The under-rated budget SSD12/27/2016 6:33:19 PM

Pros: FAST 3D NAND Technology Cheep Did I mention fast? Laptop Boots in 4 seconds

Cons: None as of yet; Its pretty new so we've yet to see how it preforms long-term.

Overall Review: Got this for my Acer E5-575G I got for Christmas to replace the standard drive. Had a good price point for the storage, plus 3D NAND. This thing (in my tests) preforms well above expectations of drives within this price point. In SOME tests it's getting very similar results to my Samsung 850 evo. Is it the best drive? No. But its a very solid one and I'm extremely happy with this purchase.

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Solid SSD5/27/2013 10:33:32 PM

Pros: Good Price, Very sleek and sexy, fast boot

Cons: It cost money -

Overall Review: Bought this as my first SSD for christmas of 2012, so I've had it for 5 months (its 5.28.13 as I write this)and it still works perfectly as it did on day 1. it was easy to install and it took a while for me to figure out how to make it work well, but once you figure it out you'll be on your way about a 10 seconds and im in windows, fully loaded. Love it buy it now

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Cool5/27/2013 10:30:56 PM

Pros: Its a game.... it works

Cons: It is a disc.... who the heck uses discs for games anymore?

Overall Review: Bought this for my little causin for christmas, got it quick, and it worked. Not much to be said. Fun game, though. Poor kid is too young to understand how to use the PC and steam so he has to use PS3, hopefully one day he will learn.

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Amazing case5/27/2013 10:28:52 PM

Pros: SEXY, cable management, perfect size, good air flow, quiet. Sturdy, well made. good price point. will last a long time, fast shipping from newegg ^_^

Cons: It does not cook bacon

Overall Review: Got this case when my thermaltake level 10 gt case broke. I was so upset, cus' I paid so much for it and it broke in no time. I have had no issues. Instalation of MB and other things was easy, had a slight issue getting my HDD in their but got it eventually. anyway, all in all a amazing case, which I expect to have for many years and many builds to come! Do no hesitate to get it

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Worked5/27/2013 12:35:56 AM

Pros: Good price. Worked while it lasted.

Cons: Not class 10 - got 7mbps (usually 5) tried on both my pc (which is a beast I built myself)and smartphone and got similar results.

Overall Review: I used this on my Galaxy S3 for music for about 5 months then it suddenly could not be written to nor read, and soon after undetected by my s3 nor my pc. I had faith in this card, and I ignored all the negative reviews. Boy do I regret that. Go and buy gskill. They make much better memory.

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Good4/13/2013 4:03:19 PM

Pros: Lightweight, Portable, Looks Very Sleek and sexy, Pretty Quiet, good price point.

Cons: Not as fast as a internal SATA DVD drive there is a noticeable diffrence.

Overall Review: Regardless of it being a tad slower, it gets the job done nonetheless. Also, it is very convenient to have on your desk, instead of having to reach down to your comp and what not. A great drive, for a good price.

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The Worst Fan On The Market!2/22/2012 5:38:57 PM

Pros: None...

Cons: Loud, Very Hot, Fragile, Very Horribly Made

Overall Review: Got this fan to replace my loud stock fan, and i was really excited! put it on, and in the process broke 2 or 3 little pices, this thing is so horribly made! then used it for 2-3 days no issues,, then my computer reaches 65 C while playing MINECRAFT! and after 10 min of that it hit 95c and my computer turned off... THIS IS THE WORST FAN EVER!! You are better off using a stock! *and this is not a fake review guys, really go back now! i'm trying to save you the time! Hope you guys dont fall for this piece of *CENSORED* fan!!! this should be removed from newegg!

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