Hard to give any review4/10/2021 8:57:04 AM

Pros: -the rgb was pretty neat. I really liked the little button to change the rgb fans- i didnt use it but the free keyboard and mouse was pretty nice nice

Cons: -broken gpu- flimsy case (the legs broke off way too easily-cpu could be better- have to make room if you have more than 2 hard drives

Overall Review: I dont have too much good to say about this Considering I had problems from the get go. From taking it out of the box and settinf it down gently onto my "carpet" and one of the legs just immediately snapped off making it wobble if I placed it in the desk. This however was not my biggest problem I can live with the wobbling tower or if worse comes to worse take the rest of the legs off but my biggest two problems were the back panel and the gpu. The back panel cause a lot of annoyance Because it was just low enough to where a small piece of metal hangs below the gpu ports so if i needed to put in an hdmi or display I would have to lift up the little metal piece just to slot in either of those two. Now onto the biggest problem. The GPU. I read that this was going to be a plug and play kinda thing but I was pretty wrong about that. Once boot up finally happened I got nothing but these little dots and green lines all over my screen (and windows was also not on here but thats not unusual) I spent days trying to figure it out only to realize it had to be my gpu. I tried changing my hard drives and maybe try updating the biod in case it needed it but it wouldnt even let me into the bios screen and would simply freeze when I hit f12 or delete key softlocking me until I reset the computer. I had no choice but to take the battery out of the the motherboard just so i can change the boot drive to one I already had which finaly took me to the home screen. But alas one problem still remained which was the green lines and dots. I really wanted to like this computer but its a shame that I ran into this many problems only for it to not work. Tried Asking for support but They were more than willing to give me a refund before helping me and tech support was no help either.

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