Works as Expected5/19/2021 1:04:16 PM

Pros: Runs everything I throw at it. FPS are way up from my 1080 and RTX makes a huge difference. Love it so far. Running on 1920 x 1080 so not getting full appreciation of what this can do. Saving up for a new display.

Cons: Software for Win 10 is average at best. More detail could have been put into the RGB and OC Clocking program that comes with it. (my opinion)

Overall Review: I would recommend this product. Reviews have been very favorable with this card.

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NICE PSU!5/19/2021 12:52:44 PM

Pros: Has everything you will need and more. Going from old P/S to new with a new ATX MID Case made everything going together, easy, clean and neat. Got the 850W for the Graphics and drives connected plus all the fans in use. My previous P/S(700W) was starting to sound like I had a "Banshee" in my system. Would start howling after running some games because of the GPU(RTX3070).This one is Very Quiet. Been running for about (2) weeks and its been perfect.

Cons: NONE

Overall Review: Did a lot of research and this was the one I selected. Got at a good price . Very happy so far.

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Not What I expected...5/19/2021 12:43:31 PM

Pros: Nice Layout, Plenty of USB ports. WIFI and Lan Connections. Bios has all the things need to OC your board effectively. Purchased in COMBO DEAL. My system: GIGABYTE B550 AORUS PRO AC AM4 AMD B550 ATX Motherboard with Dual M.2, SATA 6Gb/s, USB 3.2 Gen 2, Intel 802.11ac, 2.5 GbE LAN, PCIe 4.0 16GByte PATRIOT STEEL DDR4400C19 3950X Ryzen CPU GIGABYTE RTX3070 Eagle-OC 8GB Noctua DH15Air Cooler

Cons: BUT... Memory problems with XMP and just getting memory work at 3400MHZ was a lot of work. Last mother board with same memory(PATRIOT DDR4400C19/ASUS PRime B550-Plus) getting to 3800 MemClk/ 4250 CPUCLK with VCore at 1.2V and mem at 1.33V. This Board would not prompt past 3200. This was the only board that would do that. I tested on (3) different Brand motherboards.(ASUS Prime B550-PLUS, ASUS TUF X570-PLUS ,ASUS ROG CROSSHAIR VIII HERO) the last is what I have running now. - Win10 Software for this board lacking compared to ASUS(AI SUITE III). Had all the RGB stuff but thats not a priority for me. I flashed board as soon as I got it to prompt with 1 memory board to bring to current REV level.

Overall Review: The board worked fine but it has all these overclocking features but what good is it if you can't get your memory to run at a decent speed. IT lacks that in my opinion. When that is fixed I would highly recommend it. It has everything you need at a decent price. Everything worked on it. With a 3950x I'm not going to settle for slow memory. Listen every board has its quirks, this board is no different. They all have a similar layout and BIOS that does the same things. Some have more detail than others. These processors are still fairly new so "getting it to work right" is still an ongoing process. Get the memory compatiblilty to match the other MB's and you will have a very good board.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
ASUS B550-PLUS MB3/3/2021 7:54:45 AM

Pros: Very happy with performance. Its a no Frills MB but that's what I wanted. Like the Fan setup can set it and forget it. Has most of the overclocking features needed. MY setup is Software- Multiple boots,WIN10 PRO and (2)Linux. Running 3700X with 32 Gbyte Patriot DDR4400 memory , GEForce GTX 980 TI a DX ASUS Zonar sound card and 3 SSDs(1- 256/2- 1TB's). Got it up to 4350MHZ just using ASUS AI program. Set my VDDR to go no higher than 1.28V with memory at 1.35V. Ran CPU-Z and CBR23 and UNIGEN TimeSpy benchmark to see temps. All ran at OC 4350MHZ. Network is fast and really haven't had any problems so far. If you OC set PBO on and D.C.O.P enable and start with the JEDECs supplied with memory and go from there. Very solid for the price. Just what I was looking for.

Cons: BIOS could be a little better. Default setup would power on and off sometimes. OC tuner is a feature to have to test your setup but if you go auto on everything VDDR is higher and Memory also. Had to Replace Battery would not keep time. Some of the above could be attributed to new motherboard also.

Overall Review: If your looking for a board that will run latest RYZEN CPU's and don't want a lot of frills. This is it. OC's works with all the latest features. Entry level MB. Solid.

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DDR4400 Memory3/3/2021 7:34:23 AM

Pros: Bought two and got my 3700X up to 4350 with just the ASUS AI panel software included with 3700X. I' running on ASUS B550-PLUS MB with 3700X and a GEFORCE GTX 980 TI, (2) 1 TB SSD drives. Ran without a hitch. Running the DRAM at 1.35V and CPU VDDR @ 1.25-.28v when overclocking. Using JEDEC Specs right now. Really see no need to experiment. Very Solid. Bought two more! Now to see if they last. Only overclock on gaming and that hasn't been a problem. Would highly recommend! Not to mention price was right! Thumbs up

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: Weren't certified tested by AMD but SPD Specs were same on other Memory boards that were. Took a chance. Glad I did. Reviews are favorable.

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Refurbished: RAZER Nostromo RZ07-00490100 Wired Expert Gaming Keypad3/31/2014 7:31:57 PM

Pros: Nice feel. Being ambidextrous left handed helped. Definitely better reaction time.

Cons: Had to Download software. Not the easiest to find.

Overall Review: It will take time but a good investment.

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ASUS VE247H Black 23.6" 2ms Full HD HDMI LED BackLight LCD Monitor w/Speakers 300 cd/m2 10,000,000:1 (ASCR)2/20/2014 4:57:20 AM

Pros: Excellent picture once the display is set up right.

Cons: The Liturature included and setup is not user friendly. As stated in previous posts, before you do anything with settings, go to display setup for your Display card on Windows or Linux (NVidia or ATI) and make sure your resolution is set to 1920x1080, if your card can handle it. I thought I had a focus problem but was actually the resolution was causing the problem. From there I did monitor adjustments through LCD buttons. Then I adjusted the Font size to my preference. I was ready to send this back.

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