Why do I love this thing so much?6/26/2016 12:51:38 PM

Pros: Low cost Runs everything I need it to: Gmail, Google Docs, and Hangouts BUILT IN HANDLE

Cons: Can't install viruses No Cortana Doesn't cook breakfast

Overall Review: I almost wish I had to administer a school district of IT equipment, just so I could purchase and support a whole truckload of these bad boys. It's light, the battery lasts forever, and it runs Google apps. That's all I want nowadays!

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Amazing value5/13/2013 4:04:49 PM

Pros: Got this along with a Biostar A85 microATX motherboard to upgrade an old P4 system. The motherboard came with a free 8GB 1600MHz RAM kit, which totally sold me on the whole thing instead of trying to price out older Phenom components. Plus an SSD I had lying around, I got to upgrade my friend's PC for less than $200 and it chews through any websites, youtube, or office work I can throw at it. Didn't really stress test but it was running at around 30C doing windows updates. WEI shows 6.1 for the CPU, and 6.6 for graphics. Great chip, I'll definitely be building more of these systems for students as well. Who would turn down a $50 AMD that includes a nice Radeon right on the chip?!

Cons: None

Overall Review: I'm a cheapskate so I didn't go for more cores. Not disappointed with the entry-level offering from AMD and they have my business for when I build my wife's gaming/HTPC later this year.

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Works as advertised5/13/2013 3:58:17 PM

Pros: Bought this to use my upcycled Samsung mSATA SSD in a desktop computer. mSATA drive is held securely in place by clips. Worked on the first try, got the speeds I was expecting (didn't get a chance to benchmark the SSD in the original laptop so I can't tell if there's any penalty for going through the adapter). Installed Windows after reformatting as MBR no problem. No issues recognizing in A85 motherboard.

Cons: The mounting holes seem a little too small and slightly off-center (or my Rosewill 2.5/3.5 bracket is off-center, not sure) but then again it's not metal so it can't possibly hold screws the same way metal does. I was able to secure it in the case and there's no chance of a head crash anyway so I won't dock it any points.

Overall Review: Too bad mSATA SSDs aren't really cheaper than 2.5" drives, or this adapter would be really useful to budget upgrade any system to the blazing speeds of flash RAM. Anyone who recycles or repairs laptops or booktops should be prepared to get these kinds of adapters in the near future to get the most use out of unwanted replacement hardware.

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Couldn't ask for more5/13/2013 3:50:54 PM

Pros: Got this 8GB kit as a free bundle with Biostar A85 microATX motherboard. The BIOS setup defaulted to 1333MHz but it was a simple menu change to recognize the RAM's true speed (1600/CAS9) and apply. No problems with this memory, it does the job and it was FREE when I got it! I wish I could give it twelve eggs!

Cons: None at all. Team is quickly becoming a contender for budget builds.

Overall Review: It's not overclocked, but it sure was free! Red heat spreader is classy and not garish.

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Amazing price for latest components5/13/2013 3:46:18 PM

Pros: Needed a motherboard/CPU combo to upgrade an aging P4 system. When I got this motherboard, it came with 8GB of DDR3-1600 ram, so when I added a $49 A4-5300 APU, that gave me a 5x faster system for under $200. I coupled it with a SSD and now WEI is 6.1 (limited by the CPU assessment). Blazing fast for everything the user needs (internet, youtube, office). Drivers included on CD instead of online, definite PRO! Easy BIOS/CMOS setup, but I didn't tweak it beyond boot order for installing Windows on MBR instead of UEFI. The board itself looks great in black, but it's inside a dusty HP case now :)

Cons: Doesn't apply to the product because it was my own stupidity to think I could use the existing optical drives (IDE) in the new system. So my friend got a Lite-On SATA optical drive as well as the SSD, so the whole system is brand-new except for his old file storage drive. Shows how recently I've built a system if I can't even remember that IDE is less common as a standard feature than VGA output!

Overall Review: Only one case fan header, on the end of the board with the front-usb and power switch headers. Makes more sense to put a case fan header near the ports, as that's where most case fans are, but my fan's cable was plenty long to make it work. Haven't had a chance to try overclocking (didn't pair it with fast RAM or unlocked APU) or USB3 yet.

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