Klipsch KMC 3 Review11/7/2013 11:38:46 AM

Pros: 1) Its size - I actually wanted something a bit smaller, however, after listening to many speakers and knowing what would make an audio enthusiast content, I had to go for something a bit larger. Klipsch did a great job with the size of this (7.2" H x 17" W x 5.5" D). you get big sound in a relatively small package. They do in fact sell a smaller version of this speaker - KMC 1, and an ultra portable model coming soon - GIG. I've not heard them due to availability in stores. 2) APT-X Codec - I won't get into details, but if you have a capable bluetooth apt-x device, you will absolutely tell the difference in audio quality between those that do, and those that do not. It's a shame Bose is stubborn, and will probably never use this technology in their speakers. All bluetooth speakers should be using apt-x at this point. 3) Design - It's sleek, mature, classy. From soft finish to solid hefty feel, it oozes quality. 4) Sound Clarity - Again going back to apt-x. Every sound is extremely crisp. others without apt-x sound dull in comparison. I've even listened to music with a non apt-x source as well - iphones. The sound is still better on this speaker than other similarly priced ones. If you have an apt-x device such as many Samsung phones / tablets. I highly suggest a 3rd party music app called Neutron. You will hear audiophile sound coming from this speaker. It's truly an experience, so much so, you will want to listen to all of your favorites again. 5) Bass - Again, very clean at MORE than reasonable sound levels. I've read others say it can get a bit muddy when at extreme levels, but lets face it...anything this compact will. Let me tell you it's not even a concern. I have this thing sitting on top of a granite table, bar height...and it shakes the floor around it, well before any hint of sloppiness. You have to have the thing nearly maxed out, and be listening to something very bass heavy in order for it to get that way. 6) IR Remote - Important if the speaker is up, out of the way when home or you just need to turn it on remotely. I've also found an IR remote app that lets me turn the speaker on with my smart phone - Awesome.

Cons: I clearly love this speaker, but if I were a perfectionist, Hmm. There are a couple things I would change. 1) Create an app to allow multiple speakers play simultaneously via bluetooth. Ultimate ears (Logitech) does this with the UE Boom speakers. It would be amazing to hear two of these things come together to create a wide stereo sound. 2) Allow "Heist" mode. This allows multiple devices to connect to the speaker at the same time - great for parties as those connected to the speaker can switch to music from their own devices instantly. Without the other person having to disconnect and they having to pair their device again. Motorola's S Republic X has this feature. 3) Water resistance / More ruggedized / Carrying case? This is something I was really wanting. I feel like Klipsh doesn't even need to change the speaker to do this. Maybe just provide an accessory case that makes you feel more comfortable about plopping your 400 dollar speaker on the grass, or at the beach, etc. As of now it has that pristine feeling that you want to swaddle it in a micro fleece blanket and never let it leave your sight. That could just be me though. : ) 4) Indicator light on front. The design I believe they were going for is to resemble an amphitheater. The housing starts smaller in the back and widens to the front. It's nice and sleek, but the speaker needs to be below eye level in order for you to see the lights / tell if it's on or off. Kind of nit picking here.

Overall Review: Like many of you reading this I searched long and hard for reviews, Youtube videos, anything I could find out there. It wasn't until the speaker became available in stores (I could go listen) that I decided to take the plunge. - SO glad that I did. I will be honest and tell you I'm a bit of a Klipsch fan. I have a 7.2 setup of Klipsch quintets in one room. Main living room has a 7.1 Klipsch reference II series set. But, what I also wanted was to be able to take that quality of audio with me. Camping, backyard parties, fishing...I can't wait (getting cold here on the east coast, so it might be awhile.) After auditioning some of the major brands and better bluetooth speaker options (list below) I can say for certain, the KMC 3 is the best I've heard. Speakers I've listened to: Bose sound link 2 Bose sound link mini UE Boom UE mini boom Beats pill Beats Beatbox Sony srs-btx300 JBL Flip Jawbone Big Jambox Motorola S Republic X Jabra Solemate I've researched many others as well, a lot, and probably too much time has gone into finding what I wanted...bit obsessive maybe? For sure. BUT, Let me pass what I've learned onto you (See Pros / Cons). Final Thoughts: You will not believe the sound emanating from this thing, neither will your friends and family. I would highly suggest this speaker to anyone looking for something in the 300-400 dollar range. That is a lot of money, but I urge you to go have a listen somewhere and compare others as well. From everything I've read, heard, compared, to now owning. It's sure to impress, and I have a feeling you'll come to the same conclusion - It's the best Bluetooth speaker right now.

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Awesome!1/4/2011 11:08:41 AM

Pros: - Not loud in my case - Runs at respectible temps (lower than the 5770 that I had) - Looks sleek

Cons: - None

Overall Review: Card works flawlessly. I play starcraft 2 mostly and it runs everything on ultra very well, and only gets up to 50c. Raises my case temp by only 2c. Like the other reviewer, I also have a lian li case and the 2 phillips head screws under the lip of the pci bracket on the card caused the card to not sit properly. I removed them and now it fits like a charm. Finally, I just want to note that this card replaced the xfx 5770 card that I had to rma. Some 5770's have issues with VRM overheating, this causes the drivers to crash. From my research and now testing the 6800 series cards work better with W7 64bit, I have had no issues with the 6850.

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Sexy, Clean, Formal9/11/2005 4:50:37 AM

Comments: If ur one of those people that must have a slick computer, i would highly recomend this and it's silver counterpart. I purchased both because i had a silver and black theme planned. what i did was swap both side panels, usb covers, and buttons so each would have both black and silver, essentially creating opposites with distiguishable contrast. The black case with the now silver side panels has silver cd/floppy and the silver aero cool gatewatch. the silver case now with black side panels usb cover ect. has black cd/floppy/card reader and the black aero cool gatewatch. This makes both computers the recipricol of one another, with out any painting or sloppyness. the girls i call em, and let me tell u ther hot and lian li has definately earned my respect. newegg i great, fedex is awesome!

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