You CAN use this with Nvidia cards.2/22/2007 1:14:56 AM

Pros: Absolutely enormous. I'm coming from a 15" so you can imagine how big of an upgrade this is. VERY bright and no dead/stuck pixels as far as I can tell.

Cons: The speakers are a joke, they should've switched them for a height adjustable stand. Don't buy this thinking you won't need real speakers, you will (unless you don't care how it sounds). I feel like I'm gonna break something trying to adjust the tilt.

Overall Review: I'm running a 8800gtx on this, it won't display 1680x1050 properly. You'll need to go into Nvidia Control Panel, Advanced View, Manage Custom Timings. Create a new one with 1680x1050 for resolution and change the timing standard to DMT (I've found CVT also works, haven't tested the others). Voila, no more blurriness with the video card at 1680x1050 and the monitor thinking it's 1600x1200.

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