Great Cooler2/16/2016 2:27:03 PM

Pros: I got this cooler for Christmas, and it has been running amazing. I have the 4790k, and was running on stock speeds on my air cooler around 45 degrees idle. With this cooler, 4.4 running idle hits around 22 degrees. Now, I run my 4790k at 4.9 GHz, 28-30 degrees idle, and a max of 78 under load for hours.

Cons: The fans face down and blow air up, and they rattle a bit on medium speeds. I contacted corsair for a replacement, they got back to me within a day, and they sent me brand new ones for free, didn't even have to return my origional ones, so I'm not docking an egg because of the great customer service

Overall Review: Maybe mounting the radiator vertically, not horizontally, would have stopped the clicking fans, but I have the Thermaltake Core X9 case, so there's no place to do that.

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Replacement for Laptop HDD11/3/2015 7:29:05 PM

Pros: I bought this SSD when I my laptop's SSHD died, and was getting speeds of around 10 MBps, compared to it used to get ~110 MBps. I bought this quickly, between this, a Kingston drive and a Samsung drive. This had the best read speed/price and write/price ratios of the three, and I went with it. My laptop is running better than it ever did, it boots in seconds now, not 5+ minutes.

Cons: none

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Great Fast HDD11/3/2015 7:28:23 PM

Pros: This HDD is amazing, great read/write speeds for a mechanical drive, getting around 160-170 MBps read and write speeds. I use this drive in my gaming PC and it holds shortcuts to my documents, pictures, videos, etc. from windows default folders, plus links to most of my steam games that don't benefit from fast loading times from my SSD.

Cons: The "2 TB" is actually 1.8 TB of usable space, cuz of bits to bytes and whatnot. Not docking an egg, just stupid convention that we use.

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Great Ram11/3/2015 7:20:16 PM

Pros: I have had this ram since June (it is now November), and it has been great ever since. I run this at stock speeds, 2133 MHz and CAS of 10, (which is a very low ratio of the two, most are much higher), and I have no need to run this any faster. I tried to once, and broke my computer for a few hours, but that was a MOBO issue, not the RAM.

Cons: The "heatsinks" on the side are glued on, but the glue seems to melt at high temperatures, and on one stick, the side is bowing out off of the actual RAM chips. But not a big issue, no reason to dock an egg.

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Verified Owner
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11/3/2015 7:16:38 PM

Pros: This Antivirus software is great, I have not had a single virus on any of my computers, and has found all possible threats, and same for my friends' computers whom I recommended this to. It is very low performance, which was good for one of my friends who's computer was not very strong, and Norton on his computer was always using 10-50% of his CPU. It sits at an idle of around 3% usage, and can scan the 500 GB in under 40 minutes.

Cons: None

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