Loving it!8/9/2017 2:11:30 PM

Pros: Fast to boot. Fast to do everything. Great improvement over the old (fast for what it is) WD Black 500 GB drive it replaced. I've had this drive running 24/7 in a Dell Latitude E6530 with an i7-3720QM, NVidia graphics and 8GB of RAM and everything has worked great without skipping a beat. Couldn't be happier considering the price. Are there faster drives out there? Well, benchmarks say that there are some that are faster, but I don't use my PC's to run benchmarks. In real world use, this thing flies!

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: I would recommend and would definitely buy again.

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Nice router.8/17/2012 1:19:07 PM

Pros: With the current 2.07NA firmware on the B1 version of this hardware, this little router works very well. Absolutely rock solid. The "guest mode" channel is great for making a WiFi connection available to visitors with no password required while keeping the rest of the network separated and secure.

Cons: The GUI interface for this router is geared towards advanced users. Some people are going to be confused a bit.

Overall Review: Bought this intended to install DD-WRT firmware. Did that and found DD-WRT to be problematic, so I re-flashed the stock (current 2.07NA) firmware from the recovery interface and haven't looked back. I can't speak to issues with early (A) versions of this hardware, but the B1 revision is good stuff. I don't hesitate to recommend it for anyone looking for a good wireless N solution for home or small office use.

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Inexpensive, easy and excellent8/17/2012 12:39:17 PM

Pros: The number one pro? It works exactly as hoped for. Pulls in wi-fi networks previously invisible and makes them usable. (Zero bars to three for the wireless G access point 100 yards away, through one wall of metal, two of wood and one of brick. Five bars and 130Mbps for wireless N router separated by two room/40ft.) Works perfectly with Win 7 x64 using included driver disc. Very happy, especially for the price.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Some of the other reviews talking about issues with driver support under Win 7 x64 mystify me. There *is* driver support, and no, you don't need an already established internet connection to get it. Use the included driver disc. The USB to Wi-Fi LAN driver for XP, Vista and Win 7 is there. Need an inexpensive wardriving antenna? Grab this thing. With the 5dbi antenna it works and works well for pulling in previously too weak to be usable (or even previously invisible with your laptop WiFi) signals.

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Buy these11/29/2011 11:41:31 AM

Pros: May be the best sounding and most comfortable ear-bud style headphones under 150 dollars that I have ever tried. Seriously. They aren't flawless, but they are pretty darn good. For the price, they're a steal.

Cons: On the con side, these ear-bud 'phones (like all ear-bud style 'phones) are going to have a different response profile for every user owing to anatomical differences in the shape of the ear canal. That means that some EQ will be called for in order to get the kind of frequency response that suits you. In my case (and with the ravages of age diminishing my high frequency hearing), that means boosting the highs. Also a con (at least for me with my ear canal anatomy): The bass response of these ear-buds is if anything a bit too robust. Not boomy in the least, and perfectly capable of reproducing deep bass fundamentals in a way that makes you almost "feel" them inside your head, but very robust. Also easily tamed with EQ.

Overall Review: The included ear gels come in three sizes (small, medium and large) with the medium size installed out of the box. Extremely comfortable and suitable for wearing in extended listening. Can't say that most ear buds I have used have been near as comfortable

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Great set of phones11/23/2011 1:20:30 AM

Pros: The first thing to know is that this set makes a great actual telephone. Forget all the features that phones tend to come with these days for a second and consider how many "feature laden" wireless phone systems lack the ability to perform the primary design function -- making and receiving calls -- in a reliable way with low noise, good voice quality and acceptable range. These phones perform the primary design function exactly as you would hope. Sad to say that in this day, that alone merits high praise. Second, one of the best features here is the ability to function even when the power is off. Panasonic's "Power Back-up Operation" uses the battery power of one of the handsets in the base station to supply power for the basic function of making and receiving calls. That means that when the power is out, you can actually call the power company to report that the power is out. Finally, everything else works as it should. Well pleased with these phones.

Cons: Hard to think of any real cons. If I had to get nitpicky, I'd say that a case could be made that the base station has a "busy look" to it and that at first glance it seems as if it may be hard to learn to use the features. But that's just the way it looks. Actual set-up and use is quite easy to learn, especially if you download the PDF manual (to go with the included printed manual) so that you can use your PDF reader's search function to speed to relevant information about what you're trying to do.

Overall Review: I've been putting off replacing an old wireless phone/answering system precisely because it did have a power back up operation feature and the vast majority of newer systems did not. This Panasonic has that feature. Also should point out that the LCD on this thing is bright, offers plenty of contrast and displays things in a large enough font that it makes it very easy to read. Well pleased.

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Whaddya know! It's RAM and it works.11/11/2011 11:39:08 PM

Pros: On the pro side, it works exactly as it's supposed to work. No complaints.

Cons: On the con side...well...there aren't any.

Overall Review: Wish that DDR2 was as cheap as DDR3 is now.

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Nice set of batteries1/4/2011 7:28:32 AM

Pros: Ready to go out of the package, just like they said. Tested capacity is very close to rated capacity and everything I read from others tells me that these batteries will in fact reach or exceed rated capacity after a few charge cycles. I have them installed in my DSLR digital camera which I want to have ready to go in an instant. (The previous brand of non-low self discharge NiMH batteries would often let me down in that regard.) Took more than 200 shots yesterday (with thirty or forty using flash) on these batteries straight out of the package and still have about a third of capacity left. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Cons: None that I can see.

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Nifty little rodent1/2/2011 11:38:06 AM

Pros: Very nice little rodent. Small....but not micro. Works well on a variety of surfaces. The switchable 800/1600 dpi resolution is great when you want to go from speed to fine detail work. The rubber grips are a nice touch. The micro USB receiver essentially disappears when plugged in and isn't a hazard to my USB ports like bigger dongles. And I like the way Gigabyte built in a place to store the dongle in the bottom of the mouse when it's not in use.

Cons: None so far. Really like this mouse.

Overall Review: Makes me wonder why I have been paying so much for the competitor's products. Never would have thought to look to Gigabyte for a mouse but a NewEgg sale tempted me...and I'm glad that it did. All around a very nice product.

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Excellent induction cooker w/ some quirks12/26/2010 8:34:53 AM

Pros: The biggest pro of all is instant on/off heat with any induction compatible pan. Second big pro is the ability to cook at high (430 degrees max) heat which, when you're using a cast iron skillet, makes for great sear. Third, remarkable efficiency. The pot gets hot, not the burner, so there is very little waste heat. Boils water almost as fast as a microwave. The included "flat bottom wok-style" pot is great for stir fry or deep frying.

Cons: My cat absolutely hates the ultrasonic sound of the inverter. There is a high pitched "whine" that even us middle aged humans can hear, but it's not bad and it's not loud. But the cat hates it. A real con is the coarseness of adjustments. There are not that many levels and with the lowest level being essentially "keep warm" and the highest level being a real scorcher, you have to spend some time getting familiar with the unit and adjust your technique accordingly.

Overall Review: 60 bucks on sale and free shipping? What's not to like? The included cookware is not going to impress anyone, but I look at it as essentially a freebie with the induction cooktop. For the price, I recommend this product without reservation. It's better than any regular old hotplate and you can turn out some very delicious food with just a little practice.

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Awesome drive for the $$$1/30/2010 11:56:25 PM

Pros: Excellent drive. Very fast and essentially silent even out in the open as I use it. (Using it in a Thermaltake BlacX ST0005U USB/eSATA drive dock for imaging Vista and Win 7 backups.) Couldn't be happier with the drive performance. Runs cool. Runs silent. Runs fast.

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: 750 gigabytes for 60 bucks shipped? I must be getting old 'cause all I can say is "Wow!"

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Very fast. Almost like a new laptop12/10/2009 6:54:51 AM

Pros: The first and biggest pro for this drive? Speed! HDTune Pro has for the first time ever shown me sustained 100 mb/s transfer rates on a 2.5 inch notebook class drive. Outstanding! Another pro? Low (despite what some others seem to think) power consumption in relation to some competitor's 7200 RPM drives. This drive uses no more power than the previous 7K320 generation from Hitachi. Average read/write power is 1.8 watts which at 5 volts works out to less than 400ma. Peak startup (spinning up the drive from a dead stop) is *rated* to draw no more than 5.5 watts (1100ma at 5 volts) but seems to be a bit lower than even that. I plugged this early Christmas gift into my old Dell and it's a night and day upgrade. Vista Ultimate now boots to the desktop in about 40 seconds on three year old hardware running a Core Duo (not Core 2) at 1.83 GHz. Nice! Opening large files is much faster. Everything just feels faster. It's desktop class performance. I can't recommend this drive highly en

Cons: There are no cons.

Overall Review: Simply an excellent drive. If you get one that's DOA (and it does happen to all hard drives from all manufacturers), swap it out before you rate it. It's a five egg product.

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