Not properly shielded components6/3/2021 6:49:55 AM

Pros: Good image and easy controls. Responsive and helpful tech support.

Cons: Horrible EMF protection. 1ms mode is way too dark.

Overall Review: This monitor worked great for me at first. excellent image and controls. One day I happen to have a Aim-n-flame lighter near the monitor and used it to light an incense. These lighters use a piezo igniter and do produce a good amount of EMF in a burst. Doing this near the monitor would cause it to flicker and the screen would almost go blank. Ok, and I hear you saying 'Yeah dummy those things do create a lot of EMF'. So I tried it near other monitors I have, nothing, not even on the cheapest Acer ones I have that cost half what this did. Lesson learned, I moved my studio monitors and anything else I thought would cause long term damage. Fast forward to now and the monitor has developed horrible flickering and horizontal lines. ViewSonic support was very responsive and has issued an RMA, I have to ship this monitor across country and await a repair now.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi, Thank you for sharing your experience. We value the comments and will continue to work on improving. If you'd like to reach out for further assistance, We are available at 800-688-6688, Monday - Friday, 6am -6pm, PST. If you are not free to call us during these times, you can submit an online inquiry using this link: Sincerely, Haochi ViewSonic Corporation