Amazing GPU. Performance and looks.5/7/2021 9:52:29 AM

Pros: - It just looks good. - Impressive performance in gaming and any other work application. - Cool temps (35C-38C idle and no higher than 65C under some load). - It runs quite. When idling none of the fans spin (quite mode), and even when under load I can barely hear fans or pump noise.

Cons: I can't really think of cons. Maybe the price or the fact that I had to "rearrange" some stuff in my computer to accommodate the GPU. This graphic card should be mounted vertically to show it off since there's no RGB on the backplate and wasn't cheap, so might as well show it off. Asus could have done a better job at hiding the cables running from the GPU to the radiator. At least it comes with cool Asus branded cable ties.

Overall Review: I got lucky getting this GPU at MSRP. I was not planning on getting this card or even an AMD card at all. I was hoping to get a 3080 or 3090. After seeing what this card is capable of and how good it looks I've decided to just keep it. Went from an ROG 2080ti to this one, and there's definitely a jump in performance. Another thing I noticed compared to the 2080ti was my overall system temperature. When stressing the 2080ti the amount of heat coming out of the computer was crazy. It even increased my room temperature a couple degrees. I do not have that "issue" with the 6900. My last AMD (ATI) card was a Sapphire Vapor-X 5870 in crossfire. I believe I paid around 350 bucks for each card back then and it was just top performance. Paying over $1000 for 1 GPU isn't fun but it is what it is. I really like this card, wasn't expecting it at all. Some of my system specs: - Asus STRIX X570 E Gaming - AMD 3900X @4.5Ghz all cores - 32GB Corsair RAM @3200Mhz - ASUS ROG Strix Helios Case - Asus Strix 6900XT - Corsair RM850x PSU - Samsung G9 (5120x1440 @240Hz) and yes, GPU has ran games all maxed out without any issues.

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Amazing Motherboard.4/14/2015 8:53:58 PM

Pros: The "Thermal armor" is fantastic. It makes the motherboard looks nice, it protects and it keeps the temps low. I believe the "Thermal radar" (software) is easy to use and understand and it also helps keeping low temps in the system. The 2 little fans that it comes with are a nice add-on to keep those temps where you want them (all about coolness). You can also change the air flow by opening and closing the "flow valve" (part of the armor). -Dust defender for all ports and slots. -Beautiful, easy to use, UEFI. -Asus Homecloud is nice and makes sharing easier. -5 years manufacture warranty. Solid mobo, easy to install. Motherboard has so many good features (software and hardware).

Cons: It's pricey. The only little problem I had is that I wasn't able to install one of the little fans because I'm using the 1st x1 PCI express.

Overall Review: Bought this board on June 2014 and it's been working amazingly amazing since then. I had a 4770k, now it's running a 4790k. Overclock couldn't be easier! My last build had a Gigabyte 890FX, 1090t...(my last Intel build was a pentium 4). When it comes to motherboards I go with Gigabyte and/or ASUS (sometimes MSI). I had 2 AMD Gigabyte mobos before and they were awesome. This time I decided to go Intel ASUS and I regret nothing. Everything so far is fantastic...from the dust protectors (I live in AZ so they work for me) to all the software you can install to monitor almost every single thing in your PC. At the beggining I didn't even know where to start with all the features ASUS gave to this mobo...from the old school BIOS to the fantastic Sabertooth UEFI. What an upgrade. Can you imagine if you can control the flow valve with software? If you're looking for a ~$250 Intel motherboard. I would recommend this one any day.

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Eggcellent little board.4/14/2015 7:06:40 PM

Pros: -Micro ATX with 4 RAM slots. -H97 chipset. -6 6Gb/s Sata SATA connectors . -On board HDMI -Price Worked right out of the box, no problems at all.

Cons: Didn't come with an ASRock "case sticker".

Overall Review: Bought this little board for a media server. I've had it for a little bit more than a month and since then it's been running pretty much 24/7. No problems at all. OS install was fast and easy. Right now it's running a 4770k, 8GB RAM (1600), and a GT 520. If you're looking to build a little gaming PC or media center for a good price I would recommend this mobo. This is my first ASRock motherboard and so far...I'm happy with it. I'd buy it again if i need to.

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Nice phone but...2/1/2014 7:57:37 AM

Pros: This is a really nice phone. I got this phone more than a year ago with AT&T, and it's been one of the best phone I ever had. HTC did a really good job with this one X. It runs games (apps) smoothly and the 1GB RAM can handle a lot of things. Updated to Android 4.1.1. HTC Sense version: 4+. Sometimes the phone gets a little bit hot when playing too long. Battery life? It's OK I've seen smartphones with better battery life, but I like it. I liked it so much that a got one for a family member, but this time I got it here.

Cons: Maybe was my mistake, but I read long ago that the HTC One X sold by AT&T was a dual core but "the real phone" was a QUAD CORE. I read the specs on this phone here in NEWEGG and it tells you is a QUAD CORE with 32 GB internal memory!! Well...guess what? It is NOT a quad core with 32GB storage it's just the regular DUAL CORE with only 10-16GB storage...just like the one I got at AT&T. Not happy about that.

Overall Review: I really love this phone and I would recommend it, but I am not happy. First I paid extra $5 to have it deliver faster (3-5 business days) I bought it the 19th, they shipped it the 21st, and I got it the 30th. Really?? Then they sent me a 16GB microSD memory for the phone, but could you explain that to me? How am I supposed to install that "extra memory" to my 10GB phone? I did open my old phone and did not find any microSD slot. Help or any explanation is welcome (I will google it).

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Nice laptop.1/9/2014 1:17:36 AM

Pros: Fast machine. It was updated to Windows 8.1 no problems at all. For this size laptop the battery does a good job.

Cons: I don't know why and how, but for some reason my power cord was an "European power cord"? What happened Acer? Maybe the laptop I got was supposed to go to that side of the planet. Who knows, but I'm happy, these power cords are standard so it was easy to replease. It is a little bit bigger than I thought. I can't complain because I go it for a good price, so that day I just put it in the cart.

Overall Review: The way I see it this is a good basic computer. If you're going to use it for Microsoft Office, YouTube videos, e-mail, a coupe movies and basic tasks like that this is perfect!! The 4 GB RAM and the i3 make this laptop super fast with Windows 8. Not a big fan of Windows 8? Just try it, this was a good buy and I know Acer has a lot of good machines.

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Still can't believe it.1/9/2014 12:58:19 AM

Pros: This is an awesome TV. Probably you will read this on almost every review t in here, and let me tell you something: it is true. It's a 50" TV, LED for a good price! The picture quality is eggcellent, enough HDMI ports, even the sound (build in speakers) is good!! The remote is OK it is true about the "cheap looking" but it does what it's supposed to do. All ports work perfectly.

Cons: 60Hz? Changhong? It's not as slim as other TV's? The other thing I did not like is: it doesn't have a lot of options to manage the picture quality (my LG and Samsung monitor, and my VIZIO TV give me more options for that) maybe it's just me, but I'm happy. I think it would be great an Ethernet port or Wi-Fi (don't make it too expensive).

Overall Review: I have a Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and a gaming PC, I also enjoy my Blu-ray movies every night just like you and a lot of people in here. I first saw this TV on sale right before black Friday, an awesome deal, but the brand name made me not to buy it plus no reviews at all. Days later started to see a lot of good reviews and a couple bad ones, so I decided to give it a shot and here I am...really really happy with this product. This thing looks nice, really nice it doesn't matter if you have it in your room or living room or your man cave it looks nice even when the TV is off. The thin frame makes this TV looks even better. The clear base is a nice touch too. One of my friend saw this TV and he just said: "man, this TV looks expensive" I just said: "It's a nice TV". I'd recommend this product, once again the picture quality is fantastic and the sound is really good (it has an aux. port!, jut get a nice 2.1 speakers or a little home theater) About the 60Hz I would say don't worry too much about it, the TV is worth it. And just in case get an extended protection plan you never know, I am not a big fan of "protection plans" but I did it. I wouldn't like to post a review saying "too good to be true".

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Nice!1/7/2013 1:07:19 PM

Pros: Awesome, wait...super fast*. Completely worth it (money, performance, time installing everything again), it looks nice (nothing to do with performance but...hey I love it)

Cons: I installed a fresh copy of Windows 7 Ultimate 64bits and since then I've been having problems I never had before with my HDD like "not responding applications" and others...yes I have my system OCd but I know is 99.9% stable...maybe I did something wrong...I don't know but I'll fix it...

Overall Review: I was looking to buy a SSD since...can't even remember, but prices were too high sky, so waited until now. All I have to say is: from having my OS installed it in a hard drive (sata II) to have it in this SSD Sata III it's fantastic, games are faster loading, Windows loads/runs in seconds/fast...I feel like I changed my Honda Civic for a Lamborghini Murcielago...I'm happy with the upgrade so my PC..

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Perfect11/23/2012 5:44:40 AM

Pros: These things are amazingly awesome! Great design, solid fans, excellent quality (even the packaging), you can change the rings color I think that's pretty cool, and you get like a 2"or 3" extension cord for the 3 pin (that saved me)

Cons: I'm not getting my 2000+ RPM. I have them connected in the motherboard. Using AMD OverDrive and SpeedFan manual settings 100% speed and the fastest they go is 1800~1900 RPM.

Overall Review: I got these things for my "old" Corsair H50 and I can't complaint they work together. My temps still good, I have the CPU oc'd. I bet I'd get better temps with a newer H. Noise? I can't really tell you...when you have 2 or more video cards in your system (with stock cooling) the only things you hear are the vc's fans.

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....let's see...3/6/2012 6:54:56 PM

Pros: It looks awesome. You're gonna be able to control 5 fans. Easy to install. It tells you RPM, temps, and date.

Cons: True about the "angle of view". My 120mm fans cannot go higher than 1200 RPM (it doesn't matter what brand) I have problems with the battery.

Overall Review: It's a good fan controller, it looks awesome and I don't really care about the RPM I have about 7 fans in my case and my air flow it's good. The problem with the battery is for some reason I have to change it every single month (CR2025). I would recommend this product.

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It works...3/6/2012 6:26:04 PM

Pros: It works, comes with the screws, not bad for the price.

Cons: It was not free(?)

Overall Review: I live in AZ and I have 4 120mm fans in my case and each one has one of these. They really work, without them I was cleaning my PC once every 2-3 weeks (really dusty state) now I clean it once every 6 months.

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Eggcellent CPU8/4/2010 2:13:36 AM

Pros: I just have it running at 3.7Ghz (for now) and all I can say is: this thing is awesome. Temps? No problem: 30°C idle and 45°C - 50°C in full load. Vantage CPU score(@3.7Ghz): close to 18K. Six cores, fast, cool, AMD.

Cons: NONE

Overall Review: With the Corsair H50 and dual fan OC this thing up to 4Ghz won't be a problem. -Gigabyte 890FXA-UD5 -8Gb G Skills 1333@1640

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Good Card.8/4/2010 1:31:46 AM

Pros: I have 12 games and I can play all my games in max settings, Crysis, Modern Warfare 2, BFBC 2, Borderlands...AA in max, 1080p. This card rocks! Looks really nice and temps with stock settings are awesome (38-39°C the fan in 50% with a good airflow case).

Cons: It wasn't free :/

Overall Review: "DO NOT DISTURB...I'M PLAYING"

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Awesome =D7/4/2010 8:14:54 AM

Pros: -Looks really really cool!! -Side panel window with 120mm fan and blue led. -Lot of room in case. -6 fans (4 *120mm<3 of them with blue led> and 2 *140mm) -Airflow!! -Fan filter

Cons: -I had some problems with my cable management (Corsair 750TX) but that's it looks cool inside :) -It's not free :/

Overall Review: This is my 2nd case from NZXT and they are the best. I could buy the Cooler Master Haf 932 but this case was "love at first sight" Buy it :D Seriously...paint work is awesome, the case is big enough for cable management or 5970 video cards, tinted window. Oh it...

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Super Case =D11/25/2009 3:26:14 PM

Pros: Airflow system in case...perfect...a lot of room (specially for cable management behind mobo), black inside, holes for water cooling, excellent price, well, I guess one of the best case-price.

Cons: Just 1 fan. Maybe looks like a normal case, no window in the side panel. But it's ok. I love it!!

Overall Review: I think, between this NZXT and the Antec 300....the NZXT of curse!! 2 140mm fans, 2 120mm side panel, 1 120mm in back and 1 120mm in front....oh yeah...the ventilation for the PSU and the holes for the W.C What do you think?

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