Excellent Flagship Phone!9/10/2018 10:01:47 AM

Pros: This phone is the best phone I have ever owned. It truly has all the upper end specs, and the discounted pricing is gets it in your hands for about half of its value. Coming from two previous Motorola phones, which were fine, i simply wanted to get a premium phone worth the money. This phone is spot on. Works great on At&t. Call quality great. Camera, 6 GB, 128 GB storage, display, all are there. I have been most impressed with not only the battery size, but the power management is insane. It is ultra aggressive, which i am a huge fan of. I am a moderate to decent user and i easily get 6+ hours of screen on time and can sometimes go every 3 days on a charge.

Cons: Bluetooth has disconnected on me a few times on a different unnormal device (Golf accessory), but it has always reconnected. It seemed to be better turning the power saving mode off. Never had a disconnect with my car's bluetooth. Emui gets a bad rap. I have no problem with it. I describe it as Android with iOS influences. Not stock, but not a huge learning curve. Some hardliners with have a problem with if you are firmly in the Android camp.

Overall Review: Huawei makes solid devices. Remember the Google Nexus 6P. Huawei. Have received security updates, camera updates. Please Huawei continue to support this device. I don't necessarily need EMUI 8.1, but the incremental upgrade to 9.0 (Android P) would be outstanding.

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