Does what its supposed to do8/23/2007 3:48:22 AM

Pros: Holds lots of data! Its not a speed drive by any means. I have 4 of these drives in a raid array for storing video and so far no complaints. They do get warm though but not as bad as one would think. As for noise? Hard to say, I have 4 of them so I cant be fair, but will say its tolerable. You cant beat the price and the free shipping.

Cons: Formatted space is about 469 some Gigs, but why sweat the small stuff.

Overall Review: If you have lots of music, home video, just plain storage, this drive seems to fit the bill. I wouldnt use it for games though. If all you have is IDE, look at the 16Mb buffer drive for that. Dont forget, its OEM. No DL tools.

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