Good to use it as main OS host **Updated January 14, 2016 ***Unreliable***1/15/2016 3:36:25 PM

Pros: * Price<br>* It worked just fine out of the box<br>* Makes a difference in OS loading times even in a SATA II system

Cons: **** Unreliable. After 8 months of very light use (I use the drive as main OS disk in a HTPC, I use the PC just once or twice a week) it crashed and i wasn't able to recover the drive, I just submitted a RMA request to AData since it has 3 years of warranty. Unfortunately it will be very hard to rely in the brand again. It's a pain restoring the data to a new disk and the downtime waiting for the replacement. Not good. * I had some issues with the cloning process<br>* Weird 9mm adapter, has sticky tape to glue it to the SS disk

Overall Review: I had some issues cloning my old drive to the new SSD with the Acronis Full Version Software, for unknown reason during the restarting the system didn't return to the Acronis app but to the main OS and the cloning stalled. I ended doing a backup and restarting the system with the recovery (rescue) disk and then retrieving the backup to the new SSD. It took more time but worked pretty well. The SSD is being used as the OS disk in an AMD htpc, despite my system being Sata II the loading/starting time is noticeable faster than my previous normal 3.5" 7200 RPM hard drive. Let's see how it behaves in the long run... 4 eggs because the cloning process issue could be a big issue for someone not very experienced.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer, We are sorry that your SP600 is not working properly. Unfortunately, DOA does occur from time to time and that is why there is a warranty on our products that covers this issue. Please send it in for an RMA exchange and you will receive a working replacement. The ADATA RMA process is a simple and painless procedure. Please feel free to contact us directly. Thank you, ADATA Technology Customer Service Tech Support Email:
Great to install in an old system6/4/2015 10:11:18 AM

Pros: Installed in an 8 year old HP pavilion (Core Duo to Xeon converted with Windows 8.1) desktop become silent, processor load was reduced. It's a very good option for mobos with PCI Express 2.0. Absolutely ZERO issues with installation, OS found it right away.

Cons: It takes 2 ports, despite the compact design of the card; the port that is close to the PCI Express 2.0(16) is now unusable because the passive cooler is blocking it , consider this if you are planning to add expansion cards to your system.

Overall Review: It's 4.5 eggs, the fan-less design ends with the passive cooler being large but is understandable and not enough to discount a full egg of the qualification.

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Just better than expected and cheap...5/24/2014 9:01:02 AM

Pros: Cheap, i did put it in my old HP system running Win 8.1, no drivers needed it's working I hope that lasts for a while...

Cons: NO low profile adapter.

Overall Review: Be advise that you will need a SATA power connector NOT the normal 4 pin for IDE devices, so you probably want to be sure that you system has one available or buy one. Mine came without disk but drivers are available in their site, however Win 8.1 just found it and installed the OS stocked drivers.

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Mixed results3/25/2014 8:55:38 PM

Pros: It's really small, cable can sync too, price is good, plenty of power to charge almost any device.

Cons: Once that you install it in the power outlet is quite hard to remove it mainly because is so small that you don't have a good grip to pull it, not sure why but mine didn't charge my Samsung SIII Mini, tried with different cable NO success, tested on a LG 840 and it worked.

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A 500G HD for PS3 replacement, Yes!2/4/2014 7:50:53 AM

Pros: Seagate quality 500G Good Construction Price Great if you have a spare FreeAgent Adapter

Cons: You need a Seagate FreeAgent Adapter to use it as is sold, currently those adapters are discontinued, but.... Read other thoughts below...

Overall Review: I own 2 old Seagate AgentFree Disks so I have 2 adapters one USB 2.0 and one is USB 3.0 and this performs great just needs to be formatted or... I bought this one to use it as a PS3 HD replacement, it's quit easy to pull the disk from the enclosure just with a small slotted screwdriver, you can separate the two parts of the shell case by inserting the screwdriver in the middle joint. It's a 500G 2.5 HD for under 35, you can't find a HD at this price. it's cheaper than a 500G refurbished. Mine is installed and working.

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Good for a HTPC on a budget5/1/2013 1:37:57 PM

Pros: I built a budget HTPC pairing the MoBo with a AMD A4 5300 APU and Kingston Blue Hyper 8G, no performance complains so far, it handles pretty much any media playing app. and all the other common tasks (Browsing, Email, Streaming, ETC) Excellent MoBo for my purposes.

Cons: Once running this MoBo rocks, getting there is tricky. I tried 4 times with Windows 8 installation, everything worked great until that I tried to update the chipset firmware using MSI software from their site, after installing the SW Win 8 hangs forever, if you hit restart button BAM! OS will be corrupted without fix... Do yourself a favor, after install Win 8 go to the AMD site and install their tool to see your configuration, execute it and they will point to the right chipset firmware and where to get it. After I did that everything went fine.

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Flawless12/21/2011 9:28:36 AM

Pros: Price, Memory fits perfectly, HP EliteBook 8540W compatible

Cons: None

Overall Review: We have installed several of these in HP's EliteBooks 8540W without any issue, the performance is noticeable better, I have couple very resource demanding applications running at the same time. 8G RAM can make a real difference. As usual fast shipping from Newegg

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Best option at this price for a presentation projector.3/11/2011 7:53:34 AM

Pros: Used mostly for presentations and occasionally to display videos, amazingly visible in a well illuminated room, minimal difference between ECO and normal mode so you can go ECO mode in any condition, cool feature to adjust light output to compensate wall paint color (so you can convert any wall into a real screen), 6000 hours lamp in ECO, low noise, very good scaling of non native resolutions tried 1280 X 800 and 1650 X 1080, brilliant colors, lamp replacement around 120 USD, small footprint for a 2700 lumen device, very good option for a data projector at this price.

Cons: * No audio. * No buttons, the remote control slides in the projector housing to be used as the button station, so if you lose the remote you will suffer, so better keep the remote attached to the projector. * Only 1 year of warranty, all other Acer projectors have 2, not sure why, however for less than 40 you can add 1 year of warranty.

Overall Review: Acer is doing very good electronics at affordable prices, I have an Acer AMD laptop (4 years old now) almost indestructible and very reliable, 2 23" LCD monitors bought for less than 139 each, very satisfied with Acer, Keep the good work .

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You can't go wrong with this1/11/2011 9:17:41 PM

Pros: Follow the instructions in some of the comments posted here and you will be set in a blink, the device is pretty stable, no drops so far, device is used to connect a Seagate Media Player HD+ and/or a LG networked TV, I can switch the cable between devices without problems, it's just too much to add a network hub switch :-) . strong signal, nice and compact design.

Cons: You need a good technical background, I couldn't make the wizard to work, so I have to go 100% manually. Probably TRENDnet needs to do a better guide for those not too technical...

Overall Review: It does include a 2 feet cable.

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Buttons will start to fail sooner than expected12/6/2010 11:58:45 AM

Pros: Yes you can control almost everything and create macros, downloading codes from the internet it's the key, most of the commands are available, so it can replace the original, and you can still add more commands with the learning function to complete your control mapping and help some others to get the codes/commands easier.

Cons: The soft contact pads are below average, the buttons you use the most start to fail in a year, just when the warranty expires, and you can't get any part replacement to fix your remote control, you have to send the control and pay pretty much what you spend in a new one, not sure why they don't use better quality materials, there are original remotes that last 5-6 years.

Overall Review: It's great to have this remote, not very good to have it replaced every year, you may want to buy a 2 year extended warranty as you will need it for sure...

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Excellent performance, great compatibility - Version USB 2.04/3/2005 9:24:15 PM

Comments: Installed a xxx DVD Burner inside of the enclosure, my laptop and desktop found it pretty quick and have it installed in couple seconds requiring nothing but a restart, has an excellent performance writting, no errors nor glitches, burned a DVD at 16X in less than 6 minutes. Free shipping, received two days before of the estimated delivery date. Newegg you are really somebody to trust - Standing ovation my friends -

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