Pretty Decent4/15/2009 4:42:32 PM

Pros: This is a pretty good keyboard for the amazing price. Bought it to replace my old PS/2 keyboard. Not "clicky," has a smooth key depression. What can I say? It just works!

Cons: The only thing that was disappointing was the absurdly short cord for it. Managed to get it connected but I don't know if it would connect to a desktop readily.

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Exceptional2/19/2009 4:10:13 AM

Pros: What can you list as pros with something that does exactly what it is advertised to do? It plugs in and now I can plug in stuff to it, that's always a plus for me!

Cons: Only con to it is that some of my devices, when I plug them into the hub, it has to reinstall the drivers for the device which it doesn't do if I hook it straight into my laptop USB ports. Not a big deal, Vista finds it in seconds and it's fine.

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