GIGABYTE 15.6" P35Xv6-PC4D, amazing beast!12/21/2016 10:44:46 AM

Pros: - Elegant - Metal body - Powerful - Light - Easy to customize - Cool even under hours of heavy gaming

Cons: - Fans are loud when you play demanding games, but when it comes to gaming laptops you can only pick 2 of these 3 features: powerful, cool, silent. - No thunderbolt 3 connector, but, with a GTX 1070 on board, I'm not gonna miss it

Overall Review: Monitor frame is pretty large, to the point it will almost accommodate a 17" screen, this is the price to pay for making the laptop so thin. This beauty has two M.2 ports (just brilliant) so you can remove the HDD and add another nvme to make it even lighter. Same thing with the modular DVD that can be replaced with an ssd or just be removed to reduce again the weight.

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Simply ugly3/15/2011 7:35:13 AM

Pros: Absolutely none!!!

Cons: I was lured by the eggshell shocker offer and i bougth this for 80$ when the original price was 350$... Only a fool will by this pieces of nothing at that price if only he can see them in his and and not by the fake pics! Diamonds are white and not shiny, clearly pieces of glass! My bad! But shame on newegg for dealing with such a poor retailer! This is the last time i buy something different from a pc componente from newegg!!!

Overall Review: Of course no RMA or Refund available. Even the box where the errings are wrapped is terrible!!!

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