First Impressions6/15/2012 10:41:00 AM

Pros: Price Better signal strength than my DIR-655 on the 2.4GHz band Nice set of features

Cons: None, but it is still early...

Overall Review: I've been in the market for a new router for a few months, ever since my DIR-655 started sporadically shutting off. I just couldn't justify throwing so much cash at the N66U as nice as it may be. This one seemed at least comparable for way less. Being so new, I couldn't find any reviews but figured it was my turn to take the plunge and hope for the best, giving other prospects a first view. So far I am not disappointed. My only qualm is with ASUS, that they disabled 5GHz on the Prime. This router seems to be a good value. I'll report back if I have any troubles in the future.

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No Firmware Upgrade Required7/28/2011 11:45:21 AM

Pros: These are solid drives at a good price. While it is true that Samsung has had some firmware issues with these drives, I am happy to report that the two that I received this month were already patched. They were manufactured in April of this year and all drives made after Dec 2010 ship with the firmware upgrade per Samsung. Only time will tell how these hold up but I have no complaints so far.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Some of these other reviews are very recent and are still claiming that they needed the firmware patch. Did I just get lucky in receiving such new drives? Or maybe people don't know how to check a label for the DOM... The downside of the patch is that other than the DOM there is no way to know if it is good to go. Even after you patch it yourself, you can repeat the process over and over without any confirmation that it took. I have a feeling that some people are patching already patched drives but in the end, there is no harm done. Companies make mistakes but it seems like Samsung has done a good job correcting this one.

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Shame on Corsair3/31/2011 4:19:44 AM

Pros: As others have stated, it's fast when it works.

Cons: I'm not going to repeat what others have already stated about the repeated BSOD with this drive. I just wanted to note that I upgraded the firmware that was supposed to fix this drive and it did not help at all. It is still unusable as a primary drive.

Overall Review: My first SSD was a Corsair P128 and I have loved it. Not a single problem after 1 year of constant use. I really thought that sticking with Corsair would pay off. I was wrong.

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