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Works if you connect it correctly1/22/2015 7:40:01 PM

Pros: High CFM, very quiet, bright LEDs

Cons: No instructions included, can result in short circuits! (See other thoughts)

Overall Review: Couple other reviews state the product is bad due to the LED wire shorting out. That is because you are NOT supposed to use this LED wire connected to a power source like the motherboard's LED pins. The main 3 pin connector will power both the fan and LEDs, while the separate wire labeled as LED+/- is solely for the purpose of connecting the fan to the BitFenix Hydra Pro or similar fan/LED controllers. If you do not have a controller then you must leave the included loop on the LED wire for it to work. There are instructions on BitFenix's product page that warn about this, but it is not included in the product, so I knocked an egg off.

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Nice, with a small oversight...10/29/2014 3:50:40 PM

Pros: Super Flexible, makes cable routing a breeze. Very Nice Sleeving. Works.

Cons: Just a small oversight in BitFenix's design on this one. The 'gaps' in the female connector are at pins 1 and 4. Most PWM fans I've used (including the BitFenix Spectre Pro PWM I got with this) have the ridges that fit into these gaps at pins 1 and 3. Had to clip some plastic away to get the fan to connect properly.

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HyperX Fury White 16GB DDR3 1866Mhz7/16/2014 3:34:15 PM

Pros: Exceptionally easy use - Automatically clocks to the maximum frequency the system can support. Looks great!

Cons: None thus far!

Overall Review: When I put them in they were only clocked to 1333Mhz, rather than return them and write a scathing review here, I did a little research and discovered the problem was my processor (Phenom II x4) didn't have controllers up past that point. Upgraded to an FX-8320 and the clock went right up to 1866Mhz without having to fiddle with Bios. Make sure your motherboard and CPU are compatible with the speed you choose!

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