Basic projector at a low price11/29/2011 12:48:30 PM

Pros: Purchased this as an upgrade to an old printer whose bulb had died. This projector cost only slightly more than the bulb on the old projector would have cost to replace. The projector is only being used to project PC desktops in a conference room. It is relatively basic as far as features go, comes with a remote, the adjustable legs and keystone adjustments work well and the projector is bright enough to project a bright, clear image in a fully lit conference room from a few feet away. I give this five eggs based on the price and the fact that it performs well when used for its intended purpose.

Cons: None

Overall Review: If you are looking to watch movies, play games, etc. this may not be the projector for you.

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Solid Memory11/29/2011 11:55:08 AM

Pros: Purchased several sets of this memory to install into new Dell Latitude E6420's. The memory is well priced, easy to install and has been reliable thus far. Memory is working flawlessly with Win 7 64-bit. This upgrade brought each system from 3 GB to 8 GB of memory and saved $150 per machine compared to the manufacturer's price for the same amount of memory.

Cons: None

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Your average keyboard1/29/2008 12:54:29 PM

Pros: Gives a little nicer of a look and feel than you get with some cheap OEM keyboards.

Cons: Not a lot of weight to them. Could have gone with USB over PS/2 interface, but not a dealbreaker for me personally.

Overall Review: A few individuals they were given to in the office were happy with them.

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Gets the job done1/29/2008 12:50:29 PM

Pros: Very long cable length, fairly thick cable. Price! (This same cable type/length from other merchants retailed for four times the price of this cable!)

Cons: None

Overall Review: As other reviewers have posted there is one pin missing but this pin is not used and the cables work perfectly fine without this pin being present.

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Basic mouse4/4/2007 6:46:00 AM

Pros: No drivers necessary for Vista (it worked for me on the Beta) or Win XP.

Cons: Loses tracking every so often and will jump to the corner of the screen.

Overall Review: It is a basic mouse for office work and web browsing. If you're looking to game, you will most likely want to pass on this mouse.

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A large drive for little money2/8/2007 7:30:01 AM

Pros: This drive is very large and very fast for a low price. Works out to about 31 cents per gigabyte!

Cons: None.

Overall Review: As with most drives, after formatting you'll lose some space, ended up being about 300 gigs for me, but no complaints here, 300 gigs is quite a bit of space. Drive is also very quiet when operating, can't comment on the heat it generates.

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Huge bang for the buck2/8/2007 7:20:44 AM

Pros: Very easy to setup and use card for the price. Drivers on both CD and Floppy are included along with 2 SATA cables and 2 molex to SATA power converters. Forgot to adjust the jumpers on the card but it turns out that it didn't matter, I put the CD in and the WinXP hardware wizard installed it without an issue and was up and running in minutes with a new hard drive. Very quick transfer speeds, it seems like data writes to the drive connected to this card faster than it writes to the drive connected to the controller on my mobo! For the accessories in the box and the peformance you get from this card as well as the ease of setup, this card is a steal at this price.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: The Silicon Image website states that the SiI3114 chip found on this card is a SATA 1.0 (150 MB/s)controller. Hopefully this clears up any confusion as to whether this is a SATA I or SATA II card. I cannot comment on the RAID functionality since I am only using one hard drive with this card.

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