Great memory4/17/2008 1:02:41 PM

Pros: I liked this memory so much that I bought a second pair and this is the review for it. With the rebate, this is a good deal for high performance memory. No problem whatsoever.

Cons: I'm still waiting on the rebate for the first pair I bought.

Overall Review: Fast shipping and great customer service from Newegg.

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Just like OEM4/17/2008 12:57:28 PM

Pros: Just like OEM cables that come with new motherboards. No complaints. Does what it's supposed to do.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Fast shipping from Newegg. Thanks guys.

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Works like it's supposed to4/4/2008 10:37:33 PM

Pros: Bought this unit some time ago for my TV and DVD. This unit works well and I've had absolutely no issues with it to date. It's powering a 46" LCD, two gaming consoles, and a DVD player. With everything turned on, I've had no issues.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Display can be rotated to allow unit to sit horizontal or stand vertical.

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It's APC - Enough said4/3/2008 2:14:25 PM

Pros: Like the title says. You really can't go wrong with APC. They know what they're doing and the quality is excellent. Just like anything else though, you get what you pay for. If you need more power, buy a bigger unit. This one excels in protection against brown-outs, surges, and shutting down a PC.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Configure the included PowerChute software for unattended shutdowns (requires the included RJ-11 to USB connector) in the event of a power outage.

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Excellent choice - great value4/3/2008 2:06:26 PM

Pros: This burner is an excellent choice for those that want solid quality at an affordable price. I have three of these drives in my personal PC and this is the most recent one for another PC I built. No problems what so ever.

Cons: None. Samsung makes rock-solid products and this drive is no exception.

Overall Review: Samsung's live firmware update software can be downloaded from It is a great piece of software that keeps your drive(s) firmware updated automatically. Works with XP and Vista

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Excellent choice3/24/2008 7:22:09 AM

Pros: Excellent memory choice for a wide array of computing needs, especially for gamers and processor intensive programs. My specs are Abit IC-7, P4 prescott, 1MB L2 Cache, hyperthreading, 3.0 GHz. Nvidia G-Force FX5700 ultra, RAID 0 via two SATA drives, and Vista Business. Just upgrading the RAM improved system and application performance in this machine dramatically. The memory timings were entered manually to spec, except for the voltage. I can only do 2.7v with this MOB. Runs perfect. The noticeable difference for me is in application load and response time. Definitely recommend this to anyone looking to upgrade.

Cons: None. Corsair rocks as usual.

Overall Review: Some motherboards (mine) only supports 2.7v and not the specified 2.75v but it works just fine.

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