Great case from Coolermaster7/14/2009 11:24:18 AM

Pros: Compared to the no name case this replaced, this is quite a step up. It was between this case and the coolermaster centurion 590. I went with this one, and I dont regret it. This one seems a little nicer looking: with the shiny bezel around the power button and front usb, and doesn't seem to have the same poor paint job people complain about on the 590. It accomodates big video cards and keeps temps down with all the extra fans and the bottom mounted power supply.

Cons: Like with any case with a bottom mount power supply, make sure cables will reach. Unlike the 590, does not have holes for a later upgrade to water cooling. Doesn't have a side window, which is a big deal to some, but IMO I would rather have the 2x140mm fans..

Overall Review: I had to find a case that would fit in a compact desk compartment, that supported a large video card (9600GT) and had quite a bit of cooling capacity. This and the very silghtly larger (by a couple inches) centurion 590 were the best cost effective solutions I found to fit such a compact space.

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