong when you boot, if anything (VGA error, memory, or CPU). If both are on, you have 0 errors. The board is a little smaller than my previous one, a gigabyte NF4 which may be a pro for some people. It runs the processor at 20C idle, and the system stays at 22C idle. I can't wait to OC this thing! Very sturdy and durable motherboard. Cons became minor problems The manual is very info

Cons: THE PCI-E MASTER SLOT IS ON THE BOTTOM! My big graphics cards block 1 of 2 regular PCI slots! I can only put my soundcard in next to the master video card, and they are VERY VERY close together. It worried me a little, so I moved some fans around in my case. 6 Sata slots, but they are facing the front of the case, which I don't personally like, but some people may. (It will keep the wires towards the front of the computer, away from the mobo, if wired correctly. The driver CD that was sent won't read on any computer I put it in, so I can't use any of the programs that came with the motherboard until I return or get a new disk. The power HDD, +/- LED, reset and power buttons aren't color coded correctly but the book has everything on the motherboard labeled correctly.

Overall Review: I torched a 500W PSU and an old IDE Hard drive while messing around with all of my graphics cards and wiring options, but it didn't hurt the mobo at all. The capacitors claim to have 6.5x the life of regular capacitors, which I'd believe after that little mishap. Only 3 fan slots exist on the motherboard (1 CPU fan, and 2 regular fan slots.) Which bothered me a bit, because they are spaced out and the 3rd, at the bottom, is located behind my sound card. All in all, I beat this thing to hell the first day I had it, and it took everything I threw at it and still booted properly. I never hurt the CPU or anything electronic on the board. Onboard graphics saved me while I was messing around with my graphics cards, but for someone without a VGA adapter you might be a little lost if you have the problems I encountered. Good board, good buy. Thanks biostar and I hope your board lasts me as long as it claims to.

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