**LEFT** Angle Cable... Important Detail!12/4/2012 9:47:40 AM

Pros: It's a left-angle connector at the drive... for people who noticed this subtle detail, it's exactly what they were looking for. For people who didn't realize there was a difference, it's different from every other cable in their case. Left angle cables, when connected to the drive, point up instead of down. This is useful when you have a drive mounted close to the bottom of the case, or (in my case) a 2.5" drive that doesn't extend far enough to allow for an angle cable without crashing into the top of the drive below.

Cons: No latch on the drive side??

Overall Review: It's important to compare products to see what's different between, say, this angle latch and another OKGear Angle latch that looks identical. Products often have subtle differences, and people purchase something without realizing it's not what they're after, and get upset with the manufacturer, newegg, etc. I didn't even know there were left-angle cables until I did a compare on two identical-looking cables, and read through three times to see what the difference was :P

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2 Weeks: Failed Raid Array Drive11/29/2012 9:34:33 AM

Pros: Good performance; reasonable price. Newegg has gotten better about packaging... the five drives came wrapped in six inches of bubble wrap, and were taped so tightly I probably could've dribbled the package. But the box was still crushed in in one corner. C'MON, GUYS!!!! People have been complaining about your packaging for years : ( The replacement drive (see below), and two drives I subsequently ordered to expand capacity were packaged much better... they had plastic drive holders that fit snugly into the box, with plenty of space between the drives and the sides. The boxes were undamaged.

Cons: Two weeks of typical usage, and one of the five drives in my raid array died. Two stars may seem harsh, but a system's hard drive is The. Most. Critical. component of any system. Any other component can be replaced, no harm no foul. But when a hard drive dies, everything on it dies with it. Family pictures? Gone. Tax records? Gone. Email? Projects? Anything you've ever downloaded? Gone. For good. Yes, backups are critical. But how many people have the means (or know-how) to back up 2 TB of data? That's 40+ Blu-Ray discs (assuming you have a burner). I have a raid-6 array, because years ago I had two drives drop out of a raid-5 array... lost everything (see "too much to back up", above). Losing a drive so quickly killed my confidence in the security a raid array provides. A raid array is designed to protect against eventual failures... now, it's a front line defense against poor quality control, instead. Can I even rely on raid-6 being enough, now?

Overall Review: If you're in the hard drive business, a 20% failure rate is unacceptable. You can't use my five drives as a fair base, but there are entirely too many other reviews about failed hard drives. This is unfortunately true of every major manufacturer out there today... the quality is just terrible, and with the amount of data that is stored digitally, backing up data is now more critical than ever. The only reason I gave two stars instead of one is because they are not 'Enterprise-Class' drives. But two stars is still being nice. Newegg made the return without hassle. Seagate, Please - Do something about this.

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SATA Rating: Unknown8/18/2012 11:19:16 PM

Pros: It's hard to find pros about a cable. It works.

Cons: There is no indication anywhere what SATA spec these cables are rated for. Yes, they will work on SATA 3 (6.0Gbps) drives, but if they're not rated for SATA 3, you may not get the transfer speed the drive is capable of.

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Not 25 GB11/22/2011 9:28:05 PM

Pros: They look cool... slate-blue color with white writing. Lid to the disc-stack screws in place. Nice touch. Almost enough to get it a second star, but really, it's the functionality that counts.

Cons: Not 25GB... more like 23 and change. I'm assuming they're pulling that garbage about 1GB being 1,000MB, not 1,024 like it's meant since the dawn of computing. Bad enough hard drives pull that ******** ... I didn't think these discs would do it, too. Lost the first disc to a coaster because of it. I do have Verbatim discs that take a full 25GB of data, the real GB, so it's not an industry standard. First disc burned at 2.2x for the first half of the disc... reached 3.2x around 77%, but the disc took more than 35 minutes to burn. Tried discs in Nero and CDBurnerXP... no better luck. Even had Nero analyze the speed, did not help. I can't give these discs anything higher than a one, because they do nothing they are advertised to do.

Overall Review: Nothing on the Memorex website talks about how many bytes "25GB" really is. If the details section on Newegg had specified the actual capacity, I would have taken it into consideration before purchasing.

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Making up for below review10/29/2011 12:30:30 PM

Pros: 5-year warranty SATA III (6.0 Gb/s) Enterprise-class with RAID support Largest drive available Hitachi products are valuable enough that Western Digital moved to acquire them back in March. The deal is still pending EU approval. Some would consider this a 'Con'... really it's an 'Other Thought' that wouldn't fit : )

Cons: Price, of course... back in April, Hitachi reported supply problems due to electric-part supply issues from the tsunami and earthquakes in Japan. The supply-chain lag probably means that wasn't felt right away, but is still being felt today. Not sure how other HDD manufacturers are being affected, but $499 is pretty painful, even if this drive is currently (IMO) king of the industry. But, as always, the best will cost you. : )

Overall Review: This review is to make up for the review below, where an unidentified reviewer wrote: "I have had or been "in charge of" at least 15 Hitachi drives about 10 years ago, that were sold by IBM under their own label. Of those 15 drives... FIVE failed" The reviewer does not even own one of these drives (disclaimer: neither do I), and is reviewing a current drive based on an incident that happened TEN YEARS AGO and INVOLVED A DIFFERENT MANUFACTURER. Really? Get over it. Any computer-hardware industry goes through shifts and changes... you have to keep in touch with the most current information when purchasing equipment. Mr. N/A's review would have been irrelevant regardless of the number of stars he assigned. Considering the intelligence and bias the reviewer exposes, I would assert that the drive failures were more likely related to his/her lack of knowledge in how to handle a hard drive when installing. It wouldn't surprise me if the drives were IDE and hot-swapped : 0

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Clearing up the matched set vs. 2 cheaper sets controversy5/3/2011 2:45:59 PM

Pros: Excellent quality, good price. Switched to G.Skill a couple of years ago, have been consistently happy with their memory. 24GB is recognized by all i7-9xx processors, but not i7-8xxx, i5-xxx, or i3-5xx. i5/i3-2xxx series, however, support 32GB or RAM. Product specs for all processor families are available at the following link, and you can drill down to each one to see how much memory it supports. http://ark.intel.com/Default.aspx

Cons: Timings are very average... they are the lowest, 'budget' memory timings. No eggs docked, however, because this is not necessarily a bad point; you get what you pay for, and this is reasonably what you'd expect memory with these timings to cost. If you want faster timings, '7' will cost you more than twice as much.

Overall Review: To shed some light on the controversy about buying 2 sets of 12GB for the cheaper price vs. the 24GB kit: You need to match the memory speed, timings, and capacity (as well as number of chips and a couple of other minor points) to have a "matched set". If you buy four individual sticks of memory from the same manufacturer of the same model with the same specs, you can safely use them in dual-channel mode; they will run at the advertised speed with no issues. HOWEVER... the "advertised speed" is the catch. If the memory you get comes from different production runs, each stick will be slightly different. When you try to overclock, the speeds you can attain will differ for each stick. If the first stick hits 1800, and the last stick can't, you'll boot up, but blue-screen when that stick is finally hit (which may take a while with 24GB). If you get a matched set, the models came from the same production run and have been tested together... they will likely overclock better

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Extremely Disappointing12/25/2009 10:49:00 AM

Pros: 1920x1200 is the perfect resolution for development Easy to put together, and the stand seems more stable than some posts claimed. Doesn't take as much room on the desk as I expected

Cons: The monitor is 50% brighter at the bottom than it is at the top. I read this in some of the reviews and thought 'how bad can it be'. It is very noticeable, and out of the box the contrast was set to nearly 100% to keep the top from being too dark... making the bottom so glowing bright the text in the taskbar was blurry. If you sit 6"-8" above the monitor, the bright spot is centered on the screen and it looks fairly even The bleed from the bottom is also *very* noticeable when watching movies... again, I read about this and thought 'how bad can it be'. The menu system is unfriendly and frustrating... the buttons are labeled 'source', 'menu', 'vol +/-', and 'ch +/-'... source acts sometimes as an enter or return, and menu acts as a menu or return, and I can't keep vol and ch straight, one navigates up and down, the other changes the setting. Part of the problem is the buttons are at the side, so you can't really look at what you're pressing.

Overall Review: 24" is the perfect size for 1920x1200... I debated for the longest time between 24" and 25.5", but the 25.5" would have resulted in icons and text too large. Newegg's delivery time for this was incredible; I ordered it 12/22 at 7:30 at night, and it was here by 1:00 Christmas eve. I would return this if I could... Neweggs 'replacement only' policy really makes a big purchase like this a risk. This monitor is really not suitable for PC use

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Great Product - You need to know the following:7/19/2009 1:48:01 PM

Pros: Excellent adapter; reads IDE/SATA 2.5/3.5" drives like a charm. Excellent speed, sustained transfer rates of 20-30 Mbps, the max for the drives I've used so far. Haven't needed an extra usb connection for 2.5" drives (for extra power), however, the drives I'm using are 3-4 of years old now. Power switch is perfect (and necessary).

Cons: Power brick is in the middle of the cord, limiting its usable length.

Overall Review: Follow these steps EXACTLY! To connect a drive: 1. Make sure power switch is off and usb is not connected 2. Plug power (if 3.5" drive) and IDE/SATA cables into drive 3. Switch power on 4. Wait for drive to initialize (5-6 seconds) 5. Plug usb into computer; one LED will lght 6. Within 10-60 seconds, Windows will have informed you that your hardware is ready; the second LED will light 7. If you don't see a drive letter for the new drive, use Disk Mgr to partition the drive To unplug: 1. System Tray, open "safely remove hardware" 2. Select the drive and click 'stop' 3. Unplug the usb cable from the pc 4. Switch the power to the adapter off 5. Unplug drive from adapter and power supply You MUST do everything in that order, and you MUST disconnect the usb cable from the pc before connecting another drive. HTH

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Performs perfectly7/3/2009 9:05:28 AM

Pros: Easy to setup and use. Has performed perfectly on all 3 interfaces (SATA, IDE 2.5, IDE 3.5). Excellent transfer speeds; have been limited by the drive speeds, not the USB 2.0 spec. USB cable can be unplugged at the adapter Two LEDs to indicate connectivity to computer and drive

Cons: Power brick is in the middle of the cord, as noted by others. Minor, but it definitely does limit the distance.

Overall Review: Hot-swapping drives is an advanced task... make sure you know what you are doing before you write critical reviews here. **Do Not** plug into a hub; connect directly to computer. The adapter is a stoppable device (usb-atapi bridge); if you stop it to swap drives, you will need to unplug/replug into the usb port. If you don't, windows will not see the new drive. NOT a Rosewill issue, that's how Windows works! DO NOT unplug write-cached drives without uninstalling in device mgr Dell 8500/8600 Inspiron, 2.5" IDE drives: - Have an adapter on the IDE pins that you must first GENTLY remove... be careful not to bend the pins on the drive!! Use a soft set of pliers (cover ends with some kind of thin rubber), and pull gently, evenly, and slowly. The pins underneath are very easy to bend! - Have four extra pins that make the drive APPEAR to fit the 3.5" side of the adapter. IT DOESN'T!! The blocked pin is in the wrong spot for the 3.5" side; if you force it, you will rui

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Couldn't find a network if one ran over it in a truck9/4/2008 8:51:56 PM

Pros: Small, easy to travel with. Inexpensive. Comes with sturdy, bendable extension you can aim to help find a line-of-sight to the router. Probably would work well as a travel adapter.

Cons: Very poor reception. Two other wireless adapters in the house (belkin n1 & intel 2200bg) pick up half a dozen networks in the neighborhood, so I know they have a good range. The TrendNet has trouble finding my dlink wireless N router if it's not on the same floor.

Overall Review: I can't really complain... I got it as a cheap backup, possibly for travel, and it will work fine for that. Really didn't expect much more, though I'm surprised it can't see some of the closer networks (like my next-door-neighbor's)

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Warranty is covered9/24/2007 5:19:16 PM

Pros: There seems to be some confusion regarding the warranty... Yes, it's an OEM drive, but NewEgg is on the list of authorized retailers, so the five-year warranty is legit. Have never needed to test this with a Seagate drive, but I've never heard of anyone with OEM warranty issues through NewEgg

Cons: Hard to complain about this drive

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Arrrrg! Stop asking for modular cabling!!!8/1/2007 6:38:34 PM

Pros: The lack of modular cabling is not an oversight... it is deliberate, and it is GOOD! Modular cabling unnecessarily adds resistance and impacts performance. You avoid modular cabling for the same reason you avoid multiple rails. So please stop giving low marks based on this criteria... Silverstone offers identical models with modular support if you prefer this, and there's probably not much difference in price. http://www.pcpower.com/technology/myths/

Cons: I actually decided to hold out for the OP1200 model over this one... I was concerned about the 46db rating at peak power (min 23). The 1200 has 90A on the 12v line, and it uses a 120mm fan that's a good bit quieter. It's just unfortunately not available yet!

Overall Review: Wait for the OP1200 if you can.

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