Android only6/24/2014 3:49:09 PM

Pros: Miracast on Android works perfectly, everytime. 2 phones and 3 tablets. Expected lag is not that bad.

Cons: Will not connect to an Intel Miracast windows system to save it's life. Went trough all of the systems that support Miracast from Windows 7-8.1, all fresh installs and those systems all work fine with my new receiver from local Best Buy.(twice the price)

Overall Review: Miracast is a finicky protocol from Intel, poorly implemented in many products, each with their own flavor. I have found none that work well enough for most Miracast devices to connect to. Also Miracast really only works if the transmitting device is less than 15-20 ft. For my presentation room project we found a Wireless HDMI dongle adapter. Less lag and no latency. This product is made by as the W-18. no real help there, but perhaps someday....

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I's Ok12/6/2013 10:22:04 AM

Pros: Small portable speaker, decently loud volume, suction cup base.

Cons: I highly doubt this would survive more than a small splash of water. Controls are awkward, and slow. Tapping the volume up and down lags about 1-2 seconds to take affect. The silicone exterior rattles and buzzes with certain frequencies. Full volume is distorted, 2 ticks down to fix it.

Overall Review: Speaker phone works, but control has a 1-2 second lag, hung up on test calls before figuring that one out. It is fun to stick to a window and scare someone with a soundboard app. ;-)

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Perfect1/16/2013 9:52:05 AM

Pros: Enclosure is well made and efficiently designed. My Case was on tight and took 30 minutes to gently pry open (slight adjustments to case tabs fixed.

Cons: Port Multiplier driver capable e-SATA chipset required. Be safe and assume your e-SATA is not compatible. I honestly dislike the rear LED fan.

Overall Review: Port Multiplier tech is on Adapter side (in the computer) If only drive 1 shows up, then the drivers are not installed/updated or HBA controller does not support Port Multiplier. If drives dissapear after a few hours of use, or lack of use, it's windows power management. Disable Harrdrive powerdown.

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Speedy, Odd Duck12/20/2011 1:14:31 PM

Pros: Card is fast, transfer rate tested, Card was optimized at 512 byte multiple (4096 Byte) sectors, aligned at 24 sectors at 20-24Mbps tested transfer rate NTFS. Random RW tested for 2 days at that rate, 0 errors

Cons: When partitioning the card I noticed the origonal partition started at sector 24, something wierd is done with the first sectors causing corruption at random times (if you never reformat it should be fine), advanced partitioning was used to partition the card aligned from sector 24

Overall Review: On my Droid 0G I had to learn how to manually partition the card with FAT32/EXT4/Swap partition, none of the automatic partitioning tools would work. Avoiding the first 1MB, it has been rock solid speed deamon since. After all the reviews I don't trust it, and have setup an ADB script to image the card as backup. Phone is now 4-5X faster now, I'm happy.

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Works very well6/21/2010 11:35:39 AM

Pros: Phone Profile works and is responsive, some headsets have a 2-3 second delay, this one is approx 1/2 sec on average. Stereo Profile works great, but some phones have improper codec config and sound quality suffers, but that is the phone. And the stereo profile works with the lanyrd unplugged, great for audio books. Neck lanyard is very comfortable and I haven't lost of destoryed it yet.

Cons: Compared to Jawbone for mic pickup and noise cancelling it sucks. But compared to the other 9 headset's I've killed in the last year it rocks. Using phone on the lanyard mic is hanging on the shirt and they hear the shuffeling of the shirt.

Overall Review: The unit is too heavy to fit in the ear without the earloop, but overall it is comfortable.

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Impressed at every page8/27/2009 11:38:19 AM

Pros: The printer has been a workhorse, even in economy fast mode the output has been devoid of major print flaws. I have a mixed environment of PC's, MAC, Unix, Win7 all have been more than useable. The scanner is smooth and quick, even with multiple users. Built in templates for printing blank notepaper, grid paper etc has actually been very usefull for the kids.

Cons: The ink is a little on the light side on plain paper, not nearly as vivid as HP, but for 1/3 the cost of ink it is not bad at all. I am a Wireless administrator, Wireless has limits and the printer cannot overcome them, it will slow performance if used on wireless, whenever possble setup on ethernet. USB card reader can really only be used by one computer at a time, (I got it to work with 2, bad things happen)

Overall Review: As a document printer this is a great unit. As a photo printer on Photo paper this is a great unit. As a photo printer on non photo paper this is a poor unit.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
High Resolution that Fits:4/22/2009 8:21:56 AM

Pros: Fits the following: Budget: Inexpensive Cabinet: Actually fits the cabinet Resolution: Matches my laptop to my desktop, almost exactly (Dell Latitude D810) Refresh: Refresh rate, reduces tearing, Delay in display on FPS is more than acceptable.

Cons: 1 Stuck pixel, Red. But on the 200-500 LCD's I have used that goes with the territory. It is of the style of matte displays popular from 3-4 years ago, but better refresh rate. Color representation, If you are a color Photoshop Snob, is descent but muted.

Overall Review: I actually love the high resolution on the small form factor, Remember, 1680x1050 is the same resolution as many 22" and 24" but because of the smaller physically, appears higher resolution. Friend ordered a 22" 1440 x 900 resolution display a year ago from a cheap no name. It has same refresh, better color, but resolution on this more than made up for it's size.

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Great transmitter12/26/2008 11:37:56 PM

Pros: The transmitter is powerfull and works well in all but one vehicle of the 5 we have used it in. The station finder works very well. During our travels as soon as we noticed interference we enable it and it hops immediately to a good clear signal.

Cons: The only problem is that if the accessory plug is loose is looses power the i-pod pauses and if the volume is loud enough it will make you jump. The transmitter does not boost the volume, (compression and leveling) so the volume is low if those options are disabled.

Overall Review: The way the suport system assembles it is difficult to get to the right angle. It does not move cars easily especally if the same config does not work. I reccomend the non docking type for most people especially if they have multiple Ipods in the family.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Not a NAS7/31/2006 5:11:48 PM

Pros: Fast Transfers on Supported Dives and Windows environment.

Cons: Does not support Linux or MAC yet, Also any drives that are not ATA133 compatible (few ATA100 worked) will not work. Also It uses a proprietary protocol, It is serverless, so No FTP, WEB etc without a dedicated machine. I used it though witout any issues other than incompatibilities.

Overall Review: Runing 33Megabytes per sec is exclent for a NAS device (I have tried doezens now) It also handled 5 cpus transfering GB's of files simultaneously no problem.

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Works Very well, Quiet too.9/9/2005 12:27:46 AM

Comments: Fan is quieter than the Northbridge fan I replaced. Was very interested to see what happens when I cool the Southbridge. Overclocking Athalon XP 1.4G increased from 1.633G to 1.714G. (Not keeping it there) Works as expected. (Better than stock in most systems)

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Quiet and efficient, External thermal sensor a PLUS!9/9/2005 12:20:31 AM

Comments: The fan moves air efficiently, purchased 3 installed in same case. All three target individual components, placing the thermresistor on them. System is now Quiet when idle and speeds up a little when busy(DB Queries, Compiling, Doom3). Even when fully on, these are sill quiet for the CFM they are moving. Reccomend an element filter for each.

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Excelent portable Scanner12/15/2004 1:00:47 PM

Comments: Great for use with laptops and traveling. No extra power supplies needed and it is lightweight. Also has a vertical stand, for small footprint and storeage. I love this thing.

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