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Not bad. Not that bad at all...

PowerColor Radeon HD 3650 512MB DDR2 AGP 8X Video Card AG3650 512MD2-V3
PowerColor Radeon HD 3650 512MB DDR2 AGP 8X Video Card AG3650 512MD2-V3

Pros: The V3 video card from Powercolor renders images beautifully. When ATI Catalyst from the hotfix or Powercolor's drivers, you can enable 8x anti-aliasing. It comes with a HDTV/S-video port, which I think is more suited to the capabilities of the card itself, instead of HDMI. When it comes to games, I could play Tomb Raider Legend with everything except full scene anti-aliasing on with a very high FPS. On Warriors Orochi, a 3D hack and slash, I could also play the game with shaders on high, texture filter on high and dynamic lighting and shadows on with everything else on medium. This game is a good test for the graphics card if you are using XP like I am and with all the chaos going on, I still get an average of 45 FPS. Additionally, the card runs fine with just a 300 watt psu. It also has a convenietly located plug input for a molex cord for its power. Also, video look sharper and the card idles around 48-51 degrees even after intense light to medium gaming.

Cons: With just a 64 bit memory interface, the card really does not perform to its best. On games that have options for next-gen graphics, the card will disappoint in this regard. Even with 512MB graphics memory, these games will just barely run. That is the only flaw to this graphics card. One more thing, if you are using an socket A Athlon XP processor like I am, you will have BSOD or restarts when running certain games. Sadly, the ATI hotfix drivers nor Powercolor drivers remedy this. But there is hope. Google is your friend.

Overall Review: You may have problems running in game videos from certain games. It really is not the card's fault, but the software that the games use to play their videos. Driver installation from Powercolor is fine but with ATI hotfix drivers 9.11 for Windows XP there is a problem. You must either right-click on my computer and then go to properties or open control panel and then double click system. Go to the hardware tab and open device manager. Open the root for display adapters and right click on compatible VGA adapter and manually install the drivers by hitting update driver and directing the wizard to the ATI hotfix folder and into Packages\Drivers\XP_INF. That should solve that problem. In conclusion, for the money, this video card is an excellent buy if you looking to breathe more life into an aging AGP computer but not too much life.


Excellent Tablet!

10" x 6" USB Drawing Graphic Tablet Board with Cordless Digital Pen-  2048 Levels Hot Keys
10" x 6" USB Drawing Graphic Tablet Board with Cordless Digital Pen- 2048 Levels Hot Keys

Pros: This tablet is very large and responsive. The pressure sensitivity is very accurate. Also the quick buttons on the side of the tablet simplify everyday tasks like closing, saving, etc..

Cons: Well I tried using this tablet on Ubuntu Linux and it is not compatible. Not much of a con though if you're a windows person.

Overall Review: For the price and features, this tablet is a steal.

An energy efficient power house!

XFX Radeon HD 5670 1GB DDR5 PCI Express 2.1 x16 CrossFireX Support Video Card HD-567X-ZNF3
XFX Radeon HD 5670 1GB DDR5 PCI Express 2.1 x16 CrossFireX Support Video Card HD-567X-ZNF3

Pros: - It does not need an external PCI-Express power connector. - Comes with 1GB of GDDR5 ram. - Direct X 11 Support. - Low Power requirement (requires only a 400 watt power supply.) - Cool and snazzy art work on box and video adapter. - ATI Crossfire X capable. - Runs very quiet.

Cons: My experience with the card really can't bring any to light. It does everything and more for the price. It would've been even better with a 256 bit memory bandwidth, considering the high speed 1GB memory, instead of the 128 bit. However, 128 bit bandwidth is not shabby though, so I took no points on that aspect.

Overall Review: I had a ATI Radeon 5450 that came with my computer purchase which yielded a 5.3 graphics rating on Windows Experience Index. Once I installed this card and my 500 watt PSU (I was not going to take chances installing the card with the 300 watt PSU that came with my computer, going against suggestions from the internet.), my Windows Experience Index went from the 5.3 to 7.0! Another example of this cards power is in the Resident Evil 5 benchmark. I ran the benchmark with my pre-installed 5450 HD and the results yielded subpar gaming experience: 23~30 FPS on high settings. Ran the same benchmark with the XFX card and got 55-60 FPS on high settings. A word of caution: it seems like this video card will complement a pretty fast processor, preferably a dual core processor. All the tests and benchmarks were done on my machine with a Phenom II X4. Your results will of course vary. However, my experience with the card is just great and would recommend it highly. Thanks XFX!