Nice little low budget KVM3/17/2021 6:02:14 PM

Pros: Audio ability is a huge plus with me! Cables included, is as well! Love auto scan!

Cons: Some systems "flicker" a bit, which is a strain on the eye's.

Overall Review: I love the auto scan. I haven't used the remote yet and not sure I ever will. It's simple enough to press a button. This series kvm, has a great compact design and is very well thought out. Full audio is a huge deciding factor in my case. For the most part, the quality is exceptional! I did have some flickering when I plugged in a client's system, though my own servers + surveillance system is clear and crisp all of the time.

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Great buy!2/3/2021 6:44:50 AM

Overall Review: Exceptional dollar value!

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Totally Awesome!7/31/2018 4:46:09 PM

Pros: Hey more RAM is always awesome, but RAM with bleam, kicks it to new limits in awesomeness!! 32Gbs worked out just fine for editing video, I was considering ordering more if it were not so costly... Works so Awesome with the Asus Aura system!! The rainbow flows so smoothly!!

Cons: Absolutely No Complaints...

Overall Review: Highly Recommend!

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Nice little case!!7/28/2018 10:26:05 AM

Pros: Seems very roomy, even for semi-excessive systems. Lots of room for the future! Love where they were headed with cable management and this box was pretty easy to customize for my own personal requirements.

Cons: Never ask, so this is not really a complaint: 3 Pin fan power does not comply with Aura lighting system, so the idea of three free fans was negated :( A couple of the cable pass-thrus seemed a little rough, but a file made quick work of that :)

Overall Review: As mentioned, it's a nice mid tower case, I'd buy it again and would give it a Strong Recommend! Drop Shipped super fast up from LA, (not shipped directly by NewEgg) This can easily fit a 3 fan liquid cooling system on top if you're not using the two 5 1/2" drive bays - which I am.... There are easily two locations for a two fan liquid cooling system - even with a full sized ATX Motherboard and 5 hard drives..

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